A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



" After your own heart" you say? Heh, Rosslyn quite literally did come after our hearts indeed. :blush:


@Ylva - your action-fight scenes are very engaging and choreographed well. I think this aspect of your writing is even stronger then your very in-depth character development to begin with.

Keep up the great work - perhaps, when you are feeling down about other things, writing this story can be a refuge for you. Writing is at times an escape that can allow you to keep moving forward in life.

For a math wiz, you are a brilliant writer as well. :cheer



I’m just repeating what everyone else has already said at this point: the prologue was very engaging and intriguing, and I’m very excited to see where things go as the story develops and is updated!


This was my favorite part, I didn’t bite her tho.


I know we our character hasn’t meant the other characters, but I already love Rosslyn and she has already managed to capture my heart :smirk:


I’m glad it made it in too and I was surprised as well that Rosalyn didn’t incourage( is that the right word) the biting. Also glad to see we can take the traditional hero route now.


Was something added? I’d usually play the hero but playing a bloodthirsty psycho was pretty fun.


like how demo play out i hope you keep on going


I’m not sure. Considering we woke up to being vivisected and attacked, twice, I thought our reaction was a very mild one. Given more time and a clearer head we could have gotten really creative with those mooks.

Never mind the girl.


@Ylva Was this one of Rosslyn’s panic attacks?

" She gives you a curious look, tilting her head to the side, then leans in again, staring at your face. Something akin to recognition flashes in her red irises, and she backs away. Some of your vision returns, and you see her image flicker. She screams in that distorted voice and presses her hands to her temples. She climbs off of you and backs away, flickering as she shrieks and shakes her head, before disappearing from your field of view."


Very interesting game. :slight_smile:
Also if the woman we fight is Rosslyn I’m assuming we’ll eventually end up on team with her. It’s going to be an…interesting experience, since my MC is going to hate her with a passion. Maybe only initially…maybe forever, I haven’t decided how much she holds grudges yet. ^^ I do hope the rest of the team will be a little bit nicer, otherwise I don’t think my MC’s psyche will end up in a very healthy condition. :slight_smile:


Killing them right away and using damnation, then kissing as she holds the MCs heart in her hands is my headcanon. My MC found someone as brutal as her I guess.


I actually interpreted that as her realizing she just kissed someone who isn’t her girlfriend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or her realizing that she almost filleted one of her kin. But headcanon indeed.


That’s pretty good too


Are Casey and Rosslyn in a relationship?


What happened to when we killed the security team? I know we essentially mind raped them but I know they were beaten to death as this was happening. I picture them being strangled by shadows desperately trying to end their own life as the MC clubs them to death with a mourning star made of darkness. It creates an interesting image for me, pale white skin with contrasting black hair and eyes, she walks out, a tall and imposing figure covered in the blood of her enemies, the screams finally silenced she realizes she’s not alone and the fun is only just beginning. Something like that.

I don’t know if that’s what they were beat to death with I’d have to read again, but this is what I picture it to be.


Jesus Christ that just sounds so brutal but yet so epic. I never thought of it that way but now I’m just thinking about what my MC would do in that situation.


we essentially go bloody mary on them and create a sword in order hack and slash their limbs. Rossy doesn’t appear until later on.


I included that by saying when she walks out she realizes shes not alone. It was a sword huh? Blunt weapons are much more brutal in my opinion.


is not about being brutal but about seeing them breathe their last breath as their blood gush from their inside…I believe.