You are EVIL! [WIP] (4 chapters)

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A powerful sorcerer/sorceress wakes up with no memory of the past as the feared emperor/empress of the land. They must decide whether to redeem themselves, or let the evil within take over.

  • Character-driven.
  • Lore-rich world.
  • Romance options.
  • Love and Hate.
  • Good and Evil.
  • Power.
  • Betrayal.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Internal Conflict.
  • Identity.
  • Forbidden Love.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to check it out, and would love to hear any thoughts you may have. :green_heart:


The most fun interpretations of the good vs evil dynamic is one where you have an extremely difficult task and giving in to evil makes that task a lot easier. It’s a choice between immediate selfish gain and doing the right thing but suffering while you do it.

The evil route should give you money, power, fame, love, adoration, and satisfaction, while the good route should be one of hardship, misery, compromise, and pain.

Right now, the good route gets you everything and the bad route gets you nothing – the good route is the one that’s simple, easy, obvious, and free from misery, while the bad route has you do horrible things for no reason and then suffer for it.

If the premise of the game is “I am EVIL!” then I want to be EVIL, and not just by killing innocents for no reason. I want to manipulate people, make them think I’m their friend, take everything away from them and then be the last thing they have to rely on, and then gloat as I reveal my intentions the whole time as they are left destitute and alone forever. I want to pit allies against each other and let them destroy themselves with infighting while the true danger grows stronger. I want to rest my chin on the king’s shoulder as he demands the execution of all of the generals who defied his orders, at my recommendation. I want to romance like five people at the same time, and then steal all their money and change my face so they can’t track me down while they all show up to the same restaurant I invited them all to. I want to cut everyone’s healthcare. I want to privatise the transportation industry.

For god’s sake, let me be evil!


Hi, I don’t read your wip yet but I hope there’s a save system


The choices seem a little one sided and linear but the primiss is cute, love the little self criticism comments at the end especially the bush one. Not gonna lie playing as the talking bush would have been fun.


I enjoyed the story it tells about an individual that forgets things that are very important about Them and they get to live a new life or not depending on our choices to me I think living a new life and forgetting your mistakes is Kind of respectful when you think about it You are a new person


I liked it.Just try to create more options and pls imput a save(for short games this doesn t matter but it can be annoying in bigger games or when you want to play the new content of an update)


Good story so part and i love in the end how you

tell us about an example of criticisms anyways can you tell me how much RO in this story is?

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The game seems one sided cos I wanted to be the way the mc was before but died. It’s seems forced that the mc has to behave if they want to survive. Cant u revive the mc in the next chapter with a ritual or something. Good game but a bit let down


@Christopher_Bull i think your looking for a different story that would defeat the whole point this story seems to be going I think at some point the character will remember but it seems like you want the character to be forced to be the way they was

@Christopher_Bull which would take character choice away

I felt so bad that my MC was evil before her amnesia. I tried my best to be loving to Faye. I really liked it to be good and that Faye and my MC bonded so deeply. :heart: you did great with mother/daughter fluff and the feelings around MC and other people around her. I only tried the good route so I don’t know anything about the other routes :laughing:
What romance option do we have? I’m looking forward to read more about this WIP :grinning:


My point is I want to be allow to do some bad things since the mc is former villain. I don’t want to be a babysitter. Just seems backwards that being good get everything in a game about a evil emperor


@Christopher_Bull like I said I think your looking for a different story there are tons on here you might like the writer should not have to change the story they want to create to please you

Save slots would be very welcome!


Oof, you have to take care of someone in this game?

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The game is called You are evil so let there be a evil mc as well as good Mc. It’s not really a choices game if we get sent 1 path when it split in two after getting captured. I’m fine dying there as long as we get a second chance in some form with a punishment. Read the first comment on the forum and you’ll see lots of people agree with what I said


Yes. Be nice if u don’t want to die later

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@Christopher_Bull i just hope y’all don’t make this writer give up on this i believe people demanding or trying to force what they want on creators is why a lot of creators give up if you want a story a exact way you think is best why not learn to make one yourself instead of trying to make writer person who has a story they want to tell to just change it real criticism is okay but what you are doing is not


While i didn’t choose the Evil options, everything thing on the Good side was great, i love the idea of a Evil Sorcerer turned loving parent.

But i will do a heel turn the moment someone touches Faye, she is precious.

Dude just drop it. I said my cents about the game and that’s the end of it. Some might agree or disagree with I said. I never forced the author to anything. I was just throwing things out there as my suggestions which don’t have to happen