Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips

I don’t have that is it okay to follow the list?

If you can’t, just have 4 people on Watch Duty. Otherwise, there will be some negative consequences.

I recommend taking 2 more people from Fishing so that you can have 4 people on Watch Duty.

Preferably, I’d pick Kelly and Church on Watch Duty.

Low key driving me insane cuz I know I’ve done this before and had it work BUT anyone know what upgrades to give your house so you don’t come back from your first scouting mission with a zombie in your house?

ATM the cycle is like this: Day 1 I fortify and give at least one upgrade. Either secure perimeter or steel on stuff, security at 5. Morning of Day 2 zombie tried to get in, failed. Fix damage. Security is at 3, not at 5. Leave to get the generator. Return, zombie! Can’t fix house, security is at 0 and damage at 3. Have no option to fix damage.

Crafting is at 4 so I don’t think it’s inadequate. I’ve restarted 3 times cuz it’s driving me up the wall. Thinking about not doing anything wrt the house till day 2 and after scouting but I’m worried that the damage will then somehow prevent me from upgrades.

Focus on fortifying for the first four days then go get supplies

I’ve been trying to do a playthrough of ZESH again since Part 3 came out but I keep running into the same problem. I’m female trying to romance Woody but when ever I get to the school and have the options to distract Driver, find another way in, or take to Driver no matter which option I pick the part where he is shocked about the dead kids and you hug him doesn’t show up at all. Is it because the Dependent is there with me? I haven’t flirted with anyone else and the only guide I found about it says “When ging to the school, do not Go past Driver, but search for another way in. When he is shocked about the dead kids hug him.” But I did that option too. I’m I just not reading it right?

Is there a way to make my dog carry stuff like Billie’s? It would be so cool and add more inventory space scavenge more stuff.

(I do the same with my dogs in real life. They carry their treats and water bowl)

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Uhh guys… can this game have a three…so- relationship?

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Does anyone know why Leader Jaime wouldnt let me start an Infirmary until the last task period? We had the gate fixed and that was it.

On the first I tried the infirmary, he said no.

On the second I tried to secure perimeter, he said no.

On the third I tried infirmary he said yes.

I have everyone I know of except for Jillian and Dante. We have plenty of food and water and I have been admittedly lazy on power. Jamie keeps saying we don’t have a need for it yet my health is getting too low for comfort.

I was doing a run as a movie star with high persuasion and Leadership and at the hilltop I had a three-way with Jillian and Gina. If you want I can find the relationship levels from that save.

I didn’t continue that game as that’s not my cup of tea but I wanted to try the attempt I was doing just before.

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Sure, I really appreciate it

It only appears when you do not have a dependent child

So, is there any actual difference between the different pets? or does it just change the text?

As far as I can tell, most of the differences are just flavour text. The only major differences I spotted are that cats and chihuahuas eat less food than the others and are easier to carry, but a larger dog provides small boosts to combat (it’s about as good at fighting as Parker is).