A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



Sadly, no. I severely doubt I’d be able to finish it in time. But maybe next time; this isn’t the only story I want to write :wink:


Yeah actually. I didn’t really stumbled upon it, I was actually trying other route with it. ^v^


Since so many people are talking about it, and I’m curious, how do you get to the ‘kiss and bite’ option?:wink:


Basically, kill, kill, kill. Every chance you get.


I think first you have to kill the soldiers then choose damnation then you get the kiss and bite option.


Apparently my humor is as as misunderstood as my fight scenes.


From what I have seen of you. I think I understand your humour.

You wrote Fight scenes, which one ?


@ArchangelVoldemort altered the Punishment fight scene so that it didn’t look like the MC had 0 experience in fighting with a sword, told me the most effective way to disable a person who’s fighting with a dagger so that I could write the Revenge scene, and helped me make the Damnation scene a lot more brutal than it initially was, he expanded on it, and then I expanded on what he’d expanded.


Hey @Ylva, I have some questions.

In the intro on post 1, it says

If it’s not too spoilery, who of the main cast are not included among those six, and when will we meet them? :slight_smile: (I’m assuming Rosslyn is excluded and potentially Zero, but even with those two out, the main cast still consist of nine people.)

…Unless of course that section will be changed at a later point, if so, then nevermind. ^^

Also, I know there aren’t any age restictions for the RO’s beside Emily, but do you plan on making the romances run differently depending on the MC’s age? If, will it be significantly or just more subtle? :slight_smile:


I’d rather not answer that one for now, it’s rather spoilery.

There will differences. Some will be more subtle, like a small comment here or there, but some will actually change significant things.


What age should we be to romance Rossalyn? I think 16 is a no, could we just tease her? And then have another piece of glass shoved into our butt?:joy::joy: omg and i replayed the game as 15 year old and was kissed again? W can romance her at 15 years old? Or sge just kisses whatever has boobs?:joy::heart_eyes:


You can be any age and romance all BUT Emily. For her you have to be no older than 16. But it doesn’t matter for anyone else. But @Ylva said that depending on your age, the romancing may play out differently via subtle dialogue here and there, among other things.


Too bad we can’t have Reyes as a RO, gotta get my MC a mommy gf lol


Well, its not really set in stone. The only ones she said that would not be RO’s were Zero and Wildcard. No mention of Reyes. So, it may be slim, but not impossible.


Probably trying Rosslyn the first time anyway. It was a pretty interesting first impression.


It was, though in my case Emily will be my first. Then if all goes well, I’m gonna go for the love triangle my 2nd run though :heart_eyes:


I mean she’s 18, so it’s in the three year range which would make it legal in most places, Reyes, Thayer, Zero, Wells and Howell would have problems if anything and Emily’s already restricted.

@Ylva just put all her sadomasochistic tendencies in her :blush:


I actually believe it was mentioned in the early part of the thread. Something about it being too far of an age difference?


My MC has no mommy gf goodnight!


Possibly, though I just went from what it said in the RO part of the 1st post. Doesn’t really affect me though, I got my top 3 females already lol. Ayako/Jane would follow just to see what they’re like, while Reyes (if added) would have been last.