A Dog's Life Pt 1



Xolo (standard, miniature, toy)
St Bernard
Pharaoh Hound
Finnish Spitz
English Setter
Fixed bugs
Spelling errors (not all, just ones I noticed)
Stat screen now has names for tricks & commands and all relationships

Still to do:
Finish jackal mother scene
(Possibly) create contest & new breed #1


Thanks for all of these updates information. I’m very intrigued to see the potential dog fight branch

A Dogs Life Contest (for creating content)

So a note about English Setters, St Bernards, and Collies.

There are two distinct looks within those breeds. Long haired & short haired Bernards and Collies, and Show and Field E Setters. Instead of (for example) 3 coat patterns, they have a total of 6 patterns. It’s doubled so that you could end up with a red & white Bernard that’s either Short coated or long coated, and E Setters that are either Medium or Long coated (E Setters also have a stat change based on their coats; please read the info when it’s uploaded to know about them). Collies are the same as Bernards; you could end uo with either long or short coated.


Went ahead and made the contest, my wife thought it was a good idea & it will add some interesting twist to certain parts of the game later on.
Here’s the link: A Dogs Life Contest (for creating content)


Partial update:

New breeds:
English Setter
St Bernard
Finish Spitz
Pharaoh Hound
1 New fictional breed (accessible but no mother scene)

Stats screen now has names for every trick & character
Bug fixes


What about Irish Setters?


With the exception of my contest, I am not adding in any more breeds. I need to get to work finishing the mother scenes (I have given myself a deadline of two weeks to finish every mother scene, excluding the contest ones).

If I can finish part one by my own personal deadline (as in, the entire Part 1, not just a section), I may look into adding more breeds.


The jackal mother scene is done & uploaded!

Will start a mutt mother scene tomorrow (scene section #3)


Should be able to finish the next muttmom scene by tonight! Maybe in the next couple hours! It shares an ending with the 4th scene section, so some of its just copy & paste then make a few changes.


So, due to toddler interference I was unable to finish it yesterday. But I will have it done in a few hours hopefully and uploaded by noon.


Coming up in the next update:

Behavior Habit stats (only seen after shelter scene, but are enabled in currently empty scene via a hidden stat). They can be viewed on the behavior screen when you reach the currently empty shelter page. When the shelter is being worked on, they will be hidden again until the very end.
2 mother scenes will be finished before I update the game on dashingdon (most likely muttmom scenes, possibly a 3rd (a puremom scene) will be finished if I think I’m working fast enough)
Crate Training stat alongside House, Leash, & Muzzle training
Ears! Erect, Long Floppy, Floppy, and Short Floppy. Later (as in well after the shelter scene) there will be Torn (erect ears that are torn) and T Long Floppy, T Floppy, and T Short Floppy.


Updated just now! What’s new is listed below

Behavior Habits! - Jump (calm/excited), Dog (doesn’t dig/digs), Chew (toys/chews everything), Biter (controlled/biter, this is a fear related action), Food (dog food/human food), Chase (controlled/chaser, affects impulse control. Is dependent on subbreed), Food Aggression (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! CAN AFFECT RELATIONSHIPS FOR STRAYS.)
Ears - Erect, Long Floppy, Floppy, Short Floppy. Important for fighting (in general), easier to get hurt but will have advantages. After shelter scene: Torn, T Long Floppy, T Floppy, T Short Floppy.
Crate Training & Harness Training

If you want me to elaborate on any of these, please ask & I will gladly explain them.

Planned for later updates:
Scars (completely aesthetic, no use except for other characters to comment upon)
Fictional breeds (I enjoyed making Irish Dane’s so much that I decided, contest or not, to create fictional breeds. There will be imbalances depending on their origins, but will also be advantages in various spots. These are completely unimportant however & will not be finished until every mother scene is completely finished)

Coming in next update (after this one’s release):
Puremom scene(s), &/or Exoticmom scene
Mixed breeds will get a subbreed in the shelter scene (it will be randomized)


So here’s some info about the upcoming puremom scenes.

Each purebred automatically comes with a subbreed. Hound, terrier, sporting, working, herder, or companion. Each subbreed gets a change to their habit stats (which will now be viewable from the start of the shelter scene).

Subbreeds are especially important for those wanting to play as a Show Dog, as certain subbreeds (& just breeds in general) are more fitting for certain competitions. In the first 3 puremom scenes (so not the puppy mill), you’re subbreed is revealed to you and what it entails.
The puppy mill start will not get subbreed changes because you were brought up in a cage and had no way of being true to your breed.


