A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



I’m wondering if it’s the lack of exposition not making Rosslyn’s situation clear. Not that anyone’s required to like her but her situation is akin to that of a caged animal. She can’t lash out at Chuckles or his goons but she can lash out at you if you give her an excuse. Never mind that she knows she’s on hostile territory and has no reason to assume you’re friendly.

It’s not nice but sensible. Again, nobody says we have to like it but it hardly makes her a monster.

The rest is just fun.


I don’t know…embedding shards of glass into your potential savior and prying open their ribcage while squeezing their heart seems like a risky plan…what if they don’t have healing factor, what then? You’ll only have a dead body and a wasted chance.


Mhmm yeah probably not her brightest plan lol. But it is one nonetheless.


True, maybe that’s why she isn’t the groups strategist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, she might have her reasons for preemptively striking potential threats.

However, from the MC’s perspective, things are different. She is no less dangerous than the people who pointed guns at them. Adding to the mix their state of confusion, weakness and probably shock, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they came to hate or fear her.

Unlike the readers, they are not aware of the circumstances and extra info we got from the other POVs. All they have, is their own experience to judge the character. Hence why, I deem it appropriate for her to have a harder time with the MC during further interactions.

A bad start for potential bonding but, probably one of the most rewarding paths if you are willing to give her a chance. At least, this is what I would assume since she is a RO.

I liked the whole scene personally. My MC, not that much.


That was exactly what I was trying to say. She is interesting, I want to know more about both her character and her history but I was speaking from my MC’s point of view. From that, she is just a deranged woman who stabbed her, pushed her out of the window and even forcibly kissed her - which she absolutely hated.

So yeah, I can’t imagine my MC meeting Rosslyn in the future and not react with immediate violence. She is an enemy. I think it’ll be cool to see how @Ylva will manage to get them in same room peacefully after that.


I agree. And even if my MC had been in a state of mind, during her first interaction with Rosslyn, or later gets the full story of why Rosslyn acted like she did, to be able to understand her POV, it doesn’t excuse Rosslyns actions nor obligates the MC to forgive her in any way.

So while I don’t plan on my MC reacting with outright violence if she meets Rosslyn again, there will be no love or trust there for a loong time (or forever, haven’t decided that yet :P). And tbh the entire interaction will most likely cause my MC to initially be more distrustful of the group, depending on how associated they seem with Rosslyn.

The groups best cause of action to make my MC go willingly with them is pretty much

  1. Don’t attack her.
  2. Don’t threaten her.
  3. (optional) Be nice to her.


Then that means I have achieved what I wanted with that scene.

See, here’s the thing. Rosslyn’s been in custody for a long time, during which she was experimented on, and conditioned to hunt her own kind. She wants out, she’s been trying to escape for years, and along comes the MC, powerful enough to defeat/kill a platoon of soldiers and, apparently, free from the APRD’s leash.

So, she decides to take a risk with you. How would she know you’d keep your word after she helped you escape? Because that’s what you were doing. She needs some way to hold you to your “promise”, or some leverage to ensure you’ll come back for her. Posing a threat to your life seems like a good contingency plan, no?

She already knows you have a healing factor, she knows why you were on that dissection table. So, she puts a shard of glass inside you. You might have a healing factor, but she doesn’t think you’re capable of tearing open your own chest to take it out.

And I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the number of shards she puts inside the MC is directly related to how much of a threat she sees them as.

She’s not a friendly person, she’s learned to be distrustful. And, as others have said, she’s desperate by this point. She’ll do whatever she needs to get out.

Spire and Noran are completely correct here. You weren’t supposed to like Rosslyn, that wasn’t my intention with that scene.

To have this happen you need to break two of her ribs, nearly choke her to death with a flaming chain, destroy both her eardrums, destroy and then gouge out one of her eyes, and then slam her head against the floor until you think she’s dead.

One can hardly blame her for being pissed and not thinking straight., and the same is valid for your MC. After all, she did stab you first.

They absolutely do, and don’t count on me to do anything to placate that particular reaction. :wink:

Then once again, that means I’ve achieved my purpose. It was never my intention to start Rosslyn as a friend, she’s supposed to be a threat, someone you distrust. Even if your character doesn’t feel that distrust towards her, her actions still stand, they won’t be swept under the rug. Like everything else, they’ll have to be dealt with sooner or later.

