A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



Could be talking about Infamous too as well or was that different time period?



So uh… this happened. Tried refreshing, no luck. Stuck with the loading bar in the bottom right corner.


I got the error too, but luckily I had an autosave. I loaded it and it started from the beginning.


That’s what I meant by referring to the other game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just never got into the gameplay of Infamous. Things broke down for me around the time you wanted to use wonky shooter mechanics and the rest just wasn’t as fun as Prototype.


Oh, that does work. Thank you! Just letting the author know so the error can be fixed for new readers.


Gotcha. :smiley: I kind of agree. I finished part 1, but it took a while, because I kept losing interest and had to finish it over months. Part 2 I never finished at all. Festival of Blood I liked but got distracted by other games. The only other one I beat was Second Son. All those different powers were awesome. As for Prototype, I played but can’t remember if I beat part 1, never had the chance to play part 2 though. But yeah, the shooter mechanics for Infamous was annoying. So much so that sometimes I just tossed bombs everywhere or went darkside and used my Gigawatt Blade and then Bio drained enemies if I got too low on health lol.


No loss. Prototype 2 was mechanically the exact same game just with a more sympathetic protagonist and Mercer as the big bad who created more people like himself and used them to infiltrate everything.


How far can she shoot it?

Every time I hear of prototype vs infamous I think of the competition they had to decide which was better.

Who looked better in a bra.




Although with second son, and he first sons, Infamous was definitely more on my mind playing through this.


However, based on those pictures looks like Mercer wins :rofl:


Actually they drew each other’s characters, so you’re saying Cole won. :laughing:

I wonder how much do those elements go along with our powers :thinking: Like the fire chains, can we make any shadow like that eventually, or is it a personality thing, or shadows thinking or themselves what would be best.


The game should be working normally now. I updated something yesterday and there was a typo on the name of the scene it was trying to access. My bad.


I have to say the same here. Maybe this time Rosslyn will lose more than an eye.


By the way, Rosslyn’s eye. Does she lose it permanently?


Nah, she was just fine after going berserk


She apparently also have a healing factor of some kind. I wonder how common that is among powered people. :slight_smile:


It depends.

A question best left unanswered.

Actually, most, if not all, Metas have a healing factor. Of course, that varies from one Meta to another, one might be able to recover from a broken bone in mere minutes, while the other may take a few days. But it’ll always be a lot faster than a regular human.

In fact, most Metas are far more advanced than humans in terms of physical and mental aspects, since they are all enhanced. Not all enhancements are the same; one Meta might have a more enhanced intelligence than another, who has more strength than the first Meta. But, compared to humans, they are physically and mentally superior.


That’s good. I was starting to feel bad. I might not be her biggest fan but I wouldn’t want to disfigure her.

Hmm so that makes Rosslyn’s plan to tear our chest open slightly less insane. She at least knew we probably wouldn’t die and took a chance. I can respect that.


I don’t think she even knew what was happening. in the way it was written it seen that she was unconscious after the beating we gave her and something(probably her power) took command of her actions.


Welp, time for another poll:

When fighting Rosslyn, which of the four “Darknesses” did you pick?

  • Revenge
  • Punishment
  • Pain
  • Damnation
  • None, because I didn’t choose to fight her

0 voters


I chose Pain.

I just knocked the soldiers out in the room before and pain seemed these least likely to be deadly. I’m trying to get her to back off, not kill her.