Zombie exodus safe haven help

Is there suppose to be a romance scen with either madison or rachel at your tent at the end of the first day in part 2. I mean i got one when i romanced bailey bit none for madison who said that she will meet me again to have some privacy.

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Rachel isn’t really a RO even if she is presented as that way in Safe Haven. Sure, she’ll flirt with you hardcore but she won’t give you a hug or a kiss if you’re looking for it in Part One or Two haha. Might happen in Part Three though. As for Madison, I’m not sure since I’m pretty much set on Rachel.

Isn’t she that high school girl or the blonde girl that tries to trick you with the man who’s pretending to be blind? I wanna say his name was Lyle but not so sure.

No that’s someone else.

Ah jeez, I’ll have to reinstall it and play it through again. My bad.

Over here it says that i can pick rachek as my main interst though.

Yeah but from what I remember she’s not looking for a relationship at the moment. She’s on a mission to find people that can survive out there in the apocalypse. She might had been CIA or Black Ops from the sounds of it.

But as I said, I’d have to reinstall and play it again to remember for sure.

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You can make out with rachel, but she is not really into you.

I also have a romance problem with Madison, my realtionship with her keeps dropping at randomly throughout the story

Actually Rachel will kiss you in the back of a wrecked car if you go with her to scavenge the wreckage when Rachel, Woody and Jaime leave camp. I played many game plays and had made out with her as a teenager, soldier, hacker and bank robber. Not sure if Rachel is Bi or gay as I play my female self.

On two play throughs as military female commander she was very teary and I think she allowed me to kiss her after I was elected as leader.

I flirted with her in part one and spoke with her when your house is on fire. I had high empathy and I think high persuasion.

Madison in my opinion is a stick up her ass rich best, kept rejecting my sorry ass. Can’t help with you there only managed to get her to flirt with me.

I have managed to romance Jillian, Gina, Bailey, Kelly and Rachel (partly. I think Rachel is using your MC. She admits at the end of part 2 that she brought you and a few others in her group because of your skills and if you have high empathy you can see that Rachel only kisses you because you want it.). I even managed to romance well get it on in a tent with both Gina and Jillian together, fun times.

Anyone know how to get Rachel elected? While I don’t mind Jaime as leader I do prefer Rachel as I found to have more flirty scenes with her.

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How do you find Billy and her brothers I’ve been playing this numerous times I can’t seem to find them