A Dog's Life (very early stages) WIP


Can’t wait for more updates! :]


So… I really liked the concept of the dog thingy (after playing Choice of the Cat, I knew this kind of Choice game won’t disappoint) but one thing I can’t get past is the formatting. If you’re going to write long paragraphs of text, I suggest you use *page_break because it gets kinda irritating having to read long texts. Break it up if it’s long. Also, you could use double *line_break to separate paragraphs. Leave at least one line empty before you start with the next paragraph so it doesn’t look too crowded. Will continue testing this if I can manage to ignore formatting issues I have here.

Good luck with this though, it looks promising.


Think you could do more with the wolf path? With the dogs you a day in their life and their reaction to being taken away.


Unfortunately have some bad news everyone. Somehow, I think due to some weird virus that infected my laptop, my game was deleted. I have also lost work on several important things not relating to this but to my school work, as well as some programs.
I can recreate the game from scratch, with some differences obviously. I will do my best to get this back to what it was, but it will take some time. Due to time restrictions on my end, the game will be a long time from being ready for the multi-path split but I will work whenever I can.


Oh no that’s terrible! :pensive::fearful:

You know how to view your files on dashingdon, right? Might be able to save yourself a lot of time…


Am sorry all that happened that sucks good luck.


Well, that’s always good… not the game being deleted because of that virus. I meant its always good to make a small difference in the game.


Ever thought of adding a Fox? Or is that too wild?


Then… what’s the point if we are a fox?


By to wild I meant to much sorry for confusion.


Hi everyone! Unfortunately it will be awhile before the next update, I’m having surgery in about 3-4 weeks & won’t be able to anything for at least a week (not supposed to move my arms), & I’m also having some problems at home that are preventing me from working on much of anything.

& @Xarena I will not do a fox. Even most idiots could tell a fox from a dog, & while the people that take the coyote, coydog, wolf, & wolfdog to the pound are stupid enough to think they are regular domestic dogs, they are smart enough to know a fox from a dog (this is not a jibe at anyone, but foxes look so different from dogs in head shape, fur texture & color, & in actions, that it would be extremely hard to mistake them for a dog in most circumstances). However, that does give me the idea to add a fox or two as potential friends in the game.


As a child I went to a place where they kept wild animals who had been either hurt or raised by humans. The first cage had an animal that I thought was a dog from it’s behavior (It came right up to me and started to be vocal.) and it was a tamed fox!


Well, have fun! Take your time, we can wait for the next update until you recovered! :slight_smile:


Okay, so I recently have started a Dashingdon choice script game and I have no clue what I’m doing ,so can Hexfur or anybody else tell me what to do? As I said I’ve never done this before and I’m confused how to even add to my game.


I love playing as a German Shepard!


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