5 of Swords (WIP)

Five of Swords is a high-fantasy game set in a medieval-ish world where you can play the second child of a king who rules over the most northern kingdom of the known continent, called Undine.

Please, let me know when you see any error, bug and/or mistake. English isn’t my first language and coding isn’t either.

Tumblr is now up as well. Feel free to message me there :slight_smile:


You’re the second child of a king and since recently you’re suffering from a mysterious illness which does not only grant you magical abilities but will also most likely kill you. Regardless of the latter, magic is bad news – even worse considering who you are and where you live. In order to find a cure for you and all the other infected, you run away from the only home you’ve ever known in a hush-hush-operation to find yourself again in a bustling southern city, where you meet all kinds of people. Some of them are willing to help you, others not so much. Considering all the odds you’re fighting against, everything could actually go according to plan - if only your father hadn’t decided to send your older brother after you in order to retrieve you.


Your family:

  • King Hector, your father and current ruler of Undine.
  • Prince Dorian, your older brother and the favourite of your father.
  • Queen Cynthia, your mother who’s died seven years ago.

The love interests:

  • Lyssa/Lysander, a soldier who is very, very tough on the outside and also very tough on the inside soft on the inside
  • Aran/Amara, a noble who is hiding their true self behind arrogance and charm.
  • Emrys/Elise, a doctor who has seen and lived through far too much for their tender heart.
  • Maram, a selfish outlaw who seems to be quite fond of their magic abilities maybe too fond.

Let’s see what we’ve got so far:

  • Play as female, male or non-binary
  • Customize your character in appearance and personality
  • Build relationships with not only the romance options but with a cast of side characters
  • Find love with one of three romance options

All of that being said, I’d love to hear what you guys think! Constructive criticism is welcome. Feel free to ask questions about the MC, the lore or anything else – I’ll do my best to answer them spoiler-free.
Also: Nothing is set in stone so far. Things will most likely change – how much will be dependent on your feedback.


‘Status Quo’ (as of Nov. 22, 2018)
Original prologue and a fourth of the original 1st chapter are published. Some writing errors are still present.

Nov. 22, 2018

  • I’ve finished plotting the story, now revision begins.
  • Considering a fourth RO, not sure yet. Need a second opinion.
  • Changed the wrong ‘low-fantasy’ into ‘high-fantasy’, bc I’m dumb.

Dec. 11, 2018

  • Added a flashback to the morning scene
  • Added a bit more detail to the first part of the prologue

Dec. 13, 2018

  • Added another flashback to the lunch scene
  • Added a bit more detail to the lunch scene

Dec. 14, 2018

  • Added a flashback to the stable scene
  • Added more detail to the stable and the training scene
  • Put down the uploaded part of the first chapter, as this scene will be rewritten.
  • Current word count: 12.800

Dec. 15, 2018

  • Added the last piece of the prologue, thus finishing it
  • Current word count: ~15.000

What if I don’t want to be ‘cured’? I like magic.


It’s a good start, I really liked the little customization of the character from the beginning, I’m anxious for the progression of the story and I have a doubt, the customization will only be in relation to the appearance or it will also be in relation to the characteristics of the character?
because I would also love to play as the villain if possible, thanks for the WIP and good luck.

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I like magic too! :smiley: But this disease is a little bit more complicated: The more often you use your magic, the further the disease will spread. Hope that answered your question :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:
I wanted to make the player’s decisions matter, going so far that you’ll have to decide between major moral paths, that are also only unlockable when certain personality traits are present.
I haven’t thought about playing as a villian, but it certainly sounds interesting and I’ll do my best to weave it in :slight_smile:


I don’t think you should lock them. Just because I’m an asshole most of the time doesn’t mean I’ll want to do something completely wrong like kill a village.


Oh! Yeah, what I meant with that was, that certain actions will need an requirement that you’ll only get when you did X or Y in the past. Stuff like that. Not as extreme as I made it sound earlier, sorry! You will always get the chance to change your ‘alignment’. I hope that made it clearer


Ok thanks that sounds better :slight_smile:


Feel free to ignore this question if you consider the answer as spoiler, but such a “cure” will withdraw our powers or will just limit them to the point of not being lethal to us?

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That would be a spoiler, sorry! But how the “cure” will affect you in the end will also be your choice to make :wink: (to a certain degree of course)


Good start, I love this kind of game!

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The demo is promising but the save system is broken

If it helps, have some screenshots

Thank you for the heads up :slight_smile: I hope it’s working now

Male servant entering room when you play as a woman and are still in negligee seems weird. Otherwise the demo is promising. I mean, it’s extremely short, but the writing seems on point and there are a lot of options that fit various personalities. If it continues throughout the story, then it’s probably gonna be good.

After seeing the king’s name. I can’t help but picture Hector from fire emblem 6/7. That’ll be one badass king if he had an ounce of that Hector in him. I really enjoyed the black sheep approach. Everything seems top notch so far.

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is the name of the game inspired by a tarot card? if it is, sounds like it’s a hint of where the story will go.

anyone feel like the start feel like fable 3 ? LOL So deja-vus…

raise hand can we choose our sibling ? cose I would love to…

other then that…let see where you are going with it! :smiley:

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I remember seeing this in the interest check thread, and everything looks great so far :slight_smile: I love the premise; can’t wait to read more!

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I haven’t played any of the fire emblem games, but I’ll look him up :smiley: I’m glad you enjoyed it so far :blush:

I haven’t played fable either lmao, so that would be pure luck :smiley:
and to answer your question @E_RedMark Originally I wanted to make it choosable whether your sibling is female or male, but in order to make the story a bit hm… deeper (I guess?) I decided that you’ll have an older brother. I dunno if you know dragon age 2, but I always loved the dynamic between Hawke and their younger sibling. So I wanted to make you decide whether you want to be a younger sibling like Bethany (sweet and loving) or like Craver (grumpy and competing with his older sibling) or someone completely different.

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of course I know dragon age , such blasphemy…carver was nothing but a pain in the butt! Muahahaha now thats what this sibling gonna be ! tell me I can be a pain in his butt ? pretty plz!!!