So a quick update on upcoming work.

There will be 3 puremom scenes instead of 4. The first two are so similar that I decided to just erase one of them.
You now have a new hidden stat called “start” which goes through 1-3 for purebreds, 4-6 for fictional breeds & 1-4 for mutts. This will be important later on, as one of the characters you meet in the puppy mill will come back & recognize you if your start is 3. (this will have no effect for wild & exotic breeds)
There is now a new screen before the shelter officially starts, but all it is is showing you your basic starting stats before you start. Kind of important, but not really. It just saves you a moment from needing to go to the stats screen

Upcoming info: as I start working on the exotic mom scenes (as I am finishing the puremom scenes before working on exotic), I will also start a little bit on the shelter itself.

Possible plans for the shelter:
Week 1 - getting to know the humans, learning your name, starting to learn tricks (you can learn Sit in less than a week, but you will not learn a second trick by the end of week 1)
Week 2 - getting to interact w dogs in the dog yard, continue tricks (if finished sit, you will learn Come Here by the end of week 2 & start Stay, will learn sit in this week if you haven’t already & start Come Here)
Week 3 - first families! The Glenn’s, Rhodes’, & Beltran’s will all be there. Day 1 is first interaction among the rest of the dogs, day 2 is one-on-one meeting, & days 3-5 are possible adoption. Days 6-7 are trick & behavior training (no adoption moments, you will finish stay if you have been learning tricks or be working on Come Here) & first possible chance at escaping
Week 4 - Police department, Fire department, & Rescue Team all show up! Days 1-5 are the same as week 3, while day 6 is more training (you will learn come here at this moment, but not start Stay) & day 7 is a free day. Escape is only possible day 7 in week 4
Week 5 - Service animal week! Nurses & people looking for potential service & therapy dogs will be coming to meet you. Days 1-2 are meetings & behavior checks, Days 3-4 are one-on-one meetings & behavior checks, Days 5-7 are possible adopts, possible escape days, & final training days (you will learn Stay by the end of week 5)
Week 6 - every family will do a cruise by through the shelter, they have a chance to pick you if you respond to them. Last chance to be a pet at this point
Week 7 - either escape or be taken away by a strange man away from the city (this will end your game unless you escape)

Note explaining behavior checks: Behaviors Habits can be seen at the beginning of the shelter scene & if something is too low or too high, there is a chance they will deem you unfit for service work. If a stat is within certain limits though, they will train you thoroughly before you begin your service work. This also applies to just your basic behavior as well, not just habits

Upcoming info about Major Scenes (cross-game with A Cats Life) in Part 1 (ages Puppy-3 Years Old(:
Apartment Fire (around 2 years old)
Crossing an Interstate (yes this includes pets, Ending of Part 1)

Upcoming info about Major Scenes (cross-game with A Cats Life) in Part 2 (Ages 3 Years Old-6-7 Years Old):
Return to the Shelter (near the beginning of the game)
Meet a family member (around age 4)
Severe Injury or sickness (ages 6-7, ending of Part 2)

Upcoming info about Major Scenes (cross-game with A Cats Life) in Part 3 (ages 7+):
Death of old age (randomized between breeds, since certain breeds live longer or shorter than others)
Recovery from Injury/Illness
Chance to be senior pet
Part 3 is planned to be somewhat short as the game speeds up starting at age 4


This is so cool! Thank you for the update


New update just posted!

What’s new:
Puremom scenes are finished & tested for bugs!
Updates to mixmom scenes (just some wording issues)
New fictional breed: Russian Wolf Mastiff
Fictional breeds now state if they’re unfinished

Dingo &/or African Wild Dog scene



Exotic mom scenes are now completely done!
Fictional breeds now share the puremom scene with real purebreds!

I can now start work on the shelter!!! I have no idea how often I will update this, but possibly at the end of every week in the game (so that could be three days, that could be a whole week IRL. No idea)

If there’s anything you would like to see specifically in the shelter, please let me know


So a tiny bit of info about the shelter scene.

At the very start of the shelter scene you will see a page that shows your basic stats and now descibes your base behavior stats. Not habits, but the regular stats.


Unfortunately I have to take a break from posting updates for awhile. We are losing our internet possibly, as well as most likely moving, & I cannot upload the files via my phone.

I can keep everyone updated via 4g though!


Hope everything goes well