How much is enough for a wip

Hey everyone, iv’e been working on a game for the last few days and I was wondering how much is enough to post here as a wip.

My word count is arround 2000 words but im not really far in (mostly backstory and character creation) so I was hoping for pointers as to when I should put it up.

I would say around 5k.

I just looked back at my original WiP thread, and I apparently had about 7,000 words when I posted it for the first time. I think you want to give folks enough where they can get a feel for the flavor of your story. It’s hard to do that until you get into the narrative at least a little.

Oh thanks guys

I posted when I was done with chapter 1 and the prologue so it would give the player a more complete view of what was brought to the table