A Crack in the Spyglass [WIP] *Poll* 6.1.2020

I’m so glad you like it :slight_smile:


Wow. I am impressed by this story so far. The detail in just one chapter is amazing. The card game was a fun side piece to it and it’s implementation seamless. It had the feeling of gwent from the Witcher series.

I really want more. If the rest is any indication from the first chapter, this story is going to rock.

There’s a few things that I know wouldn’t be able to be explained in just one chapter but am curious. For instance the tattoo (what does it mean and how will it affect your adventure), the investigation, how magic functions, if we will see the merchant and the twins again, and why the steak cost for the inn. :smiley:

Anyways, good job and I can hardly wait for more of your masterpiece.


This is extremely flattering, wow. I’m really glad you like it! If someone could come in about once a week and say something this nice, I’ll have the motivation to see this project through to the end. :laughing:

I’m almost done with chapter 2 and will probably post it within the week. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint!


This is every author’s dream. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


An update: I think I’ve said this twice before, but I really am almost done with chapter 2 now. It’s taken longer than I expected and I had a few other projects to complete, but I’m going to work on this and only this until it’s finished. I’m going to say chapter 2 will be available by this weekend! There will also be quite a few changes to chapter 1 and the stat screen. If anyone reads this, thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Chapter 2 is up! I kept my promise! :smiley:

Edit: if you played the demo before, you should check the changelog because quite a few things have been added and I don’t want you to miss anything.


Smooth sailing so far, I only found one bug is when you’re talking to Felix and compliment him on his stew then say you’re bored, you get the option to compliment him on his stew again.

Just wanted to barge in here and tell you how great your writing is. With many fantastical settings, it’s easy to lose track of meanings, locations, or, you know, the basic culture of a world, but with your story, the progression of learning these things is so natural. It’s never forced; it never has me really confused and rereading several times. You just do it so well to the point where it feels like the integration is so seamless, which is no easy feat with these types of things! (I hope I don’t sound like the bumbling idiot I really am–I seriously admire your hard work.)

Side note: the world building is truly wonderful. There’s so much depth to everything, and I am genuinely just amazed. I’m so excited to see where this will go.

Also, yo, the two protagonist feature? SUPER cool. SUPER unique. SUPER innovative. I just love the idea, and the way you have developed these separate plot lines has been very distinct–there’s no mixing up one for another. The tone is different for both of them (or maybe I just play them a specific way). The Mercenary has a certain edge to them, where they feel tired and cynical, and they have seen the world enough to feel rather… out of tune. Meanwhile, the Painter has a feeling of naivety to them–they almost seem more in the moment, I guess, than the Mercenary. I don’t know. I just think you have done such a good job with these two.

Ugh, I’ll cut my stupid rambling short and say this: I am so, so impressed with the story, and I admire the hell out of your work and talent. I’m excited to watch this grow, and I really can’t wait to read more. Thank you for making and sharing this.


That option opens a submenu of different things to say to him. If you exhaust all the options, the “compliment his stew” should disappear.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t have a very good day, so coming in and reading all of the nice things you said actually made me tear up a little bit. I’m so, so glad you like the game!


I really like the story so far can’t wait to see what happens next :blush:


Very much enjoyed what I’ve read so far, good luck to you with the rest! :slight_smile:

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Oooh, I dig this so far!!! And thanks for not making us wait a million years to kiss a cute boy! Some of us aren’t slow burn people in games or real life, so that was a nice treat. :heart:

I couldn’t not let you kiss him. :slight_smile:

@Sienabrit @Forsaken_Algonquinia I’m glad you like what I have so far!


Poll: Because the POV’s switch every chapter, do you think having a journal that records the major events/decisions of both MC’s would be a nice addition to the game?

  • Yes, there should be 2 separate journals, 1 for each MC.
  • Yes, there should be 1 shared journal.
  • No, I can remember on my own/don’t think it’s needed.

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One shared journal with two separate ‘sections’ for each MC sounds like a great addition!


I added a journal to the demo, as well as a few small tweaks, so thanks to everyone who voted on that poll! You can also hide the appearance descriptions of your friends on the stat screen now if you don’t want to see them.

I also just played through chapter 2 again and realized that by the final day, I had something like 500 laai in my wallet (because I refused to pay rent :laughing:). I’m wondering if I should let the MC go shopping after they pack… but what would they need to buy?

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Just played the demo, and it is great so far! Very interesting and I want to learn more about the world! The characters we have met are all interesting so far and the stranger who gives the Mercenary the vision hints and something more going on! It is also rather interesting having a fighting focused protagonist and then one who really does not seem like that they will not fight at all.


A very ambitious work, this one is. I can say for sure that it has succeeded in pulling me in from the very start of the demo. The story is compelling and the setting itself is very interesting and unlike one that I have encountered in a interactive story before. While I was initially worries that having two MCs would stifle the story, but you were able to move between the two characters without it feeling especially jarring and keep the attention of the audience(me) I adore the both of them and I’m interested in learning more about them and about this world.

Definitely one I will keep my eye out for. I wish you good luck with working on this!^^


I’m really glad you enjoyed it!! :slight_smile:

Just a quick update for the general public, I’ve received (over) 100 followers on the Tumblr account for this game, so I’ve been working on a little mini-game/side mission for them to complete as a thank you. I’ll probably also post it here, too, to thank you guys for being patient! Chapter 3 is proving difficult to write!


Really like playing dual roles it is always fun getting to play two totally different kinds of people