WoD: Out For Blood Interview with Jim Dattilo

Originally, this was posted in the July’s Writer Support Thread, but I realize not everyone reads that, so this is to make sure the community as a whole sees this.

I wanted to highlight an upcoming release: VTM: Out For Blood by @JimD (Due out at the end of July)

Here is an interview with Jim which covers a lot, including a few things about his Zombie Exodus project.

Congratulations Jim, great interview!


Very great interview with one of my favorite writers here! A Wise Use of Time and Zombie Exodus are two of my all time favorite games and when the WoD game lineup was announced and saw his name I was instantly hyped! Congrats JimD!


Im glad I had a chance to watch this keep up the great work!!!


Congrats on the interview! Can’t wait to buy it when it comes out!


Same! Those series are two of my favorites.


I know nothing about the content, but it’s great seeing our boy Jim! Awesome interview.

You’ve put so much work into this project - congrats to getting to the finish line!


Watched it on Twitch and got to play the demo, the first three chapters didn’t disappoint. Congrats Jim!

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In the demo, are the images meant to be in negative?

Well yes, when the game comes out we can check out the artwork included just as the previous game, personally I never read the books from Mr. Jim here, but I’m interested of what he did with this new VTM game.

Question: Are all pictures supposed to look like this?