"Yes I do" RO's everyone hates but you love

Still clears most ROs from games I’ve played anyway tbh.


Still madly in love with Hayden Winter (Evertree Saga). More than ever, actually.

(And not to warm up an old discussion, but I was surprised to see people in this thread saying Manerkol gets a pass for everything he does, simply for being a hot guy - Manerkol has been getting tons of hate and criticism in the “ROs you hate” thread)


I like Manerkol, from the Soul Stone Wars, damn it all. I know he is terrible, and irredeemable. I think I just have a huge… preference? kink? For characters in a position of power that are almost something other than human (whether they actually are or not). I just think it’s cool to be the MC and draw the attention of someone in power, like I like Gabriel’s romance in Breech (and why I’ll eat the shit out of Michael’s romance too).

I guess I like being able to have a MC be able to force someone to look at them, someone who would normally see them as little other than a pest. But then there is somehow a connection? A strange draw? I know in real life it would be problematic as heck, but in fiction it’s very spicy.

In response to @Raven_Jewel :
I mean, honestly? I think M is by far the most interesting, and also very genuine with their feelings, they just have no fucking idea what their feeling. I think that they are so used to nothing that the idea of love doesn’t even really make sense as an explanation? I know some find them annoying, but for all they know they are being genuine to themself. I think the only thing that really makes it strange is that since my MC hasn’t slept with them…

Like, M hasn’t figured anything is weird when they haven’t really had interest in fucking anyone else for the last like 3 months since the Detective has been around? You don’t think that might have some significance in and of itself? I’m pretty sure 3 months of celibacy has to be a record for them, considering the way both they and the rest of Unit Bravo discuss their proclivities. I guess they are so used to living in the moment that unless the Detective is in front of them, they aren’t really thinking about it. When the Detective is around, usually M is preoccupied with other things then sorting themselves out.

I honestly don’t understand why a lot of people prefer A to M. M is more genuine, and clear about drawing boundaries. Both of their routes annoy me a bit (though I prefer them over N / F), but M is my favorite of the Wayhaven Quartet.


I would also like to join Manerkol, Jun and Hayden Winter fan clubs! I used to read a lot of old discussion threads on this forum before participating myself (I’m shy), and funnily enough, “ROs you hate” thread helped me find a lot of my favourite love interests. :rofl: I like problematic relationships in fictions, what can I say. I don’t want to redeem these characters, I love them flawed as they are. Like a lot of people here earlier said, I have no problem separating fiction from reality, and in fiction I’m interested in a lot of things that I can’t stand in real life. I think it’s perfectly fine to love “questionable” things, as long as you understand that separation. So I’m very happy that authors have the courage to write such niche romances, knowing that many people will harshly criticize these ROs.

Your comments about Hayden Winter in particular really intrigued me and convinced me to try their romance, so thank you for being such a great Hayden advocate! :smiling_face:

100% agree! Fiction is a safe space to explore such relationship dynamics.


Yessss! Mission accomplished! :smiling_imp: (Seriously though, you have no idea how happy this makes me! Welcome to the club! :smiling_face: :pirate_flag: )


Villains can just be fun! When they’re not like the joker but more Catwoman I mean, or maybe the joker? I’m not usually into villians but when I am it’s usually because they’re just more fun. For instance I’m kinda into handsome Jack just because he has a sense of humor I appreciate same for Megamind I would have liked that guy even if he didn’t get redeemed, oh August from tales from the borderlands I’m not even into blondes but he’s interesting at least to me and again a sense of humor I can appreciate… Maybe this is just about how if you have humor you’ve already won half the battle with me, it does bring the point though that usually villians are funny and quick witted.


Yeah idk what i was thinking when i wrote that :joy:

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Okay, Idk why but there really are exceptions to my tastes coz mostly, if I encounter abrasive, toxic characters, I instantly hate them but then again there will be these characters that are so so terrible but I can’t help but love them.

Jun is definitely top of the list.

If I think about why i like characters like Jun, the obsession/possessive nature is definitely a thing that draws me to them. Shrugs Being wanted to the point of irrationality is hot in fiction. Plus the backstory and characterization is just perfect with Jun. I definitely understand WHY he became who he is, sure, he’s not absolved of all sins just bcoz of that but it strikes a chord with my emotions. knowing MC from childhood is also a plus bcoz the bond is there and makes the angst so delicious. Probably dumb irl, but he makes me wanna protect him, and show him he can stop acting like a crazy, cornered animal all the time. He’s also pretty fun, I think that’s a very important element bcoz if the toxic ro is just being abusive and serious and terrible, then he’s not my type but if he’s funny, witty, loves/obsessed with MC then catch me eyeing him very hard.

