Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips


Just learned from Jim’s Twitter that 2.2 is planed to be released in “early” 2019. Just writing so that some of you might be updated. I assume that means about within the first two months.

Jim, if you’re reading, please allow us more moments to select which of our two equipped weapons to use when fighting. I haven’t played in a while but I remember my frustration when I had to use my loud primary gun instead of my secondary knife. I don’t remember when or ever having a real problem with it (because nothing was compromised), but I remember also fearing that it might be a considerable issue in a future chapter. i guess there needs not to be more selections if you’ve got it down, but at least assure us our stealth or whatever concern we have is safe!


That was a good point. But Rachel can do all that and defend the group. I mean she only has 3 skills driving2, Empathy 3 if you train it says she not good at it, persuasion 5. If I need Something done that riggers spy stuff I’m sending in a real spy not some who’s scared of someone yelling at her. if things go south and shit goes down Rachel is over gulfied. Maybe Jillian as back up but not alone. Favorite Characters 1 Rachel my RO smart, clever, cute, contributes beyond call of duty she needs to stop so hard her self if a actor played her I would say Emma Waston. 2 Lopez Everyone talks about Tommy and Brody man they ain’t got nothing Lopez In Real life If I was a girl or gay Lopez Would be my husband for everyone the he’s mine not yours he tuff, funny Latin I love Latin people he’s mine here that. 3 Jillian just kidding Darius I honestly don’t why.4 Sarge Jacob I really hope we see him in Part 3 him and Darius they were so instering to me.5 Nephew Jillian yelled at my Nephew I almost kicked her out boy the only reason why he’s not number 1 is because he needs to grow up and needs more training I can’t wait to see grow up I want a time skip just for him Noah Jupe Only bad thing is he’s 13 and has no Glasses. 6 Brody Navie Strong Stupid Funny Tom2.0 Actor Ross Lynch 7 Keith I was kinnda sad two here about the silver thrones not being the main viliian in part 3 they had such a big introduction I’ll say Chirs Evans if can become Evil. 9 Dillian for some reason I like people who are asshole this was fucking evil killing kids taking avantge of menetly weak for me Tom Hardy is perfect for him. 10 Benoimet I act like him the most I don’t do the stuff he be doing but If I get lost in my thoughts sometimes I stare at people and it gets them scared even though I’m not looking at them. I love everyone accept Jillian. Sorry for this long Porgaha I Would just say it all once


I believe in Part 2, you are always given the choice. Eventually, I hope to go back and fix Part 1.


How old are the teammates,especially Jillian :sweat_smile:?Is their age fixed or determined by MC’s?


I love the game and always do 1-2 play-throughs according to how I feel and understand when it’s fresh, then I like to rationalize and perfect my choices, and having to replay 1000 times and read and re-read the code is A LOT OF WORK.

Does anyone have any guides on the key decisions or romances?

What about the a guide on the stats and their possible bonuses such as intelligence with its effects and increase in skill points during learning periods? What is the bare minimum Intelligence needed for skill point increase optimization?

Chosen profession guide? Story perks and weaknesses?

Challenges guide? How to best overcome each challenge and if they are OVERALL worth it for the added points? For example, Hallucinations, added points, needed willpower stat to overcome them, worth it?

Hobby guide? Which ones add stats, and what the added benefits/effects are?

What about a weapons and inventory guide including the effects of cloths?

Last question for now, I love playing as a College Student, but I read that in part 2 there is a penalty for people not taking you seriously. What is that penalty, and what is the exact amount of persuasion/leadership/intimidate needed to surpass it and still lead successfully as a College Student MC?

I am currently trying to map out and maybe build a guide on making a College MC, Nephew, Dog, and considering challenges for the added points. I like to customize my stats to focus on intelligence, leadership, persuasion, ranged fighting, and decent willpower/agility (by using my hobbys to add 10 to what I need). I usually also like craft and build, and be at least adept at electronics and medicine/first aid/science. I start in the city, fortify and gather supplies, help Fred and Lopez, question the bad guys and kill one, then I change into Military Fatigues after meeting Lopez and people seem to take me seriously after that but I am not sure. I believe I want to save all the possible Survivors with good to great relationships while focusing on Romancing Rachel. Not sure what future options are but I have always favored a building a just, secure and flourishing community.

I would also consider Police Officer, Military, or some public speaking/fame figure in that order of preference.



I have a few guides that I’ve yet to post on my website. Once Part 2-2 is out, I will add them.


