Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion (Part 3 beta coming in December)

Found it. If anyone else is curious there seems to be more than one Ray-related thing, had to do it three times in the first one Ray just didn’t want to spend any time with me, the second we skinny dipped, Jaime walked by and the protag is like “I’m having fun with Ray!” and the third time we got weird in the attic.

Anyone got tips for when you investigate Lancelot? I get the impression there’s some time limitation going on but I’m not sure. If there is I’d appreciate tips on what’s worth ignoring.

Have a major question for Part 1 Chapter 3-4.
How do you romance Woody? I’ve been trying to do another playthrough again since Part 3 came out and still have not been able to. I’m playing a female combat medic with dependent child and dog and have not flirted with anyone else. It always seems fine until I get to the school. The only guide I found says “When ging to the school, do not Go past Driver, but search for another way in. When he is shocked about the dead kids hug him.” But I did search for another way in and the option never shows up. Is it because Dependent is with me or am I just not reading it right?

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I had him as an RO (playing with a male MC) without having to chose those options at the school.

I asked him all the questions about himself, my dog was trained, the house defenses were solid, and I chose to go after the neighbors that tried to break in.

Ist might be the nephew, I never took him with me to the school. Have you played past the school part, you know that you did everything right when Woody asks you to drive with you in your car, when you leave your house after the school part. Before that you do not see, If Woody wants to romance you.
But it should also be possible to trigger the romance later at the first Camp.

I don’t think it’s the nephew; it looks like the only thing that would prevent that scene is if you use your laptop to hack your way in. (Or if you’re a teenager, but then you can’t romance Woody anyway.)

That said, if you can’t find it, it won’t prevent romance. It’s not even actually a romance option, just a larger-than-usual boost to his relationship score. The important thing is saying “Not yet, but maybe I just met him,” in the earlier conversation (and even missing that won’t stop you romancing him later, it’s just the earliest place to start it for a female MC).


In Part 2 do you need the hacking skill to scare Jude off from the Grocery Store? Because it seems the only way is to use the laptop and threaten him. A popular guide says you only need social skill and a powered laptop but I am not willing to do another playthrough just to see that I’m wrong. Because at this point I think it is more worth it just killing Jude than trading or leaving him so he can show up in Part 3. Is there a way to scare him off without hacking skill or laptop?

guys i need help, what should i do with benton?, i caught it at the end of part 2. and now this mf is very annoying at the beginning of part 3

I tortured him for information, turned him into a zombie, sicked him on the Silverthornes, and wiped out their leadership

Damn…So this character is an absolute villain that can’t be changed? If so then i will torture him(i like that idea💀)

I didn’t pick those options specifically because I hated him, although that was a bonus, it was mostly because I saw torture as the most efficient solution and turning him into a zombie to get at the camp seemed like a good way to cause chaos there

ohh thanks, I’ll take note of that

Besides keith had it coming

God I was so relieved when I found that out in the game. Cannibalism in a zombie game, especially this fast, is so tired.


@JimD I came across a bug in my most recent run. Back at the end of Part 1, I offered for Tommy to join my group but he refused. Now in Part 3, I met him at the Silverthorne camp and he asked me why I didn’t invite him to join his group; but I had. There wasn’t an option to correct him either, only explain my reasoning for not inviting.

And I see now someone already reported that issue and then some.


I know it’s probably late to suggest this, but I think it’d be more convenient if the current skill levels of our groupmates are displayed in the Character Reference tab. I mean, there is already a place dedicated to a brief summary of the characters, so why can’t we also see things like their age, their hobbies, their skill levels, etc? It would be nice if this idea gets a place in your “eh maybe I’d would do it some day, maybe not” list. The stat page is totally fine as it is now and I’m totally ok if nothing changes so please don’t stress yourself out, @JimD

@JimD Still running across a couple leftover big issues in Part 3. Frist one is, if you shoot the guard at the lab with a crossbow, the following passage states you nail him in the head with a bullet. Secondly, reinforcing the defenses of the junkyard is always met with a vague paragraph that never states if you complete the task or not. The stats of the junkyard never seem to change, either. Thirdly, Jaime is my leader, I’m playing as a Teenager, and he never assigns people to the watchtowers even though I built two, which the task assignment page even acknowledges. These are a little frustrating as I try to prepare a full save for Part 4.

Excuse me, what is needed to trade with Jude?

Finally I can be omniracial!


Speaking to him alone and torturing him is satisfying.

How do you get your nephew killed on the hilltop without straight out murdering him?