Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips

Question? Can I kill Sifer in Part 1? If so, do I get anything from killing her?

You can kill her by shooting her or throwing her in or weapon depending on your stats . It’s in one of three neighborhood houses (second one). If I remember correctly u don’t get anything by killing her but could be wrong there

So, I’m not sure if this counts as necro’ing, but I had a question. I’m trying to romance Rachel, and wanted to make sure I hit all the steps by the end of Part 2. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Flirt when she comes to the house in Part 1
  • Kiss before the battle at the start of P2
  • Start to make out in the car when scavenging with her, stopped because I noticed she wasn’t interested
  • Learned she’s keeping Puddles
  • She dropped by my tent before watch, told her she needed some sleep too, tried to kiss her, said “it’s ok” or “I understand” or whatever the option was along those lines

Aaaaand I think that’s all I got until the end of P2, when she tells everyone she’s MI5/CIA while moaning about not being an all-knowing entity that would somehow be aware of every member of every crazy-ass faction out there.

Are there any more romance scenes with her until the end of P2? If so, where/when/how? Thanks!

Hello, I’m in need of help, I’ve been playing zombie exodus over and over again trying to get the harem and no matter what gender I am and who I bring with me it just won’t unlock. Does anyone have any tip for me? Do I need to bring toby if I bring male characters? I’ve really tried about everything except maybe toby so i’d appreciate any help, thank you. ^^

Maybe this will help:

Thank you but I saw that post and already tried every combination possible, I did get the reverse harem achievement by doing the opposite of what it asked but the regular harem one just won’t unlock no matter what I do. Do you have any other idea? Thanks again. ^^

Edit: I got it, to get it I had to be a female and bring all males survivor as well as emma, toby does not count as a survivor either. Thank you for sending that post after reading it again I figured it out. Achievement is still misleading tho.Thanks for the help. ^^

Glad you managed! :slight_smile:

Hello, I have another question about safe haven this time, when I select to start from part 2 I can pick from premade characters, for some reason 2 of them are locked? It says that one is a 50 point version and another requires 75 points and 20 attribute points, thing is I have all that, I have every dlcs as well as every achievement if that does anything. Anyone know why they are locked out?

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At the start of the game, did you load a save from the original Zombie Exodus? That doesn’t actually set any variables for Safe Haven (that I can tell), as the games don’t seem to be connected in any way other than being set in the same universe, but it does give you an extra… 20 points, IIRC.

Oh no I know that, I already got my 20 points from a previous save. My problem is when you go to start from part 2 you have an option to select premade characters. Thing is is that some of them are locked even though I already have everything so i’m wondering if it’s just a bug or something. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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I just tested it, and have the same thing. I bought the packs available on Steam (which is where I play) and have a ZE save loaded, so apparently I’m missing the same thing as you? Not gonna lie, though, I found the in-game add-on thing confusing, because they don’t have the same names as the Steam DLCs, nor do they say “you already own this” in-game, so I don’t know if there’s stuff I don’t have, if I have it and it’s not activated for some reason, or what.

I thought maybe I had to disable a dlc that gave me too many points or something but to be honest I think it’s just bugged, not sure if we can unlock them at all.

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