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Question: Does height / age selection matter in terms of impacting your characters abilities or the story in any noticeable way?


I’m guessing it was the second manifestation of the power then. Hacking them apart is pretty bad too, but I have a preference for blunt weapons which is why I remembered it this way I think.


Nope. It’s juat a cosmetic thing. Depending on your age and wingspan, you can either be really tall, really short or somewhere in between.


didn’t the age affect who you could Romance?


I think ylva said that there is a scene where the height of MC will matter so it’s not cosmetic.


One of the ro’s is 13 so probably


Specifically this


Partly, but not really. Let’s just say, uh, Rosslyn isn’t exactly herself in that part you quoted.

And it does have something to do with this:

It’s so delightful when you find that person who wants to cut people in half with you, isn’t it? Warms the heart and soothes the soul.

This is quite close to what was going through my mind when I wrote that scene.

This is why I avoided specifying exactly what you turned the shadows into in that scene; I wanted to let you imagine whatever it was your MC was using.

Your appearance will matter, it’s not purely cosmetic.

Emily is 13, and you’ll only be able to go down her romance path if you’re not older than 16.

The age you pick will determine which body builds and specific heights you can pick, which will be factored in together with your stats to calculate the outcomes of fight scenes. E.g. it’s easier to pick up a short 15 year old kid than it is to pick up a tall 19 year old.

Your age will also change how people perceive and treat you. I think it’s easier to believe an adult massacred a highly trained platoon of soldiers than that a teenager did it, no?


Since age isnt just cosmetic Or a way to start a relationship with a 13 year in a socially acceptable manner could you possibly tell us what age is the tallest?


I’d assume 19 (more letters)


Damn it’s been so long that I forgot that. But a neat feature anyways.


Very intriguing prologue.Emm…I’m kind of hesitant to sayI already find Emily cute…


I know right, those silent giggles were adorable!

Going to make 3 MCs, 2 being romancing each of the Cadwell siblings and the 3rd for Bloody Mary.


If MC’s wings is 280cm length, how tall would the MC be? Taller than Rhys?


According to @Ylva there’s also the possibility of an MC-Casey-Rosslyn ‘love triangle’. I’m hoping that if you play your cards right you won’t have to pick one over the other. Or prepare for another one of those fun encounters with Rosslyn. Or both!


Is Emily only romanceable for female mc ?


Awesome forgot about that. Well seeing as your MC is almost not kill able, such an encounter could only serve to “spice” up the relationship(s) lol.

Yup, only available on the female route, but you can’t be older than 16. Any older and you have to settle for someone else. Hence why my first MC was a 15 y/o female.


I love the love triangle theme. But if im going to choose one, it might be Rosslyn. She seems so bad-ass at first but the more i read the more i started to like her. I havent seen much of Cassey but i know alr that i dont like her hair :joy::joy::joy:


But she has the coolest mask of the whole bunch!

Hmmm. Wonder which one of the gang has enough of a mask fetish to keep theirs on in bed.

While they sleep, I mean!


I honestly have issues with those numbers. For the average person, the span of their arms stretched out is equivalent to their height. So if our tall person was 190 cm (~6’3" for you Imperialists) their armspan would also be 190 cm. Which means their wings would only extend past their arms by 45 cm (1.5’) on either side. Which would be again the length of their forearm and hand.

That doesn’t sound like they’d actually work, looking at the wingspan relative to body size of most birds.

Maybe this could be circumvented by just describing the wingspan as ‘compact’, ‘well-developed’ and ‘extensive’ or something.