100 ways to kill Emma a fan fic ZE wip


@JimD give me permission to do a humor fan fiction cog about ZE.
All the truth about the cathedral is Delvin a secret cannibal? why you found Tobby alone?
but in first place you can be Mara!! You dream will come true!!
Can you kill Emma before her whining make you suicide?
All and more in 100 ways to kill Emma
Let’s poison the forum!!! Ideas and suggestions accepted

Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

Take her down into the catacombs below the cathedral and put her a coffin and nail it shut


Or just kill her with poison


is a game of choices @Draggo you can choose how to kill her and you can die the attributes are:
poison wisdom
bard song
sneaky sneaky
whining stress if reach 50 you suicide
math professor
repo woman


Still lolling at the whining stress = suicide part, I never found Emma that bad


you don’t play 30 playthroughs like me also is really fun to write who don’t want to be Mara


why doesw everyone hate emma? what did she do ?


buuuu Emma


emma the little sis right?


yes the whiny rat


yes a very whiny let’s kill emma hahahha


i don’t think she that annoying well only only played up to the end of part 3 so i don’t know how she acts after that


You wanna love this game @bezment78 and Devlin cannibal


devlin is cannibal yess


thats the reason he is immune in the short game I’m writing


Emma is not that bad… and would JimD even let you make a game bashing his character?


He did ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ it’s stated at the first post.


oh I thought she was asking if she could… but lol maybe he doesn’t like Emma either :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps… Lol


the permission is write in the ZE post