WIP: Through Olympus (working title) [Update: 02/09/2021]

Hi all! I’ve been a fan of COG’s for a few years now, though I’ve only recently decided on trying my hand at creating one. It’s mostly based on Greek Mythology with a few added liberties here and there.

Here is the link to the game if you wish to try it: https://dashingdon.com/play/calypso/through-olympus/mygame/

If you’re curious about updates and/or just want to hang around and scream with me about anything and everything, feel free to visit my blog: http://calypsoan.tumblr.com/



With the tensions rising between your homeland, the Underworld, and Olympus, you are sent into an espionage mission by the Lord himself, Hades. Now it’s up to you to play your cards right. Gather information about your potential enemies, scout and exploit for their weaknesses and completely turn the tide of the battle!


  • Lead your brethren to victory or completely thwart their plans!
  • Gain your enemies’ trust and completely betray them in the end… or join their ranks!
  • Romance one of the Olympians!
Romance Options

Romance Options:

  • Artemis: Goddess of the moon and the hunt. She’s Apollo’s twin sister, and is more reserved compared to her outgoing brother, preferring to keep to herself and her animal companions. She could be a little distant at first, and it might take her a while to warm up to you.
  • Apollo: God of the sun and music (and many many things), this jack-of-all trades is friendly toward anyone and everyone - especially you, and you never know if he’s simply joking or if he’s flirting.
  • Ares: God of war and violence. He’s brash and hot-tempered, prone to mood swings. Isn’t exactly the smartest of the bunch, but he more than makes up for it with his strength alone. Doesn’t particularly get along well with Athena.
  • Athena: Goddess of wisdom. She’s cold and calculating, logical to a fault, and a tad bit too distrustful. She keeps her distance, and can be a little hard to get to know. Doesn’t particularly get along well with Ares.

(I might add more depending on how the story progresses, but for now these are my priorities!)


I’m not very good with coding, and this is my first time trying my hand at Choicescript, so I appreciate any tips. Other than that, you’re free to let me know what you think.


08/31/20: Added the second part of the first chapter and introduced the main plot!
09/14/20: Added some save slots and fixed a bit of the stats on the stat page. Added 2k words of content. Next update will introduce the Olympians and the RO’s.
10/06/20: Changed a bit of the overall appearance of the game, plus finally introduced the first half of romance options!
02/09/21: Introduced the second part of the RO’s and finally implemented the background lore for MC.

Thanks for reading!


Well, that was shorter than I expected but the overall premise seems interesting. And I always welcome any type of mythology.


So will the MC be like a God or demigod? Or something different entirely?


Love Greek mythology and this seems pretty interesting so far, but Artemis and Athena being ROs is kinda worrying. Artemis, Athena and also Hestia have a vow of virginity which is a big part of who they are. You can kinda look at them as pretty much asexuals.

Yeah, but that’s a big part of who they are. Artemis’s Hunters arent supposed to fall in love and are punished for doing so, how does that change them? That’s like making someone straight who is supposed to be gay. Athena’s had this vow since she popped out of Zeus’s head.

Except in all versions that’s something that’s never been changed including their Roman versions, it’s one of their core attributes. And I’m not a fan of removing these from asexual/aromatic characters.



I love greek mythology and the premise… but gotta ask who’s the mc.

Maybe, but the author did say this:


Oh, come on, we’re talking mythology here not some historical figure, some leeway is allowed.
Besides, your name is Artemis, you’re totally biased! (kidding, of course)


I’m fine with her being asexual but we know she is interested in a romantic relationship based on the myth of orion

Modern interpretations can vary from the classical … there is no law saying Athena must be birthed from Zeus’ head or Nyx be the most powerful goddess, whom even Zeus was afraid of.

Sometimes a new interpretation can be quite enjoyable.


Yeah it depends on which version, but yeah. Athena though never had one.

Of course, but why does it have to remove them being asexual/aromatic which is a big part of all their myths and stories?


@Artemis1 I mean… The author is creating their own world that’s merely inspired by Greek mythology. While you might view those things as central to those myths, the author might be more interested in other aspects of their personality, power, stories, etc.

Also, creative liberty and all’a that.

@aranea I’m interested to see where this goes. So far the demo is a little short for me to really have any comments on the plot or anything, but I didn’t see any typos, if that’s helpful lol. I look forward to reading more in the future.


Are you sure it is “all” or is it only the “well-known and dominate”?

While I don’t recall every local variant nor the variants that change over time… I do know that many deities within the Pantheon have differences that sometimes even conflict with each other.

Athena is one such patron goddess that changed depending on which village/city she was the patron of.

As to why this particular aspect needs to be changed … I will leave that to the author to answer; maybe they wanted to emphasize another of their aspects in particular? idk… all I am saying is that, we, as readers, should recognize the author’s creative choices.


I feel you brought up a legitimate concern, but now it is up to the author to respond or to just say it is a settled decision. It won’t do us any good to hound a new author to the point they stop writing.


I’ve never heard of her vow of virginity being changed or broken. Whether she was a goddess of war or wisdom and what she worshipped for by her patron city maybe, but not that.

You’re right, hopefully the author answers but I’ll let the topic end and not cause any unnecessary drama.


I like it so far. I love Greek mythology novels. I had a question, is the Mc going to be a god?

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Oh, wait…it’s a lot shorter than I expected, so there’s not much to give in the way of feedback; I am very curious to know more about the MC though, and where you’re going to be taking the story. Once you add a few more choices I’ll definitely come back to give my thoughts ^^

you could tell you haven’t gotten much enough rest.

I believe it should be much rest or enough rest. I think it is either or and not both. I am not sure, but reading as it is does not seem right.

Intriguing story so far. Can not wait to see were the rest of the story will take us.

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thank you all for taking a time to read my wip!

@Artemis1: i didn’t mean to take that fact away from their characters, but i’m sorry if it seemed that i did. i wanted to write about them differently, kind of like the way rick riordan had written athena in his books. :slight_smile:

@TylertheTiger02: it’s working well on my part, but it might be because i’m using my laptop? i’m going to look into it! :slight_smile:

@Badger: it’s up to interpretation! they will be a child of nyx but you can choose to play the mc however you want. it’s not going to be mentioned (i think) and will not affect the story in anyway whatsoever. :slight_smile:

@Conor_Mccann: as this is my take on greek mythology, the mc can be whoever they choose to. they’re an additional character and are in no way inspired by greek myth figures. they’re entirely up to the player’s imagination. :slight_smile:


I have to love the fact that I have wanted a game where you could romance the female Greek goddesses for ages now - especially Artemis and Athena - and some people are decrying that. :roll_eyes: I don’t think their characters have to be insulted just because they’re romantic options as long as they’re treated as well as the Male options. Definitely excited to play this.


I agree with you