A Crack in the Spyglass [WIP] *Poll* 6.1.2020

Hi all! It’s been a while :slight_smile: My daughter goes back to school on Monday which means I can get back to work on this game. I didn’t actually mean to go on summer break, but it just turned out that way. Look forward to a game update in the next few weeks!!! :smiley:


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Wow, this is really interesting! The two protagonists thing isn’t something I’d normally like, but this time I definitely do! I hope they get to meet in the future. Super hyped for this!


I been roaming around for quite some time on DashingDon, and every time I see your demo I think to myself, “hmmm? It doesn’t sound interesting” then I would just go past it. Today I was super bored then I saw your demo again just staring at me. So I decided to take a look at it.

One word, Amazing!

My mind was blown. I’m gonna go through it again to see if I can try different things. Oh and will there be an update anytime soon?

This is hilarious! :laughing: Thanks for the honesty, and for giving the demo a chance. I hope to update it soon, but I have serious perfectionist issues. I have to see it as 100% perfect before I can publish it (which is something I need to work on, obviously

They will, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

Ah ok. Take your time. I can wait :slight_smile: .

Oh which reminds me! I created an elf mage ranger and I wanna know if its possible to combine the two so instead of firing standard arrow you generate arrows via magic. A Mage Archer if will.

Got the idea from I game I played way back when called Dragon’s Dogma. In terms of gameplay its bloody amazing. Story isn’t that great. All though depending on your actions did alter the story a bit.

One more thing, is the vitality bar your mana bar or stamina bar? Or are they both the same thing?

Hmm, that’s something to consider. There’s going to be the option to fletch arrows and buy them, obviously, so I don’t see why you couldn’t also just magic them into existence. Thanks for this!

They’re the same thing. Any kind of serious action, be it magical or otherwise, will expend vitality.

Hi! So last month I came across your work, and I have to say it’s amazing. I know it’s only two chapters so far, but man, those two chapters are more than enough to make me fall in love with your world. It feels so alive, like, I can tell just how much work you’ve put into crafting it and fleshing out the little details, it’s honestly incredible.

I’m also really curious about the way in which our protagonists will interact. Like, are we always going to have that split-POV thing going on, or will there be a moment in the story where we have to choose which of the two we’ll follow? Do they end up becoming friends, are they forced to confront each other as enemies? If they’re questions you can’t really answer then don’t worry about it, I understand. I guess the idea of controlling two characters just seems so interesting to me and so I’m very excited to see how it’ll play out.

Anyways, great work! I’ll be looking forward to any updates from you in the future!


I’m so glad you like what I’ve written so far! As to your questions, I worry it’ll spoil too much to answer them. I can say that I have at least 3 games planned, and each one has at least 2 narrators. Can’t say if it’ll always be the Mercenary and the Painter. :slight_smile:


This was such a wonderful read. I loved how seamless the world-building was; it felt deep but never got too exposition heavy. I hope you continue!

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Oh, three books? Now that’s something to look forward to! I figured I wasn’t going to get the answers to my questions because, as you said, spoilers, duh. Still, thanks for taking the time to reply!

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Ohhh, this is a really interesting concept with two different Mc’s! Played through the demo a few times, really liked the whole setup! Will be looking forward to see more of the game.:slight_smile:

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Hey guys! I’m currently working on chapter 3, but have been trying unsuccessfully to write a mini-game as a writing exercise. I’m a bit rusty and thought it would be a fun way to get back in the zone. It would be relatively short, but you’d learn about The Mercenary and earn a prize at the end that you’ll be able to redeem in the actual game. Thanks for any feedback in advance!

Which mini-game plot is your favorite?

  • A romantic encounter (earn valuable personal item)
  • A mercenary job (earn unique creature-related item)
  • A card tournament with familiar characters (earn money or a personal item)
  • None of these, you silly goose. Just work on the game!

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