Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven—Stories from the Outbreak 2

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Hosted Games has ten new stories for you to read, set in the universe of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven by Jim Datillo.

To celebrate, we’re putting all three installments of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, as well as the first set of stories, on sale until May 9th!

Stories from the Outbreak 2 chronicles events of key characters at various points throughout Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. These ten stories are noninteractive but focus on characters in the game and provide their backstories and events as they struggle to survive. Each short story ranges from 1,300 to 4,600 words for a total of over 29,000 original words of content.

Note: These stories contain spoilers for those players who have not read through Part 1 and Part 2.

  • Follow Brody and Madison on their way to Chipper Ridge High School and then exploring the school.
  • How did the Graves family make it to the train yard on the day of the outbreak?
  • Read how characters such as Bailey, Jaime, Dante, the twins, and Rachel spent Christmas before the outbreak.
  • Take part in a romantic adventure with Rachel.
  • Read daily reports from Otto Goodman, head of the New Army.
  • And more stories including Jillian, Lyle, Woody, Tommy, Lopez, and Nate Milford.

This is a lovely surprise!


Thank you for writing these Jim. Madison is one of my all-time favorites, as you most likely know. :revolving_hearts:


At last. Congratulations on the release @JimD.


Well time to bring out the wallet :joy:


This is good news for one of the major ongoing series at CoG. Congratulations again!


Oh probably I should read that romance adventure soon. I’m really curious.
And Goodman? Oh sure after reading I can better decide if the new Army is on where of the good bad scale.


So when the stories release we buy it from the the app screen like the other one?

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Yes, when all the updates go through, you should see the option to buy these new stories.

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Interesting, stories and perspectives I wouldn’t expect to ever receiving as a reader, will check them out as these add to our beloved characters.

Specially hyped for the Christmas chapter and Madison & Brody survival.

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