A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



Hmm, I see that Damnation seems to be a clear winner, at least so far.

I wonder how many choose that for its hardcore nature, or for the opportunity to smooch Ross.

Or for the opportunity to play Ghost Rider I suppose.


Same here. ^^

But a fun thing I noticed regarding this part:

If I counted correctly then Revenge gets you 3 shards, while Punishment gets you 4. Pain however doesn’t specifically says how many, but if every time she stabs us is one shard (after being stabbed it does use plural for the shards imbedding themselves in the MC), then Pain actually gets us as many glass shards imbedded in us as Punishment. It also seems likely with Rosslyns dialogue tone, before giving us her deal (like sighing when she says we’ll do, if you pick Revenge).

I just thought it was interesting the contrast between how threatening I saw/read the different options when I had to pick them and how Rosslyn did. ^^ Of course I haven’t checked every single combination, this was from a “spare the soldiers” -> “Try to remove shard” -> “Stop Rosslyn” path.


Ooh this thing finally got a demo? Fun!


I have to say both Pain and Damnation are tied for my favorite power. Sooooo sweet. I’m looking forward to more brutality lol


Damnation leads to her kissing you so I’m down with that.


I can’t choose damnation(not that I want to),is it because I spared those soldiers before?


Yes, you have to slaughter the soldiers to get Damnation as an option.


Soo has anyone stumbled on the “kiss and bite” option? :slight_smile:

Because I kind of stumbled upon it by accident. ^^


@Ventura I got the same option myself


Yep me too! Heell yaaaa! I think it was like a small update or something, to fit the character since a lot people thought biting is the best​:joy::joy:


Not so much joy on my part, my main MC mostly want to stay the f away from Rosslyn. There’s no love there, not even the murder-rage-induced kind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was mostly just checking out different routes and thought “wait I haven’t seen that option before”.


I’m loving where this is going!:grinning: This is really exciting, and really my type of story! Keep up the good work! Plus, this story maybe violent, but my mind is violent. So…yeah.:joy: Keep on writing!
BTW, can I beta test for you? PLEEEEEEEASE?



Me and Ylva are satisfied with our current roster of beta testers and don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.


Yikes. Excuse me for making a simple mistake.


It’s okay, mate. Voldy’s a good friend of ours. 'Tis nothing but a jest.


oh. i’m booboo the fool. my b.


Played the demo again. Realized it got updated. Chose the ‘kiss and bite’ option because why not. No regrets.

MC aesthetic question; can our MC be bald? Or do they need a specific hair color to be a mirror for the woman at the end of the chapter?

Found a typo





You need to choose a hair length for now, but you can get a shave later on if you so desire.

And thanks for the typo!


Are you going to join the contest? I bet you’d win for sure!!! :wink::wink:


I was going to ask if i can cut the MC’s hair later :joy::joy: