Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips


Just learned from Jim’s Twitter that 2.2 is planed to be released in “early” 2019. Just writing so that some of you might be updated. I assume that means about within the first two months.

Jim, if you’re reading, please allow us more moments to select which of our two equipped weapons to use when fighting. I haven’t played in a while but I remember my frustration when I had to use my loud primary gun instead of my secondary knife. I don’t remember when or ever having a real problem with it (because nothing was compromised), but I remember also fearing that it might be a considerable issue in a future chapter. i guess there needs not to be more selections if you’ve got it down, but at least assure us our stealth or whatever concern we have is safe!


That was a good point. But Rachel can do all that and defend the group. I mean she only has 3 skills driving2, Empathy 3 if you train it says she not good at it, persuasion 5. If I need Something done that riggers spy stuff I’m sending in a real spy not some who’s scared of someone yelling at her. if things go south and shit goes down Rachel is over gulfied. Maybe Jillian as back up but not alone. Favorite Characters 1 Rachel my RO smart, clever, cute, contributes beyond call of duty she needs to stop so hard her self if a actor played her I would say Emma Waston. 2 Lopez Everyone talks about Tommy and Brody man they ain’t got nothing Lopez In Real life If I was a girl or gay Lopez Would be my husband for everyone the he’s mine not yours he tuff, funny Latin I love Latin people he’s mine here that. 3 Jillian just kidding Darius I honestly don’t why.4 Sarge Jacob I really hope we see him in Part 3 him and Darius they were so instering to me.5 Nephew Jillian yelled at my Nephew I almost kicked her out boy the only reason why he’s not number 1 is because he needs to grow up and needs more training I can’t wait to see grow up I want a time skip just for him Noah Jupe Only bad thing is he’s 13 and has no Glasses. 6 Brody Navie Strong Stupid Funny Tom2.0 Actor Ross Lynch 7 Keith I was kinnda sad two here about the silver thrones not being the main viliian in part 3 they had such a big introduction I’ll say Chirs Evans if can become Evil. 9 Dillian for some reason I like people who are asshole this was fucking evil killing kids taking avantge of menetly weak for me Tom Hardy is perfect for him. 10 Benoimet I act like him the most I don’t do the stuff he be doing but If I get lost in my thoughts sometimes I stare at people and it gets them scared even though I’m not looking at them. I love everyone accept Jillian. Sorry for this long Porgaha I Would just say it all once


I believe in Part 2, you are always given the choice. Eventually, I hope to go back and fix Part 1.


How old are the teammates,especially Jillian :sweat_smile:?Is their age fixed or determined by MC’s?