Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips


@Bracks thanks for posting this. I thought this was fixed in the last update but I’m guessing a file did not get loaded. I’ll resubm a fix soon.


Me, a poor simple lesbian, whenever the game mentions a literally any female character: SKSKSKSNKSKSJDJDJJSJS


I’m too gay to function


I’m CRYING I was just trying to be nice and take in everyone but Jillian and Madison are both so MAD that I took in Rosie and Driver and now Madison HATES ME


Question to Jim are we gonna get a drug dealer prologue


Or a warlord prologue would be cool.


Could someone break down how to romance Madison as a teen?

During one playthrough she entered my tent when I rested and we had sex, then the next one she entered my tent but we didn’t have sex.

What happened?


Dose anyone know if I could get the plus-plus option on Android?


Have you bought the skill point bonus, and do you have a save from Part 5 of the original Zombie Exodus? The skill point bonus should give you one plus, and the save from the original Zombie Exodus should give you the other plus.

If you have both, then you should have an option on the first page of the game to restore a saved game. Click that and put in the email address that your saved games were on. The app should give you a list of save files from the series. Pick one from Part 5 of Zombie Exodus, and it should tell you you’re eligible for a 25 skill point bonus, then it’ll kick you back to the first page. If you’ve bought the In-App Purchase for the other 25 points then you should be able to use the plus-plus option.

Sorry if any of this is incorrect, I use the Steam version which is slightly different, but the save system works the same to my knowledge, and works across all platforms.

If you’re past the point where you can load saved games, then hit the restart button in the menu next to the “Show Stats” button.


I was replaying as a teen without my nephew this time because I wanted to see the tent scenes. So my main interest was Brody but my for some reason I can’t seem to be able to resist Tommy so he was my other interest. I kissed Tommy at the lake and then went skinny dipping with Brody. i thought that it was alright to have two ROs in the game so I thought nothing of it at the time. The next day my character chooses 2nd watch duty Brody comes in and we start well you know and suddenly Tommy is outside my tent trying to figure out what’s going on he eventually seems realize I’m in there with someone else and leaves. Now Tommy hates me :frowning: I was so hurt I didn’t even finish or save that playthrough but I did finish with Brody to see the scene. I thought romantic/sexual relationships was acceptable in the game what did I do wrong?


Just because you can do it doesn’t mean every romantic option will be okay with you doing so.

The characters have their preferences. Some don’t mind sharing the MC, others like to keep their partners to themselves.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Oh okay thanks for getting back to me.


Okay, so in ZESH there is a scene in the teenager path where you call your parents and a man answers saying that he found the phone on a dead woman (your mom supposedly) and I think there is a scene in ZE where your MC finds a phone on somebody and so my question is:
Question: Is the man who answers you in ZESH the MC in ZE?


Ummm i think you forget that the MC from original Zombie Exodus can be a woman (if the readers choose their gender as female ) , but the recipient of the phone in Safe Haven is a man ( only ) , so i don’t think that man is the MC from Zombie Exodus


No matter what, this might add a real great twist to the story


How to romance Lopez?


If female needs 75+ persuasion


I mean the specific things to do.since only appeared at the end of part 1


Never mind. I already got him