Peacefully? What’s that?

In all seriousness, though, I look forward to writing that particular reunion. It should be an interesting interaction, to say the least.


I’m also looking forward to it. :slight_smile: Especially due to the entire range of how violent and damaging their initially interaction was.

It’s also going to be interesting to see how much the group will initially know about the situation between Rosslyn and the MC. I mean, the group might initially think that MC helped Rosslyn escape (which would technically be the truth), but the entire tone changes quite drastically if they are present at the lovely scene where the glass shards are removed and learns the conditions of why MC helped. Because my MC will be quite insistent of getting the shards removed immediatly when her side of the “deal” is fulfilled.


Hmm…I honestly wonder if we can betray/eliminate Reyes’s cypher group? Considering that Rosslyn seems like a valuable member of the group and has close ties with it, I just can’t see my MC giving them any trust after what he just go through. Maybe sell them out to the Department or other cypher group…but, personally, I would like the chance to tear them apart one by one…limb from limb…and feed them to the darkness! Pretty please?


I choseattack,kill,revenge and refuse .Does that mean I got the maximum number…

So she can manipulate glass from afar?That’s pretty powerful

Another thing bothering me is,considering Emily’s age,will her route be as romancy as the other routes?I didn’t mean sex and please say yes


Well now that I think about it, why should we assume the “bad guys” are the people that have Rosslyn imprisoned? For all I know she needs to be locked up if our first meeting reflected in any way the type of individual she is.

Plus if Reyes’s group works closely with her, why should my MC stand by them? I would try to get the furthest away from them as possible…


no! I knew about the glass shards but I don’t plan to do anything for her. like if i’m going down, i’m dragging you with me, rosslyn. that’s how petty i am


I know what the intention was, but I thought it might be fun to interpret it another way. I did think about having my MC resent her for what she did, but I decided to play it a different way. Instead of just resenting her, she would find a sort of respect in her capabilities and attraction based around the complete insanity of what just happened. She wasn’t in the best state of mind and was probably running on pure adrenaline and instinct at this point which lead to the series of events that followed her waking up on the autopsy table. It’s going to be real interesting to see their reunion or in a setting that doesn’t demand extreme violence.


No, you didn’t get the maximum number.

I assume that by “afar” you mean great distances? If you do, then no, she can’t. She can manipulate it if she’s close to it, she doesn’t need to be touching it to control it, but there’s obviously a range to that.

I’m confused… What do you mean? Like, are you asking if there’ll be kissing and that sort of thing or…?

Who said there are “bad guys” or “good guys” in this story?

Everyone has their own motivations, including the APRD.

And that’s your choice. My intention was to present her as an enemy, which I did. If you decided that she isn’t, then by all means, go right ahead. It’s why the kiss is in there in the first place :wink:


That will most likely be my main MCs initial reaction. She doesn’t, in general, want to hurt people and is mainly running according to the flight response, but she is currently running on instinct and, if pressed, will flip to to fight response (which is affected by the darkness as it seems like it enhances certain emotions, like anger).

My MC mostly just wants to be left alone, get out from where she is and not being attacked and/or hurt. How the group initially reacts to the MC will be very defining in how she will think of the group and how much she might trust them…it’ll also define whether or not my MC will actually try to attack the group or not. So that’s going to be an interesting first meeting. ^^


@Ylva How powerful can the MC become since if that damnation scene is what the mc does when confused and trying to survive than I can only wonder when he has his powers under control, a clear mind and goal.

Also why is the damnation scene the longest (Not that its a problem) and not the other ones when you choose to kill Rosslyn as I would think the mc isn’t holding back unlike with the stop her option fight scenes.


No,I was just asking is it clear romance or subtext like many other games do


A question best left unanswered. For now, at least.

Because by picking Damnation at that point, you’re embracing the violence that’ll come with it. I wanted to show how much that is. The main character certainly isn’t holding back on the other ones, but when on the Damnation path they’re fighting with a reckless abandon fueled by rage and by the Darkness itself. I wanted to show that.

It’ll be clear that your character is in a relationship with Emily, don’t worry.


Thx for answering,happy to hear that