Zombien WIP Beta - Now with chapter 3


Hello, thanks for giving this a look. This is my first choicescript attempt. I think it is going fairly well, but I have been wrong before. If you have 5 minutes please take a look at the beginning. All comments appreciated.

Zombien Alpha

Chapter 3 has now been added for your viewing pleasure. (hopefully) When you provide feedback please be as specific as possible. If you find an error please tell me the error message. If there isn’t one please copy and paste a line so I can find the problem. General comments about this not being finished aren’t very helpful. Things that help me make a little better are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :smile:

Chapter 2 has just been updated with a short ZE crossover. Many thanks to JimD for agreeing to it. It’s rough at the moment, but I promise I will work on the typo’s once I get out of chapter 4 hell. It’s right at the start of Chapter 2 so if you are curious please take a look. If you don’t recognise the characters it means you haven’t yet read zombie exodus. And you shouldn’t still be here you should go and buy it now. Off you go!


Excuse me, dear one, but what is supposed to mean the response you get after choosing ‘Not really sure…’ option? Why did you put the third option of gender if the player is forced to choose between the ‘male’ and ‘female’ ones anyways?


Amusement mainly… I assumed that anyone clicking it couldn’t be entirely serious. Not funny?


inb4 this thread is entirely derailed.


Honestly? It kind of outraged me. I am curious about what other people will say, but considering how badly are treated people who cannot identify themselves as either male or female, how awfully they are discriminated and often hurt, it is not funny at all. In other games, the third gender option seemed to be treated seriously. It is a very delicate subject and should not be treated as a joke by any means.


If you don’t want to include a third option then please, just don’t include it. While I’m sure you weren’t intending to be offensive, some people don’t identify as either male or female. You’ll actually find the number skewed higher in places like these forums since Choice of Games does tend towards inclusiveness.

Transgender and Intersex issues are. separate from those of sexuality, but that doesn’t mean they deserve any less respect. Not everybody identifies their gender by the contents of their pants (as you put it).

I’d say do more than just give it some thought, just remove the joke.


I though writer should give intellect, as a writer has to know all about information since they research a lot. They also have to know about grammar and stuff.


I must admit… when I first wrote it I did have intellect for the writer stat. But as time went on I went back and changed it. Stamina is definitely what I am praying for to get it finished… I will change it back it people prefer though.


Enjoy the humorous voice, e.g. “There is a slight chance the girl behind the counter is moving so slowly because she’s a zombie, but it’s more likely the result of minimum wage and long term depression.”

It’s a fun start. Have you thought about how you want to distinguish it from the other zombie stories out there? What makes yours unique?


It’s actually more of an alien invasion story, with the dead being the aliens weapon of choice. I don’t want to spoil the whole story as it was deliberately started in a similar vein as the other zombie survivals in the hope it would interest people when the plot went off to new ground.


@Pyromanci it’s a cool story…and the alien thing makes it differ from other zombie game.It has potential…but maybe one of the thing to improve it should be more choices…so for example when talking to the neighbor instead of doing the talking automatically you can give a few choices to see how the conversation goes.Anyway the story’s good and it can be something great if you decide to finish it.Good luck to you


You are having a lot of grammar errors.


Sorry I am aware there are probably dozens of typo’s and random brain farts. At the moment I am just trying to get the story completed in some reasonable shape. Once I am done I will work on improving the quality and release as beta.


So is this game meant mostly as humor?


Not really. I decided to include some lighter notes so the overall theme wouldn’t get too dark. While many people enjoy the survival theme it does involve a fair amount of gruesome death, and after chapter two it goes down another level into darkness. So I am trying to balance a little with the humor.


Poor sexy neighbor. :frowning: Well, I always wonder with NPCs you’re unable to save, what would happen if you could save them. heh.

I hope there are more meaningful consequences to your choices in future chapters. I’m not really too keen on the zombie genre, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that most games seem to always follow the same old formula of being mostly helpless. There’re just so many, and I feel mostly helpless often enough IRL, why would I want a game to make me feel the same way? :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I’ve always found interesting is exploring the possibilities of being able to avert typical tropes through your choices, like certain types of characters are always supposed to die in horror movies due to their stupidity or as some leftover vestige of puritanical values… What if you choices can save them? Well, they’d probably be put into another situation later… but it’d be interesting to see a character go from too dumb to live to… something else.


Don’t worry, the nameless one was only really a way to set the scene. With the 8 main NPCs and also many of the minor ones that are added in later the game their lives or deaths will be entirely decided by player choices. With all 8 of the main characters having the potential to live out the entire game, or die at mutliple points. Also romance, and friend/enemy status is possible with all 8 regardless of gender/age. While it isn’t actually possible to collect all 8 in a single play through I am looking at adding achievements for saving as many as possible. Or… saving none. Also I deliberately begin the story with less choices. Assuming that a person would be in shock and more likely to ride along with events. As the game progresses, and you begin to act rather than react to events you’ll find your number of choices increases massively.

Which I thought was an awesome plan… however increasing the level of choices exponentially has taken it’s toll by chapter 5, and I find my headache is increasing at roughly the same level :frowning:


Well, with a plan like that you’ve definitely got my interest for testing and feedback. Just let us know when you make a new update!


In my opinion, your game isnt bad at all.I believe many people just get a little dramatic over the zombie genre (no offense <.<), I do like how you merged aliens with zombies.
And yeah, so far the game looks pretty good.The comedy influenced writing is something I am fond of but I think you overdo it abit (sorry if it seems abit blunt for me to say that :x) But yeah, this is definately in my bookmarked games as I love the survival genre … cant wait for the next Chapter :smile:


Thanks for your positive feedback :smile: I mainly posted in the hopes people would tell me about bugs, but I can probably handle to rarity of someone saying something nice occasionally too. The next chapter is now uploaded so you need wait no longer ;p