A duck has an adventure


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Omg, this story… it is a masterpiece it if filled with so many twist turns and unseen betrayals, and has unlimited possibilities My duck’s name was Steve, he was a recovering alcoholic who always wanted to be a Astronaut but at the age of 11 but he knew he could never do that because deep down inside Steve hated space because aliens killed his father and abducted his sister, it’s a very touching story with endless branches.

5/5 Stars, worth every penny.


Lol… Your duck had a very interesting life 2Ton. My duck had a rather normal life.

His name was Daniel, he wasn’t much different from your average duck. He just went with the flow, both figuretively and literaly.
One day he stumbled upon a beautiful girl duck, her name was Catherine. Daniel had experienced a feeling he had never felt before… Love.
Sadly Catherine had no idea who he was but Daniel was determined to change that. He didn’t know how he was going to do it but he was going to get Catherine to fall in love with him.
A few days later two elderly ladies were throwing some bread into the pond. It always facinated Daniel whenever people would throw away good food. One of the ladies threw a rather large piece of bread over his head. Not wanting to let such a good piece to go wasted Daniel swam after it. Just when he had started to nibble on it he noticed Catherine was interested in eating the bread as well. Noticing this opportunity to introduce himself Daniel offeres to share the bread with her, which she happily accepted. This unassuming event became the begining of a wonderful relationship.
Years passed and as time went by Daniels and Catherine’s love for eachother grew each passing day. Knowing that he could never imagine himself with anyone else Daniel had decided that it was time for the next step in their relationship, mariage.
Daniel had acquired an engagement ring from Jerry the Magpie. It had cost him quite a deal of shiny trinkets to obtain but he had been told that it was proper to give one to the one you love by a dove. He didn’t quite understand why but he didn’t question the logic of humans, they are strange creatures.
Suffice it to say that Catherine accepted and the both of them lived rest of their lives together until their dying days. But not before having brought up six children of their own.
It was a simple life, some would even say it was quite boring but to Daniel the Duck he wouldn’t have lived his life any other way. He had ezperiences true love and could truly say he had experienced joy.

But seriously though I found this rather entertaining. (And no joke that was basicaly the story my duck went through… with some add ons)

And if I may say… A better Love Story than Twilight.


Such wonderful stories <3


To tell the truth, my duck was named Edward.
He always wanted high adventure, so he became a pirate. He was promoted to first duck, and then finally captain.
He set course for kitten cove, a hive of scum and villainy. And kittens.
Diplomacy cannot be used against brutal kittens, so he demanded a duel. The cannons sunk both of their ships, and he was tragically killed by a shark.


My duck was named Anton.
He always desired high adventure, so he joined up with pirates. He eventually rose to the rank of captain, making the decision to set course for Kitten Cove. He attempted to negotiate, but was betrayed(inevitably) and forced to swash and buckle his way to pirate queen. They fell in love and started the new pirate dynasty.


@AntonSlavik020 I’m happy for him. *cries tears of joy*


…this, is, beautiful.


cool games but can’t find the last 2 endings and im very happy for Anton can’t wait for the wedding


wow great! but this is better http://www.ducklife5.biz/


My duck was named George. He wanted to be an educated duck. Finally, after getting into Duck U, he chose to do something artsy with his life. George studied hard and did other college like things. He worked on his duck thesis and finally graduated getting an average score.

After college, George decided to become a writer. At first, George can’t think of anything to write about. After much thinking he finds inspiration. George writes a story about an old fisherman.

The fisherman lives a very successful life for a while,but stocks in fish dwindle, badly. The old fisherman: Larry, goes 84 days without a successful catch. His choices are to retire or give it one last try. He decides to try one last time. Larry goes far out to sea. He waits hoping beyond hope that he’ll be able to catch something. He falls asleep when suddenly, a giant marlin rocks his boat, startling Larry awake. He chases and chases the giant marlin until finally he catches it. Before the giant marlin dies, they both feel mutual respect. Larry puts a lot of holes in the marlin. He lives a happy life and goes into retirement.

That story is so amazing that George completes the first draft, then the second draft, and finally the third draft. He finishes the book and names it: The Old Duck & the Sea.
George gets paid the big bucks. But what will he write about next? Inspiration yet again strikes for George. What is this new book? Is it going to be a hit? Is George ever going to get married (his mother is very worried about that for sure.)?

I have no idea but I wish I did.


So beautiful :((