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In what ways do you guys set up your attributes? I think I’m liking everything at 50 except 60 for strength, agility, and intelligence (reading gets intelligence up there) but I’m not sure. I’m trying to find the best balance to keep everything at a clean number and become adept or advanced in almost every skill, so that’s why I picked those numbers. Why do you guys pick what you do?

I was trying to do something where the points were about 63, 48, 49, 39, 49, 80, 48, and 49 respectively but then I was worried that I’d fail attribute checks when I learned about them (such as having 50 willpower to not sleep in). Jim, if you’re reading this, what is the point of increments of 1 for attributes when they might make someone unknowingly miss a check by a point?

Edit: and what is the modified skill value for? It’s always at 10% and it ruins the look of the bar. Is it supposed to make up the bar value?


Yeah sounds like she is a mega hacker.


I like 40 for low attributes and 60 for my high ones (which vary depending on character). Haven’t checked in a while, but I don’t think 50 is enough for many stat checks. Plus, 40s and 60s break-down your skill points into multiple of 5, which decreases the likelihood you’ll fail a check by 1 or 2 points, since checks tend to come in multiples of 5 as well.

I think the 10% stuff is for clothes, and how they’re affecting your stats. Not sure, though.


The modified skill value is only used in Part 2, which is why it’s very ugly in Part 1. The modified stats aren’t set until Part 2, so they’re stuck at the base 10%. Ignore them in Part 1, just look at the base skills.

In Part 2, your clothing, items, profession, and whether you’re unarmed, armed with a melee weapon, or armed with a ranged weapon all affect your stats. Guns are intimidating and inspiring for example, as are military uniforms. Movie stars and Professional wrestlers are better at some social skills as well, due to their fame. In contrast, college students and especially teenagers receive significant social penalties, as survivors don’t take them seriously.

Edit: As for the attributes I usually pick, I like to keep willpower, intelligence, and strength high, around 60 - 80, with charisma and perception decent, and the rest middling to low. Willpower keeps my delusional survivor pretty much sane, and able to ignore most of her hallucinations. Intelligence gives you more skill points every time you gain skill points, and strength let’s you carry more items when scavenging, though having a backpack and duffel bag helps.


Cool stuff, guys. I think I’ll experiment with having low and high attributes now. I’ve been trying to keep gardening as a hobby for what future bonus it might give me (although it seems to be currently unhelpful, lol) but I want to trade that.

Does reading do anything helpful other than +10 intelligence? I’ve been picking it all along because I’ve thought it might be important since it says it increases learning retention but I don’t know if that’s a thing in the game. I guess it doesn’t matter since I can just decrease intelligence to include it and I don’t have anything else I’d like for my OP MC.


Not sure what you’re talking about, haha.


I don’t think so? I think the hobbies mainly give you +10 in whatever attribute. Other than that, it’s just nice flavor text that customizes how your character loses stress. I imagine the learning retention bit is referring to the extra skill points that intelligence gives.

Maybe it’ll matter in Part 3. I imagine a video gaming hobby is harder to keep up than a reading hobby during the apocalypse.


That all makes sense. Thanks again! I should really buy it on Steam soon, lol.


Assuming a late bedtime lowers attributes, do you know what I need to not lose attributes? I read somewhere that stamina and willpower both affect how late a player can begin sleep. Does anything else matter and/or is what I heard false, do you know?


I don’t believe that’s correct. Going to sleep very late doesn’t affect attributes, it just makes it so that your character doesn’t lose any fatigue through sleeping. Sleeping before 10:00 is best for fatigue, sleeping before midnight is okay, and sleeping after midnight is worthless.

The only time willpower affects sleeping is in Part 2, where I think the player character has been awake for over a day, which is why they need extraordinary willpower to stay awake. Past that, during Part 1, the player can always stay up until 2:00 a.m. You can stay up far past that if you’re doing a task, though it has to be only one task. As soon as you’re done with that, you’re forced to sleep.

If you’re losing attributes, a could be a few things. Some challenges reduce your attributes, like alcohol addiction reduces your stamina and agility by 5. Similarly, nicotine addicts have their stamina reduced by 10, due to the effects of smoking. Visual impairment reduces your perception by 5, as your vision is still flawed even with glasses. If you don’t have glasses, the penalty is increased by 15 points, as your character struggles to see clearly.

Other than that, I think the only thing reducing attributes is if you make a teenage survivor. They have -5 to all attributes.


Hmm okay. I wonder why I lost 15 attribute points on the third day and gained them back when I finally slept after the hill fight? If anyone knows why then please reply. No challenges, just 5 less points in intelligence, willpower, and perception—the bottom 3.


Oh, I see what I missed now, I was wrong earlier. Stress and fatigue do affect stats, though staying up late does not by itself.

Having stress above 80 reduces your Intelligence, Willpower, and Perception. Having it above 90 reduces it further. It stays reduced until you have less than 50 stress.

Having fatigue above 80 reduces Strength, Dexterity, Agility, and Stamina. Again, having it above 90 worsens it, and it persists until fatigue is below 50. It looks like these are only calculated whenever your character wakes up, so if you start day 3 with high stress, your mental attributes are lowered until after watch duty in Part 2.


Makes sense. Very helpful again, thanks.


Is there a way to avoid the fire at tge end of part 1


Not really, that always happens. The cause can vary based on where you are but it’s always outside of your control.


Does anyone know how much stuff is lost in the fire. Is it random or a set portion of it


Is there anything other than scavenging that affects how much gear i can take


To my knowledge, nothing is lost in the fire except whatever defenses you built. If you set up a generator to power the house, you also get that back.

As for scavenging, the scavenging skill doesn’t change how many items you can take, it just makes more items available. If you want to increase how many items you can take, then having a backpack lets you take 2 more items. Having a duffel bag lets you take 3 more items, and this is cumulative with the backpack bonus. In addition, every 12 points of strength gives you 1 more item to take.

You can always get a backpack by gathering your supplies, and a good way to get a duffel bag early is to start in the city, and help your neighbor, Fred. He’ll give you some gear in return, including a duffel bag. Police officers can also get a duffel bag by asking their Sergeant for supplies.


Where can I read part 3?


Part 2.2, 3, and more are in the making. Jim Dattilo, the author, is doing all of this in his spare time. They’ll be in the app when they’re ready.

There is a patreon page set up for Jim and I’m pretty sure you can gain access to early-release parts for testing and suggestions by supporting him there. https://www.patreon.com/jimdattilo