A Dog's Life Pt 1

Thank you. Issues are fixed but won’t be uploaded til the next update.


Yes, thank you too for still working on this :slight_smile: It’s really cool when you can play a non-human MC.

I’ve actually been disappointed in the lack of animal MC’s, which is why I first thought of this. Plus, this is giving me plenty of opportunity to learn about dogs and their behaviors (which is good because I plan on getting a dog at some point so now I have an idea of what breeds I like & want)


Yes, so true :confused: My first COG was Choice of the Dragon I still hope someday somebody makes a second part of it :smiley:
As for the learning about dogs thing, I can fully understand and support you. There are so many prejudices against dogs, it’s just unfair.
I have a dog myself and shes a big baby but because of her size many people are afraid of her and misunderstand her body language. I often have to explain to them that she means no harm.
So every time I see somebody putting actual effort into getting to know dogs behavior it makes me happy :slight_smile:


What kind of dog do you have?

She is a Landseer. I don’t know if there’s an actual English term for the breed but I can show you a picture of her :smiley:

She is gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve heard of that breed before, I want to look it up now.

Edit: Just looked it up, she’s a type of Newfoundland (well, in some places Landseers are considered Newfoundlands but in some Europeon countries Landseers are their own breed)

Thank you :smiley: Jup they got breed from the Newfoundland. They often used as Water Rescue Dogs, because they not quite as heavy and fluffy as Newfoundlands but also have webbed toes :smiley: Do you already have an idea what kind of dog do you want?

For years I wanted a husky, but now I’m thinking German Shepherd, Greyhound, or Doberman


Ok so this is a warning for anyone who just wants to try out some of the purebreeds.

Doberman’s are having a problem. Says it needs to end in *goto or *finish, but it does end in that. Making a post on the forums to help fix that.
Other breeds may have this problem, so be careful when trying out purebreeds


Wow very energetic breeds much work to tire them out :smiley: but so worth it. Before my Landseer, I had a German Shepherd a very sweet boy so only good experience with them :slight_smile: I wish you good luck finding the right dog for you.

So here’s a few things coming in the next update:

1 purebred mother scene will be finished
All purebreeds now have rand stats excluding major ones
Doberman is now fixed

Next update will be any time tonight or tomorrow hopefully


So the next update may actually come in a few hours! The first purebred scene I’m working on is not as long as I had originally planned, but it still has some stat gains, some insights, and a look at police officers!

Excellent! Looking forward to seeing it.

Game is updated!
Here are the new updates & fixes (used randomtest until it failed):

Doberman is now playable
1 purebred mother scene is finished & all unfinished scenes lead to finished one
All purebreds have major stats & minor stats, minor stats are now random (basically each breed has a stat that is changed specifically for that breed, but the rest of the stats are randomized)
Fixed several issues within the startup, puremom, mixmom, & wildmom scenes

Next up I am working on jackals in the exoticmom scene, may take me a few days


Some info about the next update:

Jackal scene done (it’s over halfway finished)
New breeds added! Won’t reveal until next update is released though
Name’s have been updated
Name’s given to every pet on in the Relationship screen (some dogs have abbreviations next to them instead of dog, these show you what breed they are)
Stats Overview & Terms has some info (it’s going to look neater when it’s completely finished, but I am adding things as they come up in game)


Okay, restarted Choicescript IDE & ran a randomtest, a crap ton of new errors popped up (all with indenting). Will probably take me all of tonight to fix, as its every indent in the startup.txt

Was hoping to have the next update out tomorrow night but might be another day.

On the bright side, 3+ new breeds to choose from


Ok, because the amount of breed I am adding I will go ahead and post them here (edit, added another):

English Setter
Finnish Spitz
Pharaoh Hound
St Bernard
Xolo (Mexican Hairless)

The update will come out by the end of the week because I have the following task:
Finish Jackal mother scene
Add in new breeds
Fix startup.txt issues
Finish giving every relationship stat a name

I have also asked HG about content & would love to know how interested you are. Below is the info about the Special Branch (I have mentioned it before, now I will go in depth because there is a good chance I can add this into the game):
Fighting & bait dogs. After living in the shelter for 6 weeks, you are slated for euthanasia (this is not a n-kill shelter). The volunteers/workers however do not feel good putting down a puppy, so when a seedy looking man comes and offers to take you off their hands they really can’t say no. This man (this is only player knowledge, not character knowledge) has bought unwanted puppies form the shelter before, claiming he will take them to shelters that are empty or have high adoption rates.
He takes you out of town, far out of the city limits and well into the countryside, and takes you to his “farm”. At this farm are over 10 dogs (3 fight dogs & 3 bait dogs you can have relationships with) that are trained for dog fighting, or used as bait or “training” dogs. Two characters (not including the humans) will love this life, but the majority of the characters you meet hate this life & only participate because otherwise they will be killed.
Please note I am not endorsing this in any way whatsoever! But this game is meant to not only be fun, but to show people what life may be like for dogs & what we put them through. The fight/bait scenes will be password protected until the game is officially published and is meant to show how some humans are disgusting and clever enough to get away from this & signs we must look for! I will be networking with various people to know exactly how dog fighting is hidden & found, so that maybe everyday people can recognize the signs themselves!


First yay a finnish breed
Second sounds intresting

Ok (yes I am posting a lot tonight). So after I finish the mother scenes (all of them), I am thinking about doing a contest.

The contest would be for five new user-created dog breeds. You would get all credit for creating the brand new dog breed (your CoG forum username will be mentioned in game) and you will get to create the breeds origins, within specific limits I will set before the contest is posted.

Would anyone be interested in that? They would have their own motherscene, own stats (based on their origins, again within limits), and own specific challenges. They would be considered a purebred dog, so they could be show dogs.
Please note: no already made “designer” breeds like Pomsky’s (Husky-Pomeranian) will be allowed, you must create a completely brand new breed with a good origin. I will set limits & qualifications in the contest if I can get at least 10 people interested, as I intend on no more than 5 new user-created breeds (total of 6, one being made by myself)