Does it still count as gender-locked when

I’m currently fiddling with a title I mentioned once upon a time as potentional project:
Heart of Ranree.
Now, just like Beggar’s Luck (the pirate game I’m working on) it’s based on one of the novels I started, all set in the same world.

However originally this story was named
‘The Empress of Ranree’

And now I am playing with the idea of actually gender-locking it… but different.

Would it still be gender-locking if the player can pick between cis woman, trans woman and female presenting?
Should I pursue the idea or drop it?


Id say yes? Because all of those labels still fall under the female indentity. So its still singular.

Id say go for it.


in my opinion, that would still count as gender-locking-- when people have issues with gender locked protagonists, most of the time it’s because they want to play as their own gender, and being able to play as a trans woman still wouldn’t apply to them.

personally, though, i don’t mind gender locking in the slightest, so if you think that would make the story better then go for it!!


Same with two persons above me. It still represent a gender since a cis male or a trans man will not consider these their own gender doesn’t it so it is still considered gender locked.


I think it would probably count as gender-locked… or at least gender-limited. Is that a thing?

I say go for it though. I’d read it.


Thank you people.
Also reminds me to work on Beggar’s Luck a little.

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That would be genderlocking in a way, just to a less limited extent then you’d usually see. As I’ve mentioned, there are numerous excellent CoG’s that are genderlocked so I say go for it.

A more interesting genderlock than usual, to be sure. Go for it, I’d say.

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I’ve seen plenty options for “trans-” in other games, but never “gender-presenting”. What does it mean for MC, and how is it going to be different from the trans option?

Gender-limited sounds much nicer than genderlocked^^


Genderfluid, agender and nonbinary people sometimes have a preference how they present, regardless of pronouns etc

no matter how you turn it you you are still playing as a female but with additional flavour
So id say its still gender locked

It’s still gender-locking, yes, since gender =/= the thing between your legs. Should you go for it? Yeah, if it’s what you want to write, go for it!

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I think we’ve already established it’s gender-locking (or gender-limiting as someone said) but I wanted to say I’ve never seen gender-locking done like that before and it’s still inclusive in its own way, so I think that’s pretty cool. Even though I’m not into gender-locked stuff most of the time, I would be really interested to see it done this way and really open to playing it if you make it.


hmm… yes? cuz trans woman is also female. I’d say yes.

Not exactly locking… I would call it gender-restriction, as it is still missing essential options. Not that there is anything bad about doing it, if you think you history needs this restriction.

How about “genderful”?