"Yes I do" RO's everyone hates but you love

I’m not sure Wayhaven needs any advertising help lol. It’s probably the most popular HG label property ever, by far and for all the reasons I listed. It doesn’t jusf play the tropes and angst, it plays it properly. It treats the those things with as much respect and careful nurturing as a different book/game might treat the themes of the story.


I’m currently playing Skyrim and some of the NPCs are calling the PC “little elf” (my character is a dark elf). It reminds me of Hayden Winter, they also call the MC that in The Evertree Saga. I love it as a pet name, it’s so cute but condescending at the same time, so very Winter! :smile: I also love how unapologetically dominant Hayden are, there aren’t many ROs like that unfortunately.


In which book comes this person? I think i havent met them??

Hayden Winter shows up in the second book of the Evertree series, Sordwin.

My pleasure. :blush:

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But why so much discussion for him or her? I wanna replay the sagas all from beginning, but very curious whats up with them being mentioned everywhere :joy:

In the interest of both not going off-topic and giving you the full rundown, you can go to the RO’s You Hate thread and search for “Winter” there:


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I love this thread because I’ve always adored Jun/ko as a ro and so far in the forum I’ve always ever seen negative reactions to them and. Like. I understand they’re not for anyone but even the character in itself is really interesting and a breath of fresh air in this genre’s landscape and people have to admit that their development was top tier.
Same reason why I love Manerkol from Stone Wars because FINALLY an actual villainous romance.
Lastly, Leon from A Mage Reborn is also one of my absolute favourite because the angst, the guilt and the shock that will hit him once the mc will appear before him oohhhh i love everything about it.
Overall, I feel like either the people that usually ask for more complex/interesting/morally-gray/villainous characters don’t interact much in the forum (except this thread and i am enjoying it very much) or they don’t really know what being morally gray/villainous actually entails

(off topic but @Nemureru_Mori hello fellow stay^^)


Pretty sure it’s the whole “kidnapping and rape” thing


Let’s remember this is the ONE topic on the whole forum to give love to ROs everyone hates for whatever reasons. To keep hating on those ROs and their actions there are many, many threads. In fact, this thread was born from the “ROs you hate” one, so please let’s keep this as the ONE space where fans of said hated ROs don’t have to keep reading how people despise them or how awful they are :face_exhaling:


Mine would be Katarina from Guns of infinity. Idk if people really hate her as a RO but my opinion is that I have mixed feelings about her.Like idk if I should respect the fact that she was willing to get her hands dirty for the sake of her kingdom or despise her for even coming up with such plan(iykyk).

So I created an MC who was kind hearted but still gets to participate in the secret mission(mod), Kat also made out with the MC the day before the mission. During the mission I stayed behind at the courtyard and rather than killing the child, I let her go and Kat was really mad and broke up with MC.

I wanted to go with the good guy and bad girl vibes but it just didn’t work out.

As for A and M from wayhaven, I really don’t get why people hate them? I enjoyed romance with them as much as I enjoyed with N. Like am I the only one who if gets obsessed with a IF, will want to try every single possible choices(especially RO’s)?Surely not but still I wish people would atleast give them a chance. Tbh I wish there was poly route in wayhaven. I like all RO’s except for F coz they feel more like pet rather than RO(like nezuko from demon slayer). I just couldn’t get my mind to see F as RO.


Katarina is interesting as in while there are quite few people who might despite (Including me kind of though despite is a bit too strong) her I don’t really think there are many who hates her being in the story. By which I mean her being in the game doesn’t bring their option of it down like people say Leon,Jun/ko, or Manerkol does for them

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We did. That’s why we don’t like A. Because we’ve seen how that road winds, and the engineer behind it was Crowley:

I did a similar thing in GOI but go with katarina durin the secret mission instead of stay in the courtyard so the child live but kat don’t blame my character for dat, you can try that for a good guy bad girl game that work

Oh, there is one! A & N. I mean considering the nature of A’s attitude towards relationships with people in general, it’s a bit complicated, but I sincerely hope the next book will further untangle A’s personality and it will progress.

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There isn’t it’s a love triangle. A and N view each other as siblings so there won’t be one.


Had to confirm that on the author’s website. Ouch. I’m sorry, apparently I wasn’t very well informed, although the best friend part probably should have been a clear indicator. :sweat_smile: I think I’ll stay loyal to Mason anyways. :grin:

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It’s cool :sunglasses: :+1:

Happy birthday! Or cake day! Not sure which it is…

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Thank you! :grin::pray:

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