Would this game be allowed?

So I trying to gauge interest, feasibility and COG guidelines requirements for a new game. The title for the game is still in the works but basically not would be a vampire game inspired by @jasonstevanhill game the choice of vampires. That being said I’m not trying to create a sequel to any of his games. I was just hoping I could bits and pieces of his lore for vampires to explain the bvkstory and offer some possible plot twists in my game. Specifically the concept of The Society. I have the whole outline pasted below this. If anyone is willing to go through this and tell me what they think I would greatly appreciate it. And @jasonstevanhill if you can find the time to read it I would love that as well but I also know your super busy, and maybe you can tell me if this game would infringe on any copyright laws or stuff with your titles.


You have just become a vampire, welcome to your new undead life. Choose from a list of origin stories that led to the start of your undead life and from there figure out how to coexist alongside humans and your fellow vampires in this new state.

Vampire Society:

Vampires were once very proud and prosperous beings. They created a elite and prestigious society that they kept secret from humans. The society were usually governed by a group of the oldest and most powerful vampires from each region. They were the apex predators, the top of the food chain. Some were wealthy, some were powerful, and all were feared. What few humans that knew of the existence of vampires pledged their loyalty to the service of the vampires in hopes of becoming one as well. They also had rules and regulations that they held each other accountable too, Rules that kept the vampiric population a secret from most of human society, while still allowing them to feed as needed.

But those times were gone. In 1939-1945 the humans were engaged in an event that they called World War 2. It was a violent and bloody war that captured the attention of the world. However in the shadows there was a much darker and much more supernatural war going on. To vampires this war became known as The Blood War.

It all started with the reigniting of an age old feud between Vampires and an ancient order of vampire hunters called the Defenders. Normally these Defenders were nothing more than a nuisance for the elite and powerful vampires. However this all changed when World War 2.

For years the Defenders has been too few and too weak to outright challenge global population of vampires, and they also thought it best that vampires remain a secret amongst the general population or else start a panic. Vampires were hard enough to deal with their supernatural speed, strength and reflexes. But the true defense that protected the vampiric population for so many centuries was the Secret Society that they formed. The vampires were too organized, and too United for the Defenders to take on. Plus it was a lot easier for vampires to turn someone than for the Defenders to try to convince people to hunt a supernatural predator.

So instead the Defenders decided to bide their time and wait for the right opportunity to present itself and then they would destroy the vampires and their Society. They still recruited and still trained themselves to fight vampires but for the most part they just monitored vampiric activity.

In 1939 at the start of World War 2 the Defenders got their chance. With the increased production of firearms and weaponry for the War the Defenders were able to get their hands on some pretty powerful equipment. Automatic weaponry became the weapon of choice for almost every defender. Vampires have the ability to recover from almost any wound even fatal ones. They could regenerate entire limbs. But in order to do this it required a lot of time and concentration. And they usually needed to feed on large amounts of blood as doing so or they would grow weak. This gave the Defenders an opportunity since machine guns and other forms of automatic weapon tu could deal fatal and grevious wounds at long distances and in short amounts of time the Defenders were able to use them to weaken Vampires and then go in for the kill. There were only a few ways to kill a vampire excess exposure to sunlight, or fire, or decapitation. Also a a vampire could technically be killed by ripping out their heart as well. A vampire could also be killed by another vampire by having the blood drained from them by another vampire. In doing so this not only would satisfy their thirst but would also increase the power of the vampire as well as making them stronger. However this was considered a death sentence within the vampiric community. Any vampire who would kill one of their own was deemed to dangerous be left alive. Ironically a stake through the heart couldn’t kill a vampire but doing so could immobilize them and render them unconscious until the stake was removed. Unless the heart is removed it would eventually regenerate.

Plus with the entire worlds focus on the War they was a much lower chance of the general public finding out about the vampiric population. This meant that the Defenders could hunt the vampires with almost no discretion.

