Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips


@Bracks thanks for posting this. I thought this was fixed in the last update but I’m guessing a file did not get loaded. I’ll resubm a fix soon.


Me, a poor simple lesbian, whenever the game mentions a literally any female character: SKSKSKSNKSKSJDJDJJSJS


I’m too gay to function


I’m CRYING I was just trying to be nice and take in everyone but Jillian and Madison are both so MAD that I took in Rosie and Driver and now Madison HATES ME


Question to Jim are we gonna get a drug dealer prologue


Or a warlord prologue would be cool.


Could someone break down how to romance Madison as a teen?

During one playthrough she entered my tent when I rested and we had sex, then the next one she entered my tent but we didn’t have sex.

What happened?