A Dog's Life Pt 1

The new official post for A Dog’s Life Pt 1
Last update: 4-6-19

Dashingdon link: https://dashingdon.com/go/3157

Play as a purebred, mutt, wolf, wolfdog, coyote, coydog, maned wolf, african wild dog, jackel, and dingo.
Over 30 breeds to choose from! Each some with their own stats, info, & random coat color according to their breed standards.
Make a mutt, or randomize it! Over 30 coat colors to choose from, as well as eyes, coat length & texture, and tail type!
Play as a stray! Live in the city, surviving other dogs, cats, humans, cars, and many other dangers! Find a mate (regardless of where you live or they live), adopt or have puppies of your own.
Be a pet! Live with the Glenn’s, who just want a family companion. Go for walks, play fetch, just be a dog. Or live with the Rhodes’, who need a new hunting dog. Can you help them catch big or dangerous prey such as deer and boars?
Be a show dog! The Beltran’s need a purebred (they are exclusive to purebreds) to help them win some dog shows. Learn tricks and show them off, or run through an agility course. A herding dog? Show off how fast you are when rounding up sheep!
Be a police dog! Specialize as a bomb & drug sniffer, be a tracker, or learn to be an attack dog. Get along with your fellow K9’s and humans, or be a loner within the station.
Be a rescue dog! The local National Guard (or equivalent) is looking for some new dogs to help out with search and rescue. Your nose and eyes need to be as keen as possible to help, while also being as strong and as fast as possible to help locate missing people.
Be a therapy or service dog! Don’t want to be in danger? Be a therapy dog! Go around to nursing homes and the local kids hospital, cheering up the sick and elderly people who normally would not be able to enjoy a pet, or just need some cheering up. A service dog will specialize with one person only, instead of a bunch of random people, and will have lots of one-on-one with their human.

Achievements! Including some special ones that connect this game to its parallel life & sister game, A Cat’s Life!
Hunger, Stamina, Health, and now a cold bar for winter! Leash, muzzle, and house training stats are new as well.

The game comes in 3 parts now, as opposed to one large one before. Part 1 is currently in progress, & everything up to Week 1 Day 7 is uploaded

I bring news! This game is being reopened, despite not having a permanent computer to work on yet. I am moving & saving files to my personal google drive to move between systems while I look for a replacement laptop.
And as an added bonus, I will be doing a Live Stream of my work! I really want to get some help with some of the issues I’ve been having, so I will be doing live streams via Twitch or YouTube so that people can comment & ask questions in real time. As soon as this topic is opened, or I create a new one, I will ask opinions on what people think of this. In the meantime, wait for a new topic or reopened one!


You can play as a Maned Wolf! I love that species! So sad here in south eastern Soulth America we almost killed them all, they are beautiful with their red manes and sharp eyes. I saw one just once as a kid.

I’m not buddist, but like to think that if there something like a place were you mend your sins is re-birthing as a doggy. :dog:


Edit: Ah. What do you mean with data with vocals?

What’s a maned wolf?

Their mane can be fiery red to dark auburn.

Size comparison to humans

They are smart. furious, with packs that hunt together mostly at night. They used to compete with the south america’s megafauna in the last ice age. Their size and endurance making the difference when the giant pinewoods (araucárias) forests their ancestors lived turned into arid wastelands (caatingas). sadly they didn’t survive mankind and now is a almost extinct species here.

DEBUG: I’ve found a bug in the scene wildmon line 2020: Non-existent command ‘wolfdogstream’"


I’m in love These creatures are for me like a lost link. Something between a wolf and a fox. Even the old Guarani had these folk tales were the Guarás (maned wolfs) shapeshift like the Kitsune of the eastern folk loren…


Wow, they look awesome!

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That an awesome animal

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Fixed the wolfdogstream issue. Sorry about that, since I started using choicescript IDE, some things have changed within the files somehow.


I’m more of a cat person, but this seems interesting (and I’m looking forward to the cat game :cat2:). :slightly_smiling_face:
It would be nice if we could select the purebreed’s appearance from the range that appears within the breed (for instance, if it’s possible for a certain type of dog to have blue or brown eyes, we get to pick between the two options).

Your eyes & pelt are randomized for every breed (excluding those that only have one coat or eye color(

I love the exotic animal options. So cool!

So here’s my work for the day:

Finish one of the mother scenes for mixed breeds at minimum & upload new files.
If possible, start a mother scene for purebreds.

I will alternate the scenes like this:
Mixmom-puremom-exoticmom & repeat until they are all done. The Shelter will not be started until every mother scene is finished this time.


I don’t know why, but “pure breed mother” makes imagine a British accented or french accent mommy pet.

By the way, the mommy scenes kind of remind me ‘baby’ when the shepherds adopt the pig.


So I’m going to give you guys a quick overview of the purebred & mutt mother scenes. The mother scene is randomized to one of four different starts. Listed below are the basics of what skills you can gain, but they may not be in order and some may not be entirely correct (they may change as I write the scenes).

Start 1 - all about interacting with other dogs. Lots of chances for play/serious, agility, dexterity, and smaller chances for strength, intelligence, and hearing
Start 2 - all about interacting with humans. Lots of chances for moral (friendly/mean), feral/tame, and vocal (talkative/quiet)
Start 3 - small chances for interacting with dogs or humans, chances for intelligence, smell, hearing, even a chance for speed (used for agility trials as a show dog, as well as a skill for rescue dogs & police attack dogs)
Start 4 - (i will be straight up, this is a puppy mill) lots of chances for dexterity, strength, and intelligence, very few chances for interacting with other dogs and little chance of interacting with humans

Start 1 - learn to be a pack dog or not, also gain some play/serious stats. Also a small chance for fighting, strength, intelligence, or dexterity.
Start 2 - learn to be a loner or not, also a good chance to interact with humans, chances for intelligence, strength, and agility
Start 3 - learn about the worst of humans and how bad they can get, chances for intelligence, smell, and hearing
Start 4 - learn about hunting skills, major chances for smell, hearing, sight, and smaller chances for agility, dexterity, and maybe strength


I am ready for this

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So the first mother scene part has been finished for the mutts! It has just been uploaded.
Here are a few changes:
3 new tails: fluffy, thick, and thin
New tails have been added to the randomizer for mutts
Near the end of the mutt mother scene parts, your legs, muzzle, and size are randomized as you look into a reflective surface (I will not give people the choice on that one, so please no asking)
For the time being, until the other mother scenes are finished, all non-finished mother scenes in the purebred & mutt mother scenes now link to the finished ones (do you don’t have to keep restarting, and do not worry, purebreds lead to purebred scenes, mutts lead to mutt scenes)

It will take me anywhere between 1-2 days to finish a mother scene part at this pace (for mutts), but tomorrow I am starting one of the purebred scenes & will let everyone know when I think I can upload it. I have a sick toddler at home who demands hulu/netflix shows & cuddles (otherwise this could have been finished hours ago instead of now)


Hey i cant seem to able to choose the harlequin patern

Please, when you find an error, don’t just tell me you can’t do something, or somethings wrong, or a choice is broken or whatever. Please give me details (such as “line # invalid string” or things like that). I found the issue & fixed it & uploaded the fix though.

Im unable to take pics and i am unable to copy the error :sweat:

But you can still describe it accurately (see example above). Not trying to be mean, btw

I’m playing a hight content Wolf Hybrid and just found those bugs don’t know if you already aware of them :slight_smile: All the choices in the second screenshot are causing this bug except the ignoring option. Hope it helps :+1: