3 potential sorta-fantasy titles (Interest Check)

I am one of those writers that get ideas for new stuff while nose-deep in another story.
Don’t worry, Curious Cuisine is not being cancelled.
I am just musing about turning some of my fantasy traditional novels in games on the side.
All these games would be set in the same story-verse.
So, tell me what you think:

Murder Most Magical

This is a story I am pretty set on turning into a game, actually.

You play as a recently hired professor at the prestigious university of Heddingsfield.
Just days after your arrival a murder disturbs the peace of these hallowed halls.
Armed with your wits (and maybe a magic wand) you set out to unravel the mystery and prove the guilt or innocence of a student.

No gender- or sexuality locks, potentially more than just human as race.

Heart of Ranree

Playing as the reigning ruler of the country of Kadalogia, as well as an exiled member of the royal family of the neighboring coastal kingdom of Liekland, you follow the unlikely royal duo as they uncover a terrible conspiracy.

No gender- or sexuality-locks, human-locked, potentially allows for romance between both MCs

Beggar's Luck

Playing as the child of the imperial Navy’s most successful pirate hunter, you set out into the tropical Byacona when your father himself face trial on the charge of piracy.
Can you find the truth within the limited time you have? How far will you go to achieve your goals? And what about the sighting of the Beggar’s Luck, long-sank flagship of the long dead king of pirates Alistair Moray?

Again, no gender- or sexuality-locks.


I don’t know about the middle one, but the other two sound pretty banging!!! Love the feeling I get from them. A+ for sure.


Murder Most Magical has a interesting premise. =)


I think Heart of Ranree might be the most interesting and captivating since it’s the most original out of these. The mystical school and pirate adventure themes have been milked like a dairy cow.

On a side note, if none of your games have gender or sexuality locks, why would you feel the need to mention it every single time? It would set up the expectations that maybe one of these do have locks on those things, which is certainly not the case

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Well better mention it thab have people confused


For me, I’m interested in Murder the most, yes magical schools have been done a lot, but rarely as an instructor. All three sound interesting though!


Sound like all of them could turn into interesting games. However, “Heart of Ranree” intrigued me the most :smiley: :two_hearts:

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Heart of Ranree is the most interesting one for me too.

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Personally love the idea of Murder most Magical and Beggar’s Luck xD

Heart of Ranree and Beggar’s Luck sound great Meeps! But I will honestly love any of them,cause it’s from you! :heart:

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These all sound great. I like the premise of each one and the themes that cold potentially arise. Also playing two characters in “Heart of Ranree” is a really interesting idea.

I really like the idea of Beggar’s luck! There are a dearth of pirate games lately. Trying to prove your father’s innocence sounds fun, especially with the added mystery of a “ghost ship”.

Sooo…we will tap into self-cest basically? I guess…some…people are probably into it? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Otherwise, all ideas sound intersting, but I like Murder Most Magical the most, (I hope we can stab somebody with the magic wand too…as self-defense of course!) then Beggar’s luck, because I like pirates and family drama and to be completely honest the romamce between both MCs may weirds me out a bit, so that’s bit of the reason it gets the last place :sweat_smile:


All three of them are amazing! I think the last one could prove successful.

Definitely murder most magical :two_hearts:

I will take one of each!

I’m a sucker for fantasy so I like all three of your ideas, but like (mostly) everyone else I love the first one because it is more fleshed out than others, mystery! and the fact that we can choose MC’s species (meaning different stat boost in the beginning, yay!)

Heart of Ranree because I like medieval stories and playing as a queen/king/consort. Also the idea of dating between my two MCs sound interesting… :slightly_smiling_face:

For those interested:

You had expected to see a lot of signs in the big city. 
'No demon summoning on public transport' was not one of them.

First line for Murder Most Magical.
Meaning the game’s officially in progress.


All of those sound really cool! but I think I like the middle one just smidge more