Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 2/1/2024, 461,000+ words

Yeah, i agree with you, If Sean’s view on how things should work differ from Jaime, then either they work out a compromise or just ignore each other. Sean was asking for trouble from the beginning for the constant bad-mounting and insults. Not even Reilly is that antagonizing.

Still, i think that all the stresses have really gotten to Jaime, he ain’t the easily triggered type.

Also, would Sean actually make an alcohol still in part 4? And whether if he got whooped by Jaime or not affect it?


He’s probably changing because he knows he can’t play hero all the time and only cares mostly about his friends in the group. So between the stress of survival and protecting the group he is struggling with his emotions


Events that happened on a person’s life could change them for the better or worst.


I just gotta say that I really love this series so far. I haven’t read the demo of part 4 yet but I was just wondering if someone will ever confront the mc about their delusions. I have noticed that people make comments on it sometimes, but they never really walk up to you and say “Hey, you doing alright?” I love the delusions challenge but I just always found it weird that nobody, not even Jaime or your love interest shows extreme concern about it, especially if you’re a teen. (Of course I could’ve missed something but I’m just wondering if this will ever happen)


What does PTSD actually do in playthrough?

I’ve yet to see it so far within the beta for part 4. But I may very well have missed it. However in parts 2-3 when you can get and have PTSD you will have moments where actions such as searching the news van on the highway where it will describe how a loud noise will cause your character to start having essentially a panic attack and then the option to continue to search the van will be gone and you will only be able to scavenge what you have searched for up to that point. Or if you start a shootout with the silverthorn milita in the end of part 2 your character will have a panic attack that renders them useless in the scenario


Will it not be overcome if we have ironclad will? Like short fuse and kleptomania.

Maybe? I’m not exactly sure because to be able to get PTSD in a playthrough you need to have a low mental health score which is more easily done when you have a low willpower score. So I actually have never had the PTSD challenge with a character who had a high willpower. My guess would be that it is possible but I’m not 100% on that.

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From the kitchen came a string of people carrying trays of bread and meets and roasted vegetables

Come, meats

A murmuring of whispers spreads through the group of Southern Ute,
*if hearing_impaired
but you cannot hear their discussions. If you have them point two the east, the canyon.

I don’t think the bolded text should be present.

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Oh, another thing about August; it feels like the reply “Is this your way of flirting with me?” is in itself somewhat flirtatious, and August then admits his attraction to the MC, but as far as the code’s concerned, it’s essentially equivalent to a rejection. Would it make sense to have a second choice to let the player explicitly choose whether they might be interested in romance or not?

Other notes
*elseif mission_august and like_males
    *set august_report true

Should this be teen-specific?

“And to think, I used to love fireworks,” August says as he crouches behind you."

Remove the third speech mark.

${lopez} runs and drops to his knees beside you. He swings hymns carbine from around his back and aims at the center of the smoke. “Can’t see a goddamn thing.”


Rosie holds up her submachine gun and aims high and low. Her face looks pale, eyes blinking rapidly, and she’s breathing fast. Panic.

“Panic” doesn’t really work on its own here.

“${firstname}! Jaime!” Kevin shouts, but his voice trails off.

Would Kevin really call for the MC if they weren’t the leader and had a bad relationship with him? Or would he just call for Jaime?

#"What can we do to make up for the damage?" I ask, hoping to make peace between my group and the Red Mambas.
    *set truth %-15

How does this reduce truth? There’s no indication that you don’t plan on following through on your promises.

As you’re talking to Thelma, you haven’t noticed

This seems an awkward way of phrasing it, given that at that moment we are noticing the character in question.

“Talk for a a few minutes and then I will lead you through the canyon to find the people you seek,” he says.

Only one “a”.

#“Sure, let’s talk to him.” I want to find out this settlement’s security and the supplies they have in case I want to rob them.
Woody’s brow furrows. “We have no reason to rob these people. They want to help us. Just talk to Jimmy before you make any decisions.”

How does Woody know you want to rob them if you didn’t say so?

#“I am Apache.” We are a tribe of nomadic warriors and survivors.
#“I am of the sovereign Cherokee.” My people are honest, courageous, and honorable.
#“I am a member of the Navajos.” My people are hunter-gatherers and farmers.
#“I am Sioux.” My people are warlike, powerful, and aggressive.

These choices feel a little iffy (especially the Sioux one, although having the Navajo choice lower honor also feels pretty bad).

They took your friend hostage @{mission_kevin and tortured him to learn the location of supplies stored in the old continues in the canyon.“|and brought him pass this way. You are searching for him now.”}

“containers” and “past”

Before you decide, please, I must ask you a question. A group came past here not long ago. I extended an offer of aid, but they denied even the courtesy of a greeting. They rode into the canyon. Are these your people?"

This implies that you didn’t already tell Jimmy that you’re tracking a group of kidnappers, but you can have.

If you have them point two the east, the canyon.

I assume this should be “to”, but the entire sentence needs to be fixed.

You hear the word, Wendigo… What does that word mean?

Would the average person not at least know in vague terms what a Wendigo was?

*if (sop = 5) or (ruthless >= 70)
  Are you like these people? Are you broken?"

Would it make sense to have an or threaten_jimmy here?

His thin is translucent and drawn tight. You can see it’s hideous, elongated skeleton and malformed muscles.

