A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



Will there be consequence if we chose the darkness all the time? Damnation till the end? Will it turn us to a dark path or give the darkness control over us?


I’m hoping it will make the MC more powerful by embracing it. They eventually become/embody the darkness itself.


My MC can appreciate what she did and why but still plan on killing her as soon as she is “saved” by the MC. As of the ending of the presented content, my MC is grateful that she was challenged to use all her abilities but now that she is on the “Damnation” route, my MC doubts there is any going back and she is already committed to follow that path :slight_smile:


Are these paths or are they ways they manifest their power? I imagine these are like command words to determine how the darkness will be used.


This is yet to be determined - it will depend on how @Ylva writes the story I guess. I kind of enjoy playing a “wild child” at this point in the story though. It would be an interesting ride to see if the others could reign in the “wild” in my MC.



It’s a path in the sense that it defines some things you can and can’t do in the future, and it’s also the way the main character’s powers will manifest in the future.


That’s good, but I prefer to look at it the other way


But it doesn’t define the MC’s personality, right?


No, it doesn’t.


So damnation manifests itself as chains and blackfire? (more powerful version of blightfire which is cold flames. D&D stuff lol)

I wonder if fiery chains can be summoned to restrain enemies. I could imagine them springing from the ground and binding them, dragging them down into the dark under their feet, frosty blackfire grinding into flesh as they begin screaming as the nightmares ensue.

cheerful thoughts lol


:joy::joy: ya and then be the shadow in someones shower… at least i would be. But totally, i hope it could be like that, but without somr bad shit going because of it. Like overpowered badass that destroys worlds and makes out with rossalyn while she cuts the MCs inside​:joy::joy::joy: jeezas…



So we turn into ghost rider but all black. So emo ghost rider.


I thought of that too


I was thinking the unholy union of the Darkness and Ghost Rider myself.


Does this mean we get a penance stare?



Honestly, I’m so glad that you all thought of Ghost Rider when playing the demo. :]


Great minds think alike.


I’m actually thinking of Prototype (least sympathetic protagonist in a video game ever but the gameplay was fun) a lot. Which is funny cause the author said she took inspiration from the other apocalyptic super-powered game that came out around the same time.