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Heyo, so I’m making a game and I’m not sure where to put it, Im pretty sure i put it under WIP, but all the Big Names are up there so I thought maybe not. Also that’s not the only reason im here, i’ve sort of hit a wall when it comes to my story, im on my 6th Chapter (out of 8), and each chapter has 25k Words including code, i’m at the point where my MC has achieved all of their goals, has a Romance (or not), and basically done what i wanted to do. Should I add more to it? or leave it as it is.

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Huh? All WIPs go into the wip category if you want help or feedback. It’s not just for the highly successful cog and hg authors. (In fact most of the WIPs on there aren’t from them.)

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Pretty sure any new game or demo for that matter must be put under WiP. Based on what you said, you have 150,000 words plus code within 6 chapters, which is an impressive feat. It’s up to you whether you want to extend your story or not. Can’t remember if there’s a limit on chapters for HG though.


This is a good question to put on your WiP thread! I will close this thread now, since the central question has been answered–follow up, though, on your WiP thread.

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