5 of Swords (WIP)

It is, partly. The title can also be taken literally, because at one point there will be five people with swords. It’s also a pun :smiley: Five of sorts, u know? Swords, sorts? Because five different people? Meh. But yes, the meaning of the tarot card is also somewhere in the story :wink:

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I know, I’m also not quite happy with that, but for now, I’ll pretend that this is perfectly okay when you think about Phillip (the servant) as the old guy who has always been there, watching the MC grow up. He’s been there before the MC was born.
I’ll have to make my mind up in order to fix that :thinking:
Also: thank you!

Yes, yes you can :smiling_imp: I myself am a younger sibling and I love to terrorize my brother to a certain degree, so of course.


Okay I’ve made a tumblr for the game and posted a bit of lore, for those who are interested :slight_smile: . You can find the link in the first post in this topic. I want to use the tumblr as a place where I answer questions and post bits of lore about the world, but there will probably also be some sh*tposting as soon as I get the opportunity Feel free to spam me over there :smiley:

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Demo update! The already existing part has been revamped, the stats are now working and I added another third to the prologue. Thank you so much for playing my game :blush:


Thank you for creating it, and since I actually play piano, I already identified with the MC.

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I went through it and the only thing that caught my eye so far as needing correction was this:

“While you’re getting up, shivering as you hit the cold wooden floor with your naked feet” – 2nd page
Really? What is this royalty who will not have slippers?

As of recommendations, if you will include non-binary gender option for some reason, it will be only fair to add race/skin color options too.

Take this as a little joke from me:


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What piano, I took a painting lesson (driven by the hope she will pose for me naked :wink: Is there such scenario?)

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I had that already in mind, I just wanted it to appear in a later chapter, but I can put it up right in the beginning :slight_smile:

You have to choose Florence as your music teacher in order to get that scenario.

i found a bug painting it says painting has never been much of a big deal despite me saying that madame Florence was my music teacher. other than that just wanted to say i am loving the story so far
also found a typo
there is a second p in steps

I got it, I was joking.
Now about races I have some more ideas. What about other characters too? Some black maids, brown diplomats with their wives and daughters, Chinese traders (again accompanied by females), a gypsy fortune-teller. Broadening the dating spectre… :wink:

The more you update, the more hooked I become. I’m a little worried about why we are running awawy at the start now. Given the relationship with our family, and the obvious favoritism. I’m so interested in sticking around the palace to see things play out. Maybe even get back at the undeserving favoritism.


I’m on it :smiley:
Thank you - for the heads up and the comment :blush:

Aw, I’m glad to hear that :blush:

The last third of the prologue will reveal that :grin:

Btw: Go tell me about your MCs, show me your MCs! Here or on tumblr idc - I wanna know stuff about them :star_struck:

First Poll on here, because I was just reconsidering the ROs. Currently I have three whose gender would be individually choosable by the player, but consider this: One more RO, but the genders are set (so that we have 2 female and 2 male in the end). I have a hard time deciding, so I thought I’d ask you :slight_smile:
Option a: +1 RO, but set genders
Option b: no changes: three RO with determinable genders

  • Option a
  • Option b

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Interesting game with much potential. I hope that it doesn’t die.


I really like this WiP so far and look forward to the update.

I do have a question about the MC… a question that I don’t think will have any spoilery answer… how old exactly is the MC? I know the WiP says that they are in their early 20s, but I would like to know the exact number please… I know it’s a bit of an odd question to ask, since it doesn’t affect the story at all, but it’s a question that’ll be nagging at the back of my head until it’s answered.

On a similar note, how old is the MCs brother? Or the ROs?

Here’s a question about the ROs; are there going to only be the three ROs mentioned? Or will there be more letter on down the road? I’m just asking because I’m curious…

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Okay, so if you want to know the exact age in my head the MC is 22 years old. But everyone who has another age in mind for their MC is totally correct - it’s your character after all.
Dorian is in his late twenties - 27 to be precise.
L, the guard’s captain, is 26 years old.
A, the Prince/Princess, is 23 years old.
E, the doctor, is 25 years old.

As for your last question, for now, there will be only these three ROs. But who knows, maybe, maybe I’ll add another one or two, but that’s a thing for the future. I want to focus on these people and do my best with them :blush:


Also, on another note: the poll is closed and as option b holds the majority there will be no changes regarding the ROs. No set gender and only the preplanned 3 :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for helping me out :grin: