A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



But who doesn’t like Milf’s tho


Milfs are the best ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Isn’t age just a number?


Kevin Spacey seems to think so.


Yes and no. It’s a bit complicated.

I personally don’t mind older ROs (although I have my limits), but it might trigger another person’s gag reflexes.


Ha, sadly you would be suprised. But I completely agree.


True. Everyone thinks very differently. I too have limits.


my limit is 70…


Now if only Reyes was an option for 18 or 19 year old MCs.


Mine is at the max 15 years. At least I think. Can’t say really because I’ve never tried to pick up anyone older than 3 years older than me. So who knows. You never know your limits unless you test them.


I would just like to point out this has become a serious conversation.
I just lost all hope in humanity :sweat:


If age is just a number, then a prison is just a room. However, lets stop talking about this and get back on topic again… like headcanons. ^v^


of course, who should be a RO in game should always be a serious conversation should it not?


Yep, after all, we are here to discuss the game. And potential romances is a serious topic just as the choices and everything we are given. That is the point as far as i know.


So, originally, I asked the forums whether I should have Reyes’ romance or not, and the answer was “No”. However, seeing as how so many people want it to happen, here’s a poll to decide:

  • Add Reyes’ romance route.
  • Don’t add it.

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Oh, and that Darkness poll from before wasn’t made solely out of curiosity. Keep your eyes peeled.


i really dont see why not to have it since people can just not choose it if they dont want it but your the boss, let the voting begin! also how long do we have on us to vote just so people know?


Until Saturday evening. But I’ll extend the time if I feel it’s necessary, don’t worry.


Personally I’ll go Emily anyway,but no harm in adding variety.Unless it’s too much work for the writer


Ultimately, I’m pretty sure it’s the personality of a character which attracts or repels people moreso than their age or looks as written up. People have their own image of these characters anyway. So as far as I’m concerned, more ROs is always better. Not every character needs to be romanceable but more is always merrier.

Besides, I imagine the culmination of their romance ending up with us hungover and of foggy mind and with more or less random tattoos in private places left by an equally drunk Reyes. And/or shifting cutesy little notes on the inside of our eyelids. Not sure which way she swings in these matters. She might be a closeted girly girl. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha possible mommy gf lol