Can the search bar function in this forum find specific posts on mobile? I’m trying to find how to not get voted/nominated as leader (is it possible without out right saying no? and what is the best team to assemble during the zombies in the highway and field horde


I think you get nominated no matter what, you just have to say no. (even a teenager MC gets nominated even tho they can’t win the vote bc most people think they are too young to be the leader)
As for the teams I think all that matters is to have nearly equal number of people with ranged weapons in both teams. Also there will be survivors who will complain if they aren’t put in the same team Nora-Reilly, Kelly-Parker, Madison-Brody… Those are the ones I can think of quickly. And it’s best if you put either Jaime or Rachel in the opposite team you planning on joining since the other team neads a leader type character too.


I think the best team assemble is let them decide on their own , at such you won’t have to worry about losing relationship stat with anyone and the auto assemble team always won with the best effect :slight_smile:

And letting Rosie use the heavy machine gun is an added flavour


Teen MC can win. They just need high charisma stats. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think there are some people (like Reilly) who won’t vote for them no matter what, but there are enough who might, given good relationships and a good speech.

I don’t know if it’s the best, but it’s certainly good enough if you have everyone. I think you have to have a high-combat MC and choose the highway team, though. :thinking:


I had tried to be in both team and both of them gave equal satisfying result :-):stuck_out_tongue: However , perhaps you are right on the high-combat MC because my firearms skill is always optimum :-):grin:

Yeah… my Teen MC always win , and in a playthrough he almost got all the votes :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I forget whether it is possible to get all the votes , but there was one time i got everyone’s relationship stat above 50 and even Kelly voted for me, i think … :-):thinking:


Thank you so much for the help guys! I’m definitely going to do a play through where I’m not the leader! :joy:


Yeah, Reilly has a problem with both Teenager and College Student being leaders of the group due to their youth (probably has a bigger problem with Teen due to them being even younger than the College Student).

That said, my Teenager’s Charisma has been in the 40 and 45 (slightly below average), but they’ve been able to win the votes for being the leader themselves (maybe because they still have a good level of Persuasion and Leadership despite it. Or because they have a strong Empathy as well and have been getting along with a good deal of people in the group already).


Does anyone know what time Jaime calls you to rescue you at the school on day 3? For the life of me I can’t find it in the code…

I am 99% done my perfect play through guide and I am trying to map out the best decisions for that morning. Thanks!


It actually doesn’t have a set time, he calls whenever you’ve done 10 events. The events include really minor things like changing clothes or having a snack, so you might want to do those on day 2 instead and only do important tasks on day 3.

Rachel and Woody’s introductions also count as events, and so does Jaime calling to ask what supplies you want. Going after the Makarovs, and Woody coming back from the Makarovs if you didn’t go counts too. So I think you only get 5-6 choices about what to do on day 3.




I just asked @JimD to review the Walk-through/Guide I made for Part 1 and approve it for distribution. Will keep informed! If approved of, I will post. If people like it and want more of it, I’ll do Part 2.

Edit: Permission granted, tweaking some things for Part 2.


So in the code for Part 2 it shows Rachel’s true stats for training (if she reveals herself to you) and her pretend stats (if she has not). Has anyone gotten her to reveal herself? What did you have to do exactly and when?


I don’t believe it’s possible for her to train you after revealing herself yet. I assume the code’s there for future use, so Jim doesn’t have to write the code again if you want her to train you in later parts, when you know her real skills.


Part 1 Perfect College Student Guide:
I CHALLENGE YOU to find a flaw (minus Romance guidance/early melee and early cooking effects)!

If you like the guide, please like it, I will make another for part 2.2. Part 2.1 guide almost complete. Also, I do not believe I have any direct spoilers listed the way I guide you, just keywords to show which choices. Part 1 was hard to figure out compared to 2 because in 2 the groundwork is already set. This guide will be subject to change as additional parts come out, but I doubt it will change stat wise, just what I scavenge/buy.

Below are google docs/sheets and I’ve allowed editing. I have backups saved in case anyone tries to troll. Please feel free to IMPROVE these as you see fit, but in keeping with the intent of the guide. For example, if you know how to reduce the stress effectively before a specimen collection without changing the tasks for the day, or if you want to improve the organization and layout. As new items or characters come out please feel free to add on their info!

The excel sheet that has the calculations for Attributes/Skills, Stealing stats, a listing of each characters stats and a specimens collection calculator. If you have questions, or just want to tell me you LOVE IT, pm me!


Here is my guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VHrRC7SuPmkBIuaad8oZ4CPcjpYK15zUbF8j-e6iUuc

Here is my excel sheet with attribute/skill/stealing/specimen calculators and character stats:

Code Index:
Replace startup with the chapter or section keywords. Search for the decision or stat check/effects you desire