“skin” and “its”. Also, you’re generally using “it” for the Wendigo, so presumably that first “His” should be “Its”, too.

I wandered too far and lied down for a rest on the edge of the woods.


I stood and ran all the way back to the trouble hall.

Is this supposed to say “trouble hall”?

"Grandpa, ${he} was just being kind. $!{he} didn’t mean anything by it, Fadey says.

Needs closing speech marks.

People common and make claims that go unmet.


In man around her age walks just behind her. He has short hair with shaves sides

“A” and “shaved”

He has a deep set jaw and a perpetual scowl from what you’ve seen in the few moments of watching the couple.

This seems an odd way to say that “He’s been scowling in the few seconds you’ve seen him.”

He stands against it like his on guard.


*if antibiotics > 0
  *set antibiotics - 1
  *set ute_faction %+(round(empathy/6))
  the only other thing I can try is to give you antibiotics. If you do have an infection, that would help."
*if antibiotics = 0
  I don't have much to offer."

As it is, using your last antibiotics here will get you both sets of text.

“If that means what I think it does, you shoot him in the head.”


He has a plate of uneaten food which she hands up to you.


"Looks like were going to be here all night.


He slides in even closer and wraps his arm around her shoulders.


She was a single lady raising hell lions in the worst neighborhood,

I like the idea of “hell lions”, but I assume that should be “hellions”.

Her last words stuck with me. ‘Promise me you’ll help these people to survive.’

While this fits her Part 3 death (which did have this line), I don’t know if it really works as well for her Part 2 death (where she essentially died off-screen) without a little rewording.

I used to steal it from an order renamed Rosen.

“orderly named”

You think Madison and Brody are still mad at me for trying to kill them back and at high school?"

I assume this should be “at the”.

“You’re forgetting you tried to kill me too. Or did you forget?”

“You’re forgetting… Or did you forget?” is redundant; it only needs to say she forgot once.

Besides, that fight at the school helping ages ago in Apocalypse time."


Something hit your back up high,


The two of you know why on a pile of your clothes on the hard floor.

I guess this is technically gramatically correct, but I’m sure it should be something else.

We are like brother and sister at this point. But I so glad we’re friends.


#“I don’t worry about how other people behave. I try to act honorably no matter the circumstances.”

I love how you can say this if you literally just threatened to murder (sorry, “euthanise”) a teenager to steal food from some of the most friendly people you’ve met in the game, and Monica won’t call you out on it…

I always wanted to try surviving in Antarctica where it gets below zero and stays that way for weeks.

Does he really mean “Antarctica”? Or would “The Arctic” or “Alaska” make more sense here? (For one thing, there’s really not much foraging you could do in Antarctica.)


I wonder why there isn’t a “we rescued Kelly” option in the Part 3 setup. My group went to the Silvers, got her back during the attack, scouted, then booked it with Anders and Monica and Missy. We didn’t attack the Silvers.


The zombies start to attack the camp after u meet them remember. There is a chance to get her out without killing anyone if u have good persuasive skills

That’s what I did. But there’s no option in the setup to say “I rescued Kelly and left the Silverthorne camp without inflicting damage on top of the zombie attack”.

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I’m not sure then. The author will have to look into this

I can add a more firm option. If you tell me exactly what you would like to say, I would be happy to code it or something similar.

Thank you for pointing that out.

Thank you again.

Okay, I see your point now. I can work on that.

I still like the idea that she’s still willing to help. I can see how she may be upset at the betrayal at the museum, but I want to reward people with very high relationships and leadership. Maybe I can have her bring up the fact that she is upset about the museum but still wants to help.

I definitely want to add something to Part 4 where the delusional MC is approached. I’m thinking by the RO or Jaime/Rachel.

I can see that now. I’ll add another option.

Yes, definitely.

because he’s a mind reader :stuck_out_tongue: I will change that.

I didn’t want to make this just a flavor choice. I wanted picking a tribe to change stats. It’s really difficult to do, so maybe I will just get rid of the stats.

These are opposed choices, so lowering honor is really just raising pragmatism.

I don’t think so. I’ll test this on some people I know, but I can’t imagine the average person knows what it means. I could be completely wrong.

Great catch.

I will add that.


When i look at the gun options it’s missing the LAR? Maybe add a option if we meet that girl from part 1 and been nice to her we could have it in our inventory? Also I’ve noticed all the camp fortifications and improvements we made are gone when we begin in part 4, so maybe add the option like the last time if the camp is well defended or not. And shouldn’t our defenses made a difference during the raid like the raiders suffered losses if we’re well prepared and dug in? This is just my opinions though.


It just kinda feels like that’s gamifying people’s cultural identities, which is fine for fictional cultures, but I’d definitely disagree with for any real-world cultures, especially ones with as much of a history of cultural appropriation (and worse) as the Native Americans.

Well, I guess as a child I was a bit of a monster fan, so it’s possible most people wouldn’t have even heard of it… :sweat_smile:


I second @ParrotWatcher on this one. I especially don’t think it’s a good idea to tie it to the “morality” stats. Maybe have other characters comment on it, instead?


If possible will there also be a scenario where its just the MC and RO partner will go on a action-intense mission ?


The mc and ro deserve a adventure on their own definitely without anyone else. It just feels awkward and embarrassing with people around sometimes.