WW:U-- DLCs suggestions and feedback thread

That sounds like a better premise for a DLC for my mc to me than his wishful “what would it be like to be rich” dream. At least a club DLC would give my mc a chance to actually dazzle Sem and the others with his qualities as a thespian, as he had to excuse himself the last time, and even if he hadn’t…well that play was just cursed apparently.


you know, what about a childhood romance starting with flashbacks to when the mc was young, i always liked platonic love stories where the mc has know that person since child. You can make that person “gender choose” and that will make it a new romance for all people lgbt included. :wink:

Eh, I’m not feeling it. The MC is already kinda young, I mean 14 isnt that old, and I really don’t like the whole gender choice thing for romance in general. I’m more focused on allowing the MC to organically pick who they are interested in based on the description of the character rather than shoehorning the MC into a romance just because they are of the preferred gender choice.


i mean we choose the gender of the romance, meaning if we play as lgbt or straight they all get the gender they like.
I for example whould have go for sem if he was a girl in the game, since i liked the rebel attitude.
While some people like to be determined , when it comes to a dlc it will be nice to have that choice, that way more sales for you and more content for all.

I understand what you meant. I don’t like writing romances that way, because it forces me to directly ask the MC what their sexuality is and that’s just…weird. I don’t like working it into the narrative.


if i may suggest, you really should try it even if you start with just 1 npc and the others are determined by you. Thay will make more people into your stories and it will be more fair for some customers too.
I always play straight male but i can see how that can be a problem for others to enjoy immersing in the story.
Maybe in your next game then :wink:

Very, very doubtful.


Here guys, have a WW:U3 preview tidbit:

Then the demon is upon you, scorching the tiny hairs all over your body, just enough to singe, to create panic, but not enough to truly torture. It’s an exquisitely executed agony, and the fear inside you intensifies as the demon laughs once more, hot in your ear.

“You will die so slowly, my meal, you will not even notice the moment of death. Pain, continuous pain, providing forever my banquet of delicious fear…”


Omg :sob: you are a tease i cant wait to see the full thing!


Maybe, for the evil ones, a possibility to just go on the nerves from everybody, playing pranks on other person’s and maybe a possibility to make a big mess on every contest. But what comes to my mind as well is:
-Halloween costumes
-Trick or Treating
-Pumpkin carving
-Playing Pranks
-Scarying other people
-Haunted House
-Gohsts (we already have spirits)
-Eating sweets and ‘trading’ where it is the goal to get the most sweets

I’d like to see some of them in an Halloween DLC

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We got pretty much all of that so far.

Also you get to be chased down by Clan dressed up as demons in a bamboo maze. :joy:

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