A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



I am strangely pleased and disturbed by that sentence. Mostly pleased because Reyes Ro for the W.


What was the darkness poll about i missed it


I have to ask why having an additional RO would be a bad thing? The only time it should matter is if it becomes either too difficult to write or too difficult to code. Hmm, maybe add an option for the MC to be in their early 20s to make it less awkward for some people.


all I am saying is… she can be 70 and it will be okay for me


I really don’t have a problem with the age difference, but some people do. If it’s between two adults it shouldn’t matter, well unless someone is in their 40s or 50s and trying to date teens, that’s kinda weird.

@Logan3000x you voted no tho lol


true but even then i wouldnt care that much not my thing but if its both partners thing who am i to decide who they can or cant love. but they still have to follow the law


Yeah, by teen I meant 18 and 19.


i dont really see that as teen myself i see that like young adult


It is a teen tho, eighteen and nineteen.


true enough but teen is also 13 14 15 16 17 too


That’s why I clarified what I meant.


I need to get to know her first! I don’t kiss on the first date.

offtopic- This woman is Carolyn Hartz and she is 70.(the photo is the one they had in the article)

she stopped eating processed sugar 30 years ago.


Why not? My MC kissed Rosslyn and they were both trying to kill each other. Not even a first date lol. Also having the route would give you the option. If you like the character go for it. If you don’t then ignore it.


I kissed her too because I thought she wouldn’t rip out my inner if I did. ps: she owns me date after what she did.


bru telling the truth i would say most people wouldent mind it if she can fool you that shes 20 and you’re for it i dont belive that your going to care that much if she then later says shes 70 i would belive that most people would still be for it


It was a match made in hell. My MC is a simple girl, extreme violence, blood, and rough love making, Rosslyn was a lunatic after her own heart. Literally I just remembered lol.

Appropriate reaction



Hell yeah!!! It will be the ones among i will play first!


Not sure how accurate this is, but when I picture Emily, I get Sakura Futaba vibes from Persona 5. Fits the physical description, except she wears glasses and the eye color.



Guess I’m going sugar free now


Here’s a little snippet from Chapter One if you happened to choose Revenge in the Prologue:

When your eyes open, you’re staring at your legs, kneeling on the snow-covered ground as a frigid, cutting wind whips around you. The snowstorm obscures your vision as you slowly rise to your feet, and your joints snap with each movement, the stiffness in your limbs almost painful. Snow falls from your body as you get up, and the tiredness of your muscles barely lets you shake it off of you.

The cold seeps into you, chilling you to the bone as your teeth chatter almost painfully. You look around, your hands moving up and down over your arms in a futile attempt to generate some warmth. In the distance, you spot a large shadow, big enough that it completely darkens part of the horizon, and seeing nowhere else to go, you start walking towards it.

I’ll be posting a snippet from each one in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. :wink: