A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



Those numbers aren’t definitive; they’ll probably change a few times throughout the development of the game.


Uuuuuh, such a nice demo! -

Ok, the shadow… I don’t know but, sometimes, look like that the shadow has self control…? So, maybe, the shadow is “independent”, like, Eddie in Guilty Gear? Who controls a corpse (and we are “dead” in the beggining of the demo, coincidence!). If this is the case…will we “talk” with her/him/they(the shadow)? I totally approve using them…it…? as excuses. :B

I hope this is understandable enough ‘-’


Anyone else wish that in a play through in which you kissed Ross that one can reply to her “Get me out and I won’t kill you” with something along the lines of “if you really want to tempt me you’d offer more make out sessions?”

I also wonder if Ross’s girlfriend knows that her idea of foreplay is just short of a snuff film.


Wow, everyone really love Rosslyn, huh? I’m quite surprised people can get past the fact that our first impression of her is a glass shard to the chest…I don’t tend to trust people who stab me as an introduction…


Not everyone,didn’t enjoy being pierced too :imp:


I think it’s just the insanity of what happened. After the MC brutally slaughters her captors, she ends up fighting Rosslyn almost immediately after and appeared to kill her. My MC and Rosslyn both seem to be out of their mind and the violence that ensued was probably turning both of them on lol (speculation, but she did kiss my MC first). You could say she captured my MCs heart…


Wow. When I helped @Ylva write those fight scenes, it was to inspire hate, not make out sessions. Humanity sure is interesting.


Lol right. Only in fiction do I find a psycho woman attractive. In reality, there’s restraining orders. But all that really is, is just a fragile, flammable piece of paper. It’s better to hire a bodyguard.


At first I thought of playing it this way, that my MC would get her revenge later. But then I decided to start over and see what would happen if I chose to try and kill everyone, and it turned out to be a lot of fun and things kinda played out from there. Normally I play the hero type but this was much more fun this time.


Well my suggestion was only for MCs who made out with her.

I figure an MC who makes out with a woman who breaks open their chest would not consider the chest breaking thing a deal breaker.


Sadly though Psycho people spawned many quotes on loving them “always wear body armor to bed” Don’t stick your… ahem moving on
psycho often equals creative, dangerous, and never boring all traits that many are subconsciously attracted to. Our logic side screams NO DON’T YOU DARE but other parts of our brain say someone is showing interest in me and ooo this is exciting i can get off the runaway train right before it crashes probably
As long as the personality is interesting to you and the person can maintain a conversation for at least 10 minutes with you the crazy factor usually can be ignored partially and overly attractive bodies helps us ignore the rest of the crazy…at least until they do something to kick our survival instincts into overdrive or we stop and think clearly for 5 minutes about them.

Fear, Anger and Pain all Pump Chemicals in excess into our brain Get enough of all three and suddenly our brain can get confused.

in stories the idea of romancing someone absolutely dangerous crazy or bad generally helps us get our fix for thrills in a safe environment so it is often there that we become more drawn to them than we would in the real world, though for some that is not enough.

There is also the thought process of Psycho people can also be very protective of their children
a trait that in ye olden days would be advantageous to the survival of ones name this though process despite years and years going by has not fully left our instincts, and regularly clashes with our other instincts.

i myself can admit that the first time i saw that option i started to go over to click it before pausing for a moment to reconsider eventually letting my initial decision to click get the win over it.


Apparently. *shrug * There’s a good reason why my MC will hate her with a passion. It wasn’t exactly the best first impression she gave my MC.

I will however agree she seems like an interesting character. Or in my case one you love to hate. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my case you succeeded. ^^ Tbh while trying different options when the kiss happened my reaction was essentially just going “…nope” and clicking the “bite” option in hopes of it ending the situation very fast.


someone must’ve said this but the art is gorgeous :heart_eyes: the pov change to Casey confused me at first, making me think it’s after, not before the escape. basically i’m that person who forget about the time setting seconds after reading them :joy:


Just imagine what comes out if you try to inspire pure vengeful rage and hate all together? First base might turn into third base.


Dude, same. She seems like an interesting character but I don’t think I’ll ever like her very much. That was an awful first impression.


Indeed. That was quite the awful opening for friendship.

There are better ways to introduce yourself than stabbing a stranger multiple times, removing one of their eye and pushing them down a building. Threatening an obviously confused, possibly scared individual who was about to be dissected and shot to death is probably at the bottom of the common sense scale.


I think you guys need to see it from her point of view. She is been a prisoner for who knows how long, forced to do who knows what. She is desperate, she wanted to test us, to see if we were strong enough to help her. And we are strangers to each other (probably?) so of course she needed a sort of insurance that we would come back for her, which is why my MC understands the reason she plunged the glass into his chest. And she’ll probably feel like shit once we get her out.


What? She can’t just act nice and amiable so that we are more likely to give her our trust? People who trust you are more susceptible to your manipulation than someone that is wary of you, especially someone that…oh I don’t know…you stabbed out of nowhere for no apparent reason at all? I get that desperate times call for desperate measures and all, but antagonizing your potential savior seems like a foolish thing to do.

If I were in her situation, I would just play nice and manipulate my would be savior by using their apparent lack of knowledge regarding the situation, built S-Link trust, and politely ask their help regarding my situation. I’m more inclined to help a friend rather than someone who threaten me.


You also did say if it were you. You’d be suprised what people would do when they’re desperate. Especially in a high stakes situation. :kissing:


Yes, there is her point of view. But that doesn’t change the fact that we woke up during our own autopsy, immediately had to deal with twenty men and women pointing rifles at us, and then we get attacked by some random ass girl antagonizing us after that. The main character has absolutely every reason to be livid towards her.