5 of Swords (WIP)

I love the setting. I’m looking forward to this


Another Demo Update! The prologue is now finished :confetti_ball:
As always: Please let me know if anything is buggy or if there’s a typo. :slight_smile: Oh and I added skin colours: If you want me to add another realistic skin colour do say so. (I really hope I’m not offensive with my depiction. If it’s the case message me ASAP and tell me what I can do better)


Oh, as if this morning could get any better.

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:grin: I’m here to please :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yay! I just found out your work today, and I just finished reading your demo update. I’m really happy to read your work. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you are :blush:

you smile at the captain with a cheekily, your eyes locked.

This is a option that sports while sparring with L, is this supposed to be like that?

Oh! No, it’s supposed to say smile cheekily :confused: I’ll change it, thank you :wink:

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Just a quick heads-up, because no, I’m not dead. Just a bit busy, because I’m moving :confused:
Also I’m currently back in the brainstorming-phase since I wasn’t quite happy with the middle of the story, so I gotta plan that part again…
I have a tiny bit of the first chapter nearly ready, but it still needs a test run before I upload it. Mayhaps tomorrow? I’ll let you know :wink:


Another Update Woo! A small part of chapter one has been uploaded and I fixed some errors :wink: I hope you have fun getting to know RO #2 :smiley:

Now, let’s see how fast I can write further… :confused:


I think the ‘her’ and ‘his’ is a little confused here. I chose ‘Lysander’ instead of ‘Lyssa’ and I think they’re supposed to be a male?

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Hello simsa, here to (hopefully) help you out a bit :wink:

A few small bugs

  1. when playing with an male captain of the guard (I think he was) there is a him/her mistake somewhere in the fight/falling dialoge

  2. no such thing as ‘black’ thoughts, dark thoughts is possible.

Alright onto the main game :wink:
This story has a very interesting concept, I’m all for the middle ages and the story has a good storyline going as far as I can see :slightly_smiling_face:
However if I could give a tip: don’t rush things; the story is good but very fast going. Within a few clicks were on our way to the academy. Our character is an interesting one and so are the other roles.
Expl: you can choose how your relationship is going with some characters, so per say: lets say ‘good’ with king and brother. Make a small ‘look back moment’ when the 3 of you shared a fond memory. Having a character really come to live means knowing the things she/he loves/hates/age/fav food/… there is a whole kindom you can make us explore :wink:

Expl: Don’t rush to the academy, mby first search in the library. mby meet some characters there.
You really don’t need to deliver a new chapter every so often (your chapters are very short how about combining them more and make a new one when something major happens)

I don’t know where this story is going to so its still a bit difficult to give precise expls but all together: give more background, longer chapters (combine what you have) and maybe give the chance to really get to know our romanceble options (more then a spearfight) mby a story when your mc first met him :wink:

But again!!! Great story and I hope to see more soon :wink:. I hope my feedback will help and good luck!


@Rain and @Emmelienxd
First of all thank you for the heads-up about the pronoun mishap - I’ll be fixing that as soon as possible.

Secondly thanks @Emmelienxd for your awesome feedback. Like wow. I’m always trying to improve my writing and this is just a perfect explanation. I’ll try to integrate your suggestions into the story as best as I can :blush:

Now moving on to a much-needed explanation of myself:
I haven’t been active in a while and that’ll probably continue on for some time (shame on me). But know this: the project is not abandoned or something like that. This is my baby - if you want to call it that… :thinking:
The reasons for my absence are my move to another city (which didn’t go as perfectly as I had hoped, but whatever), the flu and the impending start of university. Also: I want to revamp the story as I noticed a huge (like enormous) gap in the middle of it - making it impossible to continue writing as long as I haven’t fixed that mess.
So, what next? I’ll be rethinking stuff, changing bits here and there, taking your thoughts and feedback into consideration and editing the already published chapters.
And until that is done there’ll be no updates of the demo. I hope you’ll understand and thank you again for reading my story. I still can’t believe that there are so many people out there who are interested in what I try to create :grinning: But you are always welcome to ask questions - as minor as they seem to you, I LOVE to answer them.

Sorry again for the confusion! I hope you have a great time :slight_smile:


The best things come to those who wait :stuck_out_tongue:
All the best for uni! Hope you’ll settle in well in your new city :hugs:


Can you make all female characters romanceable, for the sake of playboy princes :wink:

Can you make a progress bar or a changelog as to how far you are in creating the WIP? Because i would really love to know the updates to this WIP :slight_smile: Thanks so much it looks really awesome so far!

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Hm good idea, but… how do I do this? :see_no_evil::grimacing:



September Update:

  • New armor
  • New romances options

August Update:

  • Add Health and Stamina Stats

Choice the option “Hide Details”


You just basically type in an update to the WIP on this forum or up there in the description/start of the forum so people can easily see the progress of the game so far. And i guess i would suggest you do that everytime there’s an added scene to the WIP or maybe a change in something like the stats bar in the game, new character introductions, etc etc


To add on to what has been said, you can also group all the changelogs under one tab.

Something like

Text here
Text here

Will look like this:


Text here


Text here