Wrath of an Empire (Updated 5/28/2023)

I do love your stories though btw

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@Darkside Aww thank you. I hope to have several updates ready very soon. :slight_smile:


I am happy to announce that the next update for Wrath of an Empire is now being tested by a couple of volunteers so you should see it in about two weeks! :slight_smile: Maybe even a little sooner…




Is Wrath of an Empire set in the same time of The Operative or set in the future or past?

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If memory serves and syptim can correct me if im wrong lol

The operative that we can encounter in wrath is or can be the same one we play in the opertaive during the course of the 1st war before peace arives

Timeline for me at least gets a little fuzzy at that point because we play a child in wrath at the start eventually we will become a adult at which point the same first war is still going on.

All that said technically in regards to time line compared to the operative game this is in the past. How much so im not entirly sure for its all in the first war from my understanding for wrath of the empire just localized to a single planet at this time.



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This is very promising; I was surprised the prologue started so far back, but I liked the story nonetheless.

Good luck with the game; I’ll be following along as it updates.

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I will need a couple extra testers for the next update to Wrath of an Empire if anyone feels up to that.


Testing what, exactly? Never been a tester before, so I don’t want to presume what it entails.

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Short anwser you go through playing the demo link syptim sends looking for errors be they coding errors to story flow and inconsistencys and anything else that might be worth mentioning.

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Public Update 5/28/2023 is live!


Me when the, the games that i even dont know get update : Lest gooooooo :fire:


Thanks XD


I think the stats got messed up somehow. At least the relationship bars anyway. Few days ago when I gave the game a try, I could b raise Wren’s relationship bar. Now it’s stuck at 10%. And Avery is stuck at 50. At least as far as the rooftop lunch when you get originally got to pick one of them to invite up.


It’s stuck? Weird, I’ll see if I can fix it.

@RainValkyrie I figured out the issue, I forgot I renamed several of the variables but didn’t update it properly in stats or for the *if command, I should have it fixed by this evening. Sorry about that! <3


Nice! Glad I could help you find that little issue! =D

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