Your One Moment (WiP)

Your One Moment is a work in progress. In it you play a young British officer (you may be a woman making her way in the world as a man) in eastern Canada around 1800. You believe that to every person comes one moment when he or she can achieve glory and success, but so far that moment has not come to you. Ahead of you lie adventures, conspiracies, danger, the possibility of romance, and the chance of heroism.

There is one branch of the story you can play to a satisfactory conclusion. I wrote that branch for LordIrish’s second competition, this past May, and the game finished second. The feedback I got from judges and players encouraged me to expand the story with many other branches and adventures.

If you play into a stub of one of the new branches, you have the option of teleporting into the completed branch if you have not been able to find your way to it.

The game was here:, but has moved to the Dashing Don site in 2017:

I will be updating the game at regular intervals as I build out the new branches. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.


Awsome truly awsome mr @cottage14

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I’ve been waiting for this! I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

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confined line 357 : commandant does not contain label before. This was after I had selected to sleep while being incarcerated.

A few thoughts, why only a choice of three names? Also, I was a bit miffed at the sudden death from disagreeing with the Prince, are those kind of instant fails going to be a staple? Yet when I later automatically tried to stop him firing the cannon and as a result man-handled him, he didn’t seem to mind. If anything, that would be a more valid cause for execution, laying a hand on royalty. Disagreeing however, ought to put you in the stockade at worst, get demoted or something a bit more subtle/reasonable I should say.

There are some artifacts from when I wrote the game for the contest and was trying to control the size of the project (so, for instance, I would not have to write code to check for a user-supplied name that matches one already in use for a character you meet). I will add in the option to provide your own first name.

There are a few blunt, sudden deaths that are “stubs” for further paths that I didn’t have time for in May. I will be removing them as I elaborate the new paths. The one you ran into will result in an awkward moment with the Commandant, not death. Be of good cheer :slight_smile:


Yay, I’m so happy to see you continuing your game! It’s probably got my favorite handling of a female PC in a historical game, playing a Sweet Polly Oliver is so much fun. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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You can now give your MC the first name of your choice.

Made some slight updates to the beginning of the game, in preparation for some branches that start early and wander into other adventures. When you get to the end of a new thread, there is a hyperlink to drop you into the main line if you want to continue playing without having to figure out how to get there from where you were.


Great job! I find this very interesting, yet I would like the mc to have his own last name. (One the reader gets to make) :wink: thanks.

Would you prefer to have a last name of your choice? Easy to do, although I will need to make sure I have not hard-coded the last name anywhere. I will make that possible soon.

Thank you, Mr. Cottage.

Love what you have so far. Honestly, I really like the fact that you don’t have women being treated the same as men, as weird as that sounds. Probably because it’s more realistic. I loved the whole trying to hide my true gender thing, even if only a few paragraphs here and there we dedicated to it. Can’t wait for more.


I have updated the game so you can choose your own last name. This requires doing checks against the last names of all the major characters you run into, and handling collisions. That took a while, but seemed smarter than adding in a whole bunch of conditional “Why, that’s my family name, too!” conversations every time a new character appears.

I’m sorry. I guess it had spoilers or was prodding.

The real world got in the way of my working on this game for a while, but I am back at it. I hope to add a new branch by the end of March.


Added a tiny update to improve the text in a couple of places, fix an issue with the ending of a scene, add skills related to gambling (!), and insert the first of a couple of achievements.

The achievements feature displays the little popup when you, er, achieve one; however, there is no button you can click to take you to the list of achievements. I am trying to find what I have overlooked in activating the feature.

Now that the main character has the possibility of some gambling skills, I am going to build out one of the branches in which those skills may be important.


Hi, all: I am working again on “Your One Moment”, an adventure set around 1800 in the British Army in North America. There is a link in the Stats page in the game to the current development plan. Here is part of what I say there:

I wrote the first version of “Your One Moment” as an entry in the annual game-writing competition sponsored by LordIrish. The game finished second and, after reviewing feedback from the judges and others, I mapped out a significant expansion beyond the original line of events.

However, I had trouble figuring how to move the writing forward without strangling myself with multiple story threads. I eventually realized that my plan was far too sprawling, with branches that went off in all directions and rarely came back together. The playing experience was frustrating, especially if you wanted to get to and play through a particular sequence a second time. So this current version adheres more carefully to the standard CoG game structure: there is a single “through” story, from which adventures, or “vignettes”, branch off and to which they blend back in.

You can only play the first three chapters at the moment, and this is roughly the point where the free content would end if the game were published.

I hope to post a substantial update every couple of days until the game is done, and then submit it to the current competition. I will try to respond quickly to questions and bug reports, and am happy to hear suggestions.



Here are the chapters of the game. Bold-face indicates the chapters that are complete at the moment. You can see there are a lot of gaps!

On Citadel Hill (“startup” chapter)
Princely Behavior
Confined to Barracks or A Night of DIscomfort (depending on what happened to the main character in the previous chapter)
Quick Thinking Required
Dancing with the Prince
A Road to Nowhere
Into the Valley
Your New Post
Learning the Ropes
A Walk in the Woods
Allies and Enemies
A Bright Idea
A Visit to Annapolis Royal
Build and Test
The Duke and the Prince
Too Much Light
The Proof of the Pudding
A Warning
Your Moment


oh wow!! 2014. welcome back m8

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An artifact from old 14, welcome back.

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