A Certain Potential (WIP) (Mini Update 01/03/2017)

Hi! So, I convinced my girlfriend to write a game with me and this is what we started working on. This is our first interactive fiction, so be sure to give us a lot of feedback.

You play as a teenager who has lived their lives normally for the past 16 or so years. One night, you have a strange dream and lose your memories. The next day, you have strange encounters and find out you have gotten involved in something big. In order to get your memories back and stay alive, you have to join a secret organization which will train you to use supernatural powers.

A lot of the story still has to be fleshed out, unfortunately. It’s subject to change when my girlfriend and I get a chance to work on it properly. I personally have the idea that the player will get to choose a power or something later on.

And also unfortunately, we still have a lot of the game to flesh out.
So far we have:

  • 12 player traits and counting
  • a more fleshed out relationship system. You will be able to romance people based on orientation.
  • a rough idea about the powers

Here’s a link: https://dashingdon.com/go/1219

Here’s the update log: https://app.box.com/v/certainpotentialupdatelog

Latest update:

Another mini update. Sorry that it’s just mini updates. Not quite feeling up to releasing an unfinished chapter 2. Anyways, for this update, Erick’s conversation got fixed and extend a bit. I also fixed Althea’s conversation paths. Also might just add a file for an update log. This long post is too long.

We’re looking for feedback on plot holes, overall feel/atmosphere, the character creation process, and anything else you’d like to talk about. We’re open to suggestions and ideas. Maybe you’ll see your idea in a future update. ;D
You can PM or reply this thread.


And the WIP has some potential eh eh, sorry couldn’t help it.


You mean to say this WIP has a certain potential. Hehehe sorry I had to do it again. Love puns.


Ugh you beat me to it!

But this does indeed sound interesting so far, can’t wait to learn more.


Sorry @ToxicDreams but I see a joke and if the feeling in the room is alright, I jump to it.


It sounds like it could be interesting. Does the game begin with the player losing their memory? 'Cos that could be a really interesting place to start the game. They wouldn’t know their name or age or who their friends and family were. Maybe you could explore the character’s bedroom looking for clues to their identity? :blush:


Actually, @Avery_Moore, You’re right on the mark! Well, more or less. The character wakes up, and you remember nothing other than hints from your room, another character and a mirror. There’s possibly more room for some description about other characters, but that’s what we have so far.

@Nerav @Mxm124 Nice puns ya got there.


You know, this WIP got a certain potential.

After playing OneShot and then replaying it four times, every game with an amnesiac character waking up in an unknown place causes a mental image of Niko to appear. Those eyes are stuck in my mind and i can’t get them off.

@Zassuen By OneShot, do you mean this?

And I hope this story can give you the same impression!
We’re working hard, so I should be able to put up the first chapter for beta testing this week or next week.

Question for anyone here. How long should we keep beta an open beta?
Personally, I was thinking for a few chapters, then closing it up. I’ve been reading this thread on the forum, and it’s got me confused.

This idea seems pretty cool. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

As for beta testing, I would suggest getting quite a good open beta going before you start thinking about a closed beta.


Interesting premise. Consider me hopefully curious :slight_smile:

So you’re saying you saw a certain potential for joking? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That sounds like it could be quite the interesting way to set character details :thinking: sort of choose them as your character discovers them?

You could just continue this open beta for a while and see how you feel about it, then if you want to close it up more, see about gathering a group at that time.


Yeah, best RPG i’ve played in a while.[quote=“Xionide, post:9, topic:23824”]
And I hope this story can give you the same impression!

The main assets of that game were the casual feeling and the way puzzles messed with your computer (ImScared style). Those two things aren’t remotely possible in a gamebook from what i gather.

Still, will you include puzzles in this WIP? I don’t expect any safe (is that kind of puzzle even possible in CoG engine?) but some situations regarding smart use of your set of powers and maybe time management would be a nice change from the usual stats system.

To be honest, i’d rather if you go straight to a closed beta. Less problematic and easier to answer everyone. But if you must, start with an open beta for the first chapters and then change to a closed beta with the people that already helped.

I don’t see a certain potential for joking, I HAVE a certain potential for joking.

Sorry, I meant that I wanted you to have the same impression of the story/characters/setting.

That might be a good idea. Although, I probably can’t implement a time management type-thing in this project, I might think about it in another project.
As for the set of powers, it’ll greatly affect what kind of decisions you’ll be able to make. Or, that’s what’s planned.

@Zassuen @TSSL @ParrotWatcher
We’ll probably do an open beta leading into a closed one. Thanks for the opinions!

Hm. That might be a better way than how it is at the moment. Right now, when the player wakes up, you notice something in your room. And basically you pick a hobby, which will determine what type of person you’ll be, in terms of personality. Although, stats aren’t set in stone, that choice is just the first choice that will greatly determine character stats.

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Awesome! I think this is a really interesting place to start the story, since it makes the game a mystery right from the start. :blush:

Sounds awesome can’t wait

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This story has a certain potential…cricket sounds sorry i just saw a certain potential to do that in my comment


I’m sorry to say that people have beaten you to that joke, but nice try.

Here’s a consolation prize. :cookie:


i know i just wanted to do one myself


Chapter 1’s out. Check the first post for link and what kind of feedback we’re looking for!