Idk if I’m allowed to talk about Video game ROs but…i reaaaally wanna talk about it haha sorry he’s just extremely terrible but i love him and i missed him even when trying out different routes. Like that was a first for me and this thread is a good way of airing out my feels because i felt a lil guilty for liking him :sweat_smile:

Anyway his name is Vico, he’s from a NWN module from 2006 named “A dance with rogues”. He is literally worse than Jun. His alignment is chaotic evil and the author didn’t shy away from that at all. He’ll try to kill MC…multiple times. Sexually assaults MC too. Isn’t shy about voicing his evil opinions like SA and murder. Yawns/gets bored at the party for being good guys. Threatens any male not to be in between MCs thighs. Runs numerous multiple affairs with women (b4 meeting MC). Racist/Xenophobic. Everyone is instantly disgusted with him when 1st met. But he is SOOOO FUN :rofl: idk, he just isn’t predictable. He’s quick witted with his (horny/evil) quips, he softens up when romanced (still a shithead tho, no redemption), he’s funny on party banters, he’s a randy gremlin (often wants to do the hanky panky after fighting hordes/strong enemies), can be quite caring and protective at times, he calls MC “birdie” and eventually “my little girl” when romanced, will agree to kiss MCs feet if romanced lol

Super surprised at myself because Vico is literally irredeemable but I love the guy. He’s so fun and he wants MC so bad. :rofl:

If my little spiel has made someone curious about the mod, pls do try playing it. It’s actually very, VERY good. The writing still holds up even at 2023. The quests are enjoyable, the story is unpredictable, and it has a wikia walkthrough if u get stuck somewhere. It’s definitely not for minors tho.


Based A Dance With Rogues enjoyer. Love that module.


Tom from Zombie Exodus. I just can’t resist Christian Bale (and a widower). And I choose the scientist background and the right vaccine, so it really amuses me when I realize my unhealthy obession destroy the whole world.


Junko and Morgan, that is all. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


I love Jun/ko, Manerkol and Leon :heart:


Sounds like I should finish a dance with rogues. I started it once and got stuck so I never finished but I was sooo interested in that terrible, terrible man.


Holy shit. I found a ADwR enjoyer in the wild :eyes:


YOU SHOULDDDD. IM BEGGING. Im also clueless without the walkthrough, in some parts tbh.

I started it again last night! Hopefully I can finish it this time around.

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So, there’s a new hated RO in the “ROs You Hate” thread, it’s Antonia/Antoine Barlow from When Life Gives You Lemons, who is the MC’s ex or childhood friend. I personally love Barlow, that’s why I feel like it’s my duty to defend them! :grin:

Just like many other ROs in this thread, I love Barlow for the same reasons other people hate them. I made them an ex for my MC, and chose cheating as the reason for the breakup. In real life, of course, I can’t stand cheating, and would never forgive anyone for cheating on me, but in fiction it’s only adds the drama I do so enjoy! I absolutely love how desperate Barlow is to win the MC back, it’s nice to see the RO who’s so actively seeking the forgiveness and approval of the MC. I play my MC as someone who is also quite messy when it comes to relationships, flirting with multiple people at the same time, and although it doesn’t mean he deserve to be cheated on, it does explain why he’s so conflicted about his ex. I enjoy the tension of being angry at Barlow for betraying the MC while being unable to resist the strong attraction between them.

So yeah, I love Barlow as an RO because it’s interesting to explore the complicated relationship between people after trust has been severely damaged in the past.


Hmm i saw some reason why a few RO from above get hated
Jun/Ko : A f’ck’ng sadistic and brutals person
Manerkol : Welp he was the villain so you know the answer
Leon : Ups my bad i killed the wrong person in nutshell
Barlow : Maybe because kinda jerk and bad appearance


I don’t care what anyone says, A and my Detective had a hell of a time gazing longingly at each other across a crowded room. We’ve just about held hands, but the best bit was when A had just walked me home and from behind the closed door that seperated us A spent two entire seconds just listening to my heartbeat, imagining what it would be like to give in and fall into my arms. But no more than two seconds, for that would be too much.

In my opinion Wayhaven’s greatest strength is how hard it doubles down on all it’s tropes and just how much it’s willing to slow things down. Will-they-won’t-they tension is a big part of romance in fiction; think of the entire communities built around the shipping of characters who are for various unbreakable reasons explicitly in the won’t category. Wayhaven plays out the entire gamut of angst-filled tension with it’s near misses and almost-there moments through it’s various romance options/walking tropes. Even in a character like M who has a lot more “action” happening a-lot sooner than the others, the interactions are reframed and the tension changes, going from “will-they-finally-kiss” to “when-will-M-realise-they’re-catching-feelings”.

And with A specifically, who is the embodiment of the stiff, businesslike RO who is comepletely detached from their emotions and the A romance path is the slow-burn, angst-filled type. Wayhaven doesn’t shy away from making A the stiffest, most emotionally stunted person they could possibly be and the romance is the slowest, angstiest thing you can imagine.

For people who are looking for that sort of thing, Wayhaven and A not only hits the mark, but entirely indulges itself in the tropes and the premise of that character’s romance path. Eventually the amount of enjoyment gained from hands brushing and tormented longing will reach some point of diminishing returns, but atm the “slowness” of that RO is a feature and not a bug.


That’s some grade A copywriting you do!