Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips


I think the exact set of choices you need are:

  1. Tell Rachel to take some fighters into the woods. This isn’t necessary to kill everyone, but it’s likely someone will die without it.
  2. Attack first.
  3. Shoot Natalie.
  4. Search for Benton. This needs 70 search skill, or 50 if you have built a sky nest.
  5. Shoot Benton. Essentially your ranged weapons skill plus your weapon’s mod value has to be greater or equal to 120. The mod values for weapons can be seen on the stat page. Suppressor increase mod value by 5, scopes increase it by 10. You specifically need to shoot him at range, attacking him up close is easier but won’t kill Wyatt. It’s impossible to kill Benton without at least 80 ranged skill.
  6. Wyatt should be killed while trying to shoot you.
  7. Keith should leave at this point. He’ll call out to his group even if they’re dead.


Thank you! The part I was missing was that in Step 5, I climbed down from the Sky Nest and used my stealth to get close and shoot Benton.


Does anyone now how to get the HK47


Do you mean the AK47? If so, I don’t think it’s actually obtainable in the game yet. The nearest thing would be the Arsenal AK, a semiautomatic version of the AK47, which you can get by climbing the fire escape in the abandoned house on day 2.


Sorry Missed spell I mentioned Hk416 but you can get the ak 47 If you ask Jamie to bring you guys you get pick


Yeah, you’re right about the AK47, I think I never asked Jaime for guns so I never saw it.

I looked through the code for the HK416, and I think the only person who has it is Benton during the Silverthorne encounter. I think you can get it from him by sneaking up and subduing/killing him, but not by killing him from far away.


Does anyone know how to save Jillian and Lyle? It would really help. :’(


Sure buddy , Jilian is one of my favourite RO :slight_smile:

i think the easiest way is to boast both empathy and persuasion … the next day, assuming Jilian and lyles are still in your house, follow them quietly , you don’t have to follow them too close, then when the bandits arrive… don’t shoot them, just come out and talk to them … convince them you have a military group with you… they will leave peacefully, lyles will travel on his own and Jilian will follow you home


Thanks. But one more thing though, what do they mean by saving Lopez at the beginning of the game? And how do I do that?


Basically run out to help him out. I only played as a soldier so I usually asked questions, found them suspicious and then shot one of them dead. They will always take Lopez with them but if you do what I did then he’ll show up again.


Dont worry even if you allow the soldiers to take Lopez, he will show up again at the end of Book 1, stating he escape from them… but since i give him water earlier, our relationship is closer


Another question: When do we get to set up those SurvNet Servers? Is it possible to set one up in part 1?


You can set up two right now, one in Part 1, the other in 2. For Part 1, you need to gather all the supplies for a server and build it before you go to the school. If you have a server, you’ll automatically install it.

For Part 2, you need to scout the area around your camp. You’ll find a news van nearby, go to it, look for it’s power source, and you’ll be able to make and install a server without using any materials.


There need to certain requirement of skill stats right?? :slight_smile:


For the first one, you need 70 electronics to actually build it, but nothing to install it, plus maybe some scavenging skill so you can get the components.

For the second, 50 science skill or 55 electronics will let you do it slightly faster, as well as let you scavenge a solar panel if you decide not to install the server or don’t know about SurvNet. Other than that, it doesn’t take any skills, since the news van has everything you need.

I hope that helped!


Same…my team is useless. They can’t even kill wyatt while I kill two people alone.


Ohh… I also climb down from sky nest and kill him up close instead of shooting him from afar.


Yeah, if you take out Benton up close then it skips the part where Wyatt dies. Killing him any other way than the really difficult shot means Wyatt gets away. On the plus side, you can capture him if you get up close.


I have a question why everyone like jillan. Don’t say because she hot. I"LL tell you why I don’t like he

She is ungrateful, when you don’t give her food or give her a small amount of food she starts crying about not getting enough food. Also she starts to distances her self from the group[spoiler]This text will
[/details] when you have a dog and train it she says I thought I thought only one person here acapets me. You have littarely said to anyone but doing this. She also does nothing to help the group she is worse the Kelly at fighting . Kelly has leaval two close combat same baily. Let’s compare her to kelly. I actually like Kelly she wants to help the group and change while Jillian is over crying about Lyle damn we’ve all lost my newphew is stonger than you I see lots off pontieal in that young man. When part 3 comes I going to be like stop being antisocial. She is definitely self centered and thinks the world revolves around her. It doesn’t it revolves around my Mc. Sorry If my grammar insent the best was not good at it in school


I don’t really like Jillian. Though there is some challenge in managing her which adds some interest to the game. I suspect she may become more useful in the future, as we interact with other groups, for her Persuasion. Imagine if we decide to trick Keith’s group and pretend to join, then attack them from within. She could convince them she’s harmless and extract a lot of information from them - provided she’s loyal, which is why it could be good to keep a high relationship score with her.

My PC wouldn’t know this, but out of game, I suspect Lyle will be back later and his daughter the military leader will be an important contact for us. Keeping Jillian alive could be helpful for getting them as allies.

So, basically I’m using her just like she is using me.