Zeitnot [Work In Progress]



I wanted to make sure I got the chance to say that I super loved what you have got here and I am kinda desperate a bit to read more.

But in regards to the allegations you stated in your opening post… Yeah I don’t see anything. I mean I am a lesbian myself and I didn’t see anything that screamed wrong or weird at me. I had a bit of a brain stutter when the white queen was referred to as ‘he’ but realized what was going on pretty quickly and didn’t give it a second thought. I do love I can wear a suit, I would never wear a dress personally so it’s nice to have an option that reflects my own preferences.

I hope you keep moving forward with this project and know that I am one of your supporters.
I only see an interesting game, not any issues or problems to be picked at.

And now I’m just gunna… go back to the shadows now.



Okay, I’m stepping in here now. We’re going to stop the discussion on the Judge’s choices. There reaches a point where piling on doesn’t do anything other than create more tension.

I’m going to close this thread for a minute so we can drop it. When it reopens, we’re not going to continue on with it.



Some nitpickings (sorry for this):

The letter scene. adsress => address.

Also, is it possible that my character uses traditional female pronouns but still use the “Mx.” title instead of the “Ms.”?


Oh quite the contrary, thank you! :smile:

Though, I have to do some editing and whatnot, so expect an overhaul :slight_smile:

Yeah, you totally can; in order to do that, though, you have to select the option to put your own pronouns (where they will ask for your title, and which forms you want for they/their/them) :smile:

I have an important post to write for you all, so forgive me if it takes a while for me to answer any of you; though I must ask you to let the issue that has previously happened to lie down. I’m very thankful for your help and attention :slight_smile:


I’m enjoying this quite a bit! Count me in on whatever comes next.


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I’m so excited to see what you are going to do for this story! I do love a good murder mystery and or survival story. =D


Being German myself, the title is what attracted my immediate attention. :sweat_smile: I’m always interested in non-English titles, throw a bit of salt and pepper into the mix.

I must say, you got me hooked! This is what I call an original plot, and the game mechanics certainly seem creative. My MC is the Black Queen and heavily flirting with the White King; I ship them already. (“Royals” starts playing in the background.) I wonder what green-eyed guy’s role (other than the chess piece part) will be in the grand scheme of things.

I do wonder, is the chess piece mechanic randomized? Or does it depend on stats?


I wonder that too. I got the knight for the black team.


You can’t be the white queen or the black king, other than that it is random.


So im wondering can you be anything other than a pawn in the game?


@Imhotep Mechanically yes, I’ve gotten bishop and queen on the black team so far. Philosophically, I’m not sure. Depends on how much weight your choices and the shady authorities in that place hold.


Based from my playthroughs, i’ve been rook, bishop, pawn and knight. i’m a little curious on how we get our placements,


I got king and queen usually when the choice or the other character’s gender differed from my own. But yeah, it gets me real curious how the placement works.


I played 4 times in a row kept getting pawn


Short answer: It’s RNG.

Long answer: It’s a little bit more complicated and can depend on whether you’re on black team or white team.

@Lycoris Is it okay for me to post the code on what determines MC’s chess position on here?


@AngelOfTheBroken, @Terriermon50, thank you very much, you’re sweethearts :blush: You have just seen the tip of the iceberg :smiling_imp:

His name is Jaroslav; if you pay a bit of attention, you’ll see that he’s always on the opposite team :wink: I have great (evil) plans for him :smile:

Thank you very much for taking interest in the game, and I hope I can live up your expectations! And yep, the chess position is randomized, it doesn’t depend on the MC’s stats.

There’s going to be quite a bit of branching depending on the MC’s chess position; different set of rules, flavor text in some scenes, possible victims, etc.

My aim is for the player to want to try everything at least once :slight_smile:

@Greyscales yep, feel free to :upside_down_face: I have found a more efficient way to code things, so what’s in the game is not the definite code, but I don’t mind :smile:


@Lycoris All right. Thanks!

For the curious ones
*label chess_calc

*comment there are higher chances of the MC being just a pawn.
*rand chessroll 0 5
*if chessroll = 0
  *set chess_position "pawn"
*if chessroll = 1
  *set chess_position "knight"
*if chessroll = 2
  *set chess_position "bishop"
*if chessroll = 3
  *set chess_position "rook"

*comment the White Queen is Quinn; the position is taken.
*if chessroll = 4
  *if team = "white"
    *set chess_position "pawn"
    *set black_queen "joker"
    *set j_position "queen"
    *set white_king "emp"
  *if team = "black"
    *set chess_position "queen"
    *set black_queen "mc"
    *set white_king "joker"
    *set j_position "king"

*comment same with the black king; we have the Faux King.
*if chessroll = 5
  *if team = "white"
    *set chess_position "king"
    *set white_king "mc"
    *set black_queen "joker"
    *set j_position "queen"
  *if team = "black"
    *set chess_position "pawn"
    *set white_king "joker"
    *set j_position "king"
    *set black_queen "emp"

*comment the MC is meant to be either the white king or the black queen. Whichever position is free is for J.
*comment if the MC is a pawn/rook/bishop/etc, then J is the king/queen of the opposite team and we have The Emperor/The Empress.

*if j_position = ""
  *if j_team = "white"
    *set white_king "joker"
    *set j_position "king"
  *if j_team = "black"
    *set black_queen "joker"
    *set j_position "queen"

*if (team = "black") 
  *if not (chess_position = "queen")
    *set black_queen "emp"
*if (team = "white")
  *if not (chess_position = "king")
    *set white_king "emp"

@Imhotep, it sounds like you got incredibly unlucky.


Now I’m definitely hooked. I’ll have to see whether flirting with him is such a good idea in the long run then. (But, knowing myself, I’ll probably do it anyway. FOR THE ANGST! :innocent:)