So the Defenders gave the call to all their members worldwide to go out and hunt the vampires. And because of the fact that they had monitored the presence of humans for so long they had the location of almost every living vampire in their records. And because they hadn’t stopped recruiting and training hunters all these years they had enough members around the globe to equal the size of a small army.

When this hunting spree started the vampiric population was caught completely off guard. They never considered the Defenders to be a serious threat up until this point. After seeing their numbers starting to rapidly decline the vampires had to respond. So they decided to start hunting the hunters actively. However this wasn’t exactly due to the fact they felt afraid or threatened by the Defenders. There was even a rule established by the leaders of the Vampiric Society that if any vampire encountered a hunter or hunters they had an obligation to kill them. If a vampire was found guilty of letting a hunter go free when given a chance to kill them then they would be put to death.

This however is what led to the downfall of the society. Most vampires were okay with the rule initially but then the issue arose of how far was a vampire expected to go just to kill the Defenders. Should they risk exposure to the general human public? Should they risk death rather than escape if confronted by multiple Defenders?

Lines started to be drawn amongst the leaders of the society. There were some vampires who thought that they should consider all humans to be their enemy and to hunt without discrimination even at the expense of vampires being revealed to the public. Others thought that they should remain hidden at all costs as this would keep it easy to feed from humans as they wished. Others still thought that they needed to find a way to peacefully coexist alongside humans so that they wouldn’t need to keep themselves a secret and humans would t need to hunt them. These different viewpoints splintered the vampires elite and structured society as no compromise could be reached. This eventually led to infighting among the vampires as well. The society fell apart. And without the protection and connections offered by the Society, Smaller groups of vampires started to form clans as a means to protect themselves. Each clan essentially having very different viewpoints on how vampires should act and how humans should be treated. But for the most part vampires simply went into hiding. With vampires turning on one another and the Defenders actively hunting them. The remaining vampires didn’t really have much of a choice.

At the end of World War 2 the Defenders realize that they would no longer be able to hunt vampires as actively as they did during the war. Their goal had been to wipe out all vampires worldwide during the war however ultimately they were unable to do so. And in this war with the vampires they too had suffered great losses almost half of their members had been killed by vampires and many more had abandoned the cause after the war ended. But still they had succeeded in splintering the vampiric society and cutting down the population of vampires immensely, as well as driving the remaining vampires into hiding.

However the Defenders did not give up their cause and they remained vigilant waiting, watching, and fearing the day when the menace of the Vampiric Society might once again rise from the ashes.

So now years later here in the 21st century you have awakened as a a vampire: how did you get this way and what do you plan on doing now that you are a vampire. Will you try to reunite and rebuild the Society and make vampires once again the apex predators. Or maybe you want revenge on the one the one that did this to you. Perhaps you desire a way to become human again. Or maybe you want to master your new powers and abilities and become the most powerful vampire in all of history. The choice is yours!


Without express permission to use the IP, the answer is most certainly no. Are they likely to grant you permission? Highly unlikely, unless you’re an author with a proven track record. Although even then I’m sure Jason has his own plans for future expansion to the CoV series (and would like to explore these himself).

That said, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from writing your own original series, inspired by CoV. I imagine you’d enjoy this more honestly, rather than being creatively limited to someone else’s vision and material.


Yeah I’m not trying to create a sequel to CoV just a game that is inspired by it and that carries similar elements to it


Sorry, I’m just imagining the dDawnguard trailer while reading this. Gr8 Idea

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If you’re just talking about taking inspiration from another writer’s work, then that shouldn’t result in IP infringement.

After all, pretty much everyone who writes does the same thing. For example, the Society in Choice of the Vampire seems to have been inspired by the Camarilla from Vampire the Masquerade, which in turn took inspiration from Anne Rice’s novels.

The idea that a fictional society of vampires might have its own government and social conventions isn’t anyone’s intellectual property - and there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from developing a similar idea for your own games.


@Protagonist Thanks for your comment. That’s what I generally thinking but I wasn’t too sure and wanted to confirm it!

Lol I see how you it could remind of that