Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips

At this point he always dies, even if Dante is not present. I can add an Athletics check at some point.


Part 2

Ok, apparently the variables in Part 2 were changed since last I played. I used to be able to save everyone by helping Nora, saving Tommy, and putting in a rope, but now that gets people killed, including my husky.

Anyone got any tips?

Just focus on killing the zombies and saving Tommy. That’s what I always do, and they all live.:sweat_smile: I’m just not sure what its effect on relationship stats, etc.:thinking:

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Anyone know how to relocate settlement to the science lab?

You can’t?

I noticed this stuff while replaying part 3 with Kevin and Madison brief moments in dialogue during my RO with Madison or even without RO MC and it seems they get along pretty well espcially during the Biker gang encounter and Train yard trip where you have options to be jealous when they are laughing and talking together and also on non-RO MC during Prom night at the junkyard choosing to observe the dance floor sees Madison and Kevin dancing together quoting “Kevin’s smile never fades” could this possibly hinting another NPC RO like Brody and Bailey, Tommy and Lopez or Jaime. In the future of Part 4?

I hope we can see Murphy again. I kinda like the guy, he’s weird but understandable.