Yakuza Colored Sunset


So here’s what I’ve got cooking. I’m not good at programing though, so I wouldn’t expect it to be very speedily coming out. You can ponder and read the idea though. Anyone whom would like to give me advice and or co-write with me would be welcome.

Toyko, 1988

The streets once more run red with the blood of Yakuza. The families are at each others throats again. The police are breathing down everyones necks and seem to always be one step ahead of everyone worst of all the heads of the families are going on witch hunts for a rat. That’s the only way the families could be weaker and a step behind the police. So, now take you the new kid has to try and help the family whom saved you rebuild themselves and find the rat and ice them for good.

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Well, this is proving very hard. Ha, ha ha, god the choice script will take some time. At any rate here’s the opener idea because I want to give a bit of a teaser. There’s even two of them though it’s only the opening dialogue.

Opener A:

Unknown Location, Japan, 1988

“Time to get up, kiddo.” A sharp kick is what awakes you along with a less then kind sounding voice.

Opener B:

Tokyo, Japan, 1998

You slowly awake to the sound of a phone ringing in your small three room apartment. More then likely it’s Hideki ‘Hermit’ Tsbuaki your boss.


well am liking the sound of this cant wait


Gonna be a long wait this choice script really makes my head spin. Haha, right now I’m just jotting down notes on how to use it. Though I have gooffed off in the script a little and managed to get the first scene done.


Hope you get someone to help you with the coding, coz the idea sounds promising and I’d like to see more.


Despite a few minor setbacks I’m doing okay with it. As mentioned before any tips or anyone who’s got a bit more experience and would like to offer advice is welcome.

I manged to get the first secen more fleshed out. I’m going to release a snipit of the 1st & 2nd when I can. Though they might not be all that good it’s something to look foward to.


Well, this is awesome. Yakuza. Now we’re talking. Are you looking for your game to be more “historically accurate?” Because I could help you on the actual Yakuza part, if you want. Weapons, tactics, gear, heritage, range. I’d imagine you know know alot already, but any small things, or things you’re unsure of, I could help. Can’t wait for the demo.


Much obliged if I need something I’ll shoot you a message. Things are coming along slowly but I’ve got the system down now. The only thing that remains is to get serious and crack down on the making it.


Sounds good. I’m a commoner on here, so I should always get back. Good luck, because I could never do this.


Indeed if you ever have an idea for the story I’d be willing to listen. I love hearing ideas. While it’s mostly figured out now it’d be fun to toss ideas around. That being put aside.

Status Update: 1/6/16

Not a lot, debating a stat system. Opinions if I try to attempt, it will more then likely contain these in this order. The three above the line will probably be in it regardless given I’ve figured out how to do them. Ones bellow, well what do you guys think about them?


Loyalty: Yakuza/Police
Heat: 0-100
Mental Stability 1-100
Money: ???


Pretty good, but we have to choose between melee and ranged? How about having two separate bars for each of them with the percentage showing how good you are with that skill? Or you could do it by weapon group, which I would prefer.
Firearms 23% -guns, rockets, etc.
Melee weapons: 46% -knives, baseball bats, etc.

Anyway, 'Night.


^ Yeah I prefer this, too.


I honestly dont think you should make yakuza/police such an obvious stat. A study in steampunk had a nice enough system. The reader should know his aligment himself and wont restrict writing as much and leave space for a traitor path, a defector path, a double-crosser, that kind of stuff.

There should be ways to “fail” the game, life of gangster many endings did this well with bitter-sweet endings and more neutral ones. Alway remember that there will alway be peoples who are not sympathetic to any of the offered factions.

The world is not black and white and this is particularly relevant in the criminal world. Everyone have his own history and motivations.

If you need any help with your story I would be overjoyed to help you. I tried my hand at choicescript before but coding is far from being my strength but hosting tabletop roleplay helped with developing stories. I am also an aspirant historian and northing would please me more than helping you with that. The coke fueled madness of the era is very interesting with its budhist terrorists and cartel governments. You could play with the peruvian-japanese relationship of the time. Especialy now that we know that the government controled the coke buisiness. Also the president had japanese origins and hid in japan before getting caught.

And remember Aum Shinrikyo.


Yeah, but still measure skills, as I think we need to know our MC’ strengths and weaknesses on the physical side.


Hm, well that’s the thing. The idea I had behind Police/Yakuza is going to be effect mostly by who you work with. Not to give to much away let’s just say the rat isn’t the only problem.

Though I might pull it out. A lot of this is still up in the air. Lastly as for ranged & melee I’m no wiz with the choice script you’d have choices of both bit depending on what you picked it would work out well or poor. Again much of this is in the air. I am new to the script so I might just pull everything below the bar.

Though my stubborn side is saying no. I’m not sure. What would you guys WANT to see and what would help in the stats screen? I have seen them but I want some player feed back from you guys. My opinion aside I feel like a good stat bar is simple and has a few basics. Thoughts?


Oh I never talked about the skills, only the relationship with characters and factions.


I always thought it may be easier to just write the whole thing all the way through like a regular piece of creative writing then when you’re finished, go back and see where and when alternate things can happen. or IF they did this— this happened


Sadly I don’t have time to keep this project alive works getting very busy and I won’t have much spare time I might revisit in the future but I can’t put as much time into it as I’d wanted.