Woods (WIP)

Welcome to the woods…

\(´O`)/ Hi! I’ve begun work on my new game, Woods


You and your friends are going to next town, a town pretty far away from your current location. The road seems so much longer than your are expected. Your friend decided to take an alternative road near the famous woods, so you can save your precious time.

Lost and found. You lost in the forest but found someone. In the wrong time and place? I can only hope that you will come back safely against supernatural being.


You will play as the MC (f,nb,m) face a night in the wood, try to survive with the disturbance(s) from them, and get out from the wood! With the help from your friends, surely you can get out from the wood easily. In order to do that, you must bonding with your friend wink.

This story is taken a place in fictional forest in fictional city, but lot of story’s contents will be based on Indonesian mythology and supernatural.


Gui (they/them/25) - Your friend who invited you to join their trip to the next town. Your squad moral and mood booster.

Rien (he/him/23) - The driver of your small squad. A good driver but this is his first time he come around this area.

Ayuh (she/her/22) - A walking maps. She quite knows about this area, as well as the lore since she grew up in this area.

Ayud (he/him/22) - Twin brother of Ayuh. He and Ayuh like to fight a lot, but you will find them make a jokes to people all around them.

Isabel (she/her/23) - Isa, the stoic mother figure in your squad. Will worry about you and your squad everytime.


Contains prologue, chapter one, and chapter two. Please kindly explore my game.

You can access the demo here here.

I have tumblr if you want to contact me there. Here’s my Tumblr.

Thank you for reading my game, it’s my honour :smiley: hope you enjoy it~ can’t wait for your feedback or any thought about this game.


interesting premise you got here. i do wonder what sort of “bonding activities” will we indulge with our friends wink wink. either way, i am seeing a lot of wrong grammars, typos and missing words. ill be happy to send screenshots of it.

you have a sizable chunk considering you’ve already gotten the prologue, chp 1-2. ive only gone through the prologue and would be hopefully going through it a little later to finish it, since it is currently night here


Hello, firstly thank you for reading my WIP.

For the bonding with friends, (for now) I plan to make this game with platonic and romantic relationships like getting know your friends and flirt with them if you want, and then… of course cough.

And for the grammar errors, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Grammar is my weak point, with writing this game I want to exercise my grammar.

It would be my pleasure if you would help me point out my errors. Thank you and please take your time.

Currently, I tried to fix the grammar error in the prologue, chapter one, and chapter two before moving to chapter three.

Thank you for your feedback and help. I really appreciate it :heavy_heart_exclamation:.


Platonic/and non platonic hand holding??? Scandalous!!


sorry for the wait! this is just the prologue btw, im currently very sleepy and my brain doesnt work when its like that but rest assured, i will be back!. my sibling has been using the pc so ive had to wait for a while. might i suggest using grammarly? i havent used it but ive seen it been mentioned on being used for the grammar and the likes

to next town = to the next town
night in the wood = woods
get out from the wood = woods
also a bit redundant on that sentence with having the word woods two times

will hold 60th = will hold the 60th
his mother = his mother’s

will go to holiday = will go to a holiday
now and completely halt = now and stops to a complete halt
since car repair shop = since the car repair shop

it’s look like my car is = it looks like my car broke down

to comes and repairs = to come and repair

i have workshop = i have a workshop
go to holiday = go to a holiday
you seems rather a lively family = you seem to have a rather lively family

seems know why = seems to know why
this is friday = this is a friday
they leech = they leeched
always with him = is always with him
to only his car = for his car
not in the middle = and not in the middle

tonight is friday = tonight is a friday
not many car passing = not many cars pass

for memorial = for a memorial

eyes following = eyes follow

starts froming= starts forming

it settled = it’s settled
morning come = morning comes
is successfully turn on = is successful in turning on
in cast maybe there = in case there’s

to passing = to be passing

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I like the premise, but this demo still need a lot of work. Will check on your progress, good luck!

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holding hand with your friends
hold up!
you holding hand with your crush! time to panic
I am sorry, that was a bad joke.

Maybe you can tell me something that you want to read in the bonding moments? If you do not mind of course… (By the way, I am craving kolak pisang because of you)

Thank you so much for the help, and please rest well. The prologue is enough, I don’t want to bother you because of this wip. Again, thank you so much for the help, you have help me so much. :heart: for you.

Yeah, I will use grammarly in the future. Thank you for the suggestion.

:heart: this is for you as well. Thank you for the kind word and the support! You made my day happy. I will work hard for this IF.

Have a nice day to all of you :heart:


I love it! I want more owo

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Thank you~ hope you enjoy the game ^^

Unfortunately, I am busy right now with another “revision”. I am trying to get the update done but I can’t divide my focus on both. I apologize that you must wait. Please look forward to the update. Thank you. Have a nice day